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Eye Turn Off

Chapter56 You can’t marry him

The middle-aged man who was hurled on the wall and fell to the ground felt that the skeleton of his whole body had been torn apart. He was in pain and was breathing rapidly. He hadn’t found the man who dared to hurt him.

Suddenly, there was a cold air on the top of his head. The man’s body trembled unconsciously. He tilted his head and looked at the man in front of him in panic, “What the hell are you going to do?”

Then there was a howl of pain, “– Ah, help! Someone is killing.”

William’s big fist fell on the man’s body with no expression, strong collision.

“Please, let me go, I will never do that again.” The man begged for mercy from shouting loudly, gradually even his voice of calling for help began to become weak.

Vivian thought that William was just teaching the man a lesson. When she saw that the man on the ground had passed out, Willian had not stopped, and she started to panic.

She stumbled up from the ground, reached for William, who was still furious, and said weakly, “William, stop! He will die!”

William stopped and looked at her with his deep dark eyes.

“I’m not worried about him, I, I just don’t want you to get sued.” Vivian avoided his frightening sight and explained in a low voice.

Of course, she wanted the man on the ground to die, but she didn’t want William to be up against the lawsuit. Even if she was in self-defense, she couldn’t defend excessively.

He’s a lawyer. He should know better than Vivian.

William stared at Vivian for several seconds, stood up, picked her up and walked to the apartment.

“What about him?” Vivian pointed to the middle-aged man who was at his last gasp on the ground.

William said in a cold voice, “Someone will come to deal with it tomorrow.”

Vivian grabbed at his clothes and said in a small voice, “William, please, don’t let others know about it.”

Everyone would know that she was almost raped if he called the police, and Angie would know that William saved her. She didn’t want to let others know about it.

William stopped for a while, and he agreed with her, “Well.”

Vivian also relieved.

“The Key.”

“On the ground.” Vivian wanted to come down from William, but the man had no response.

How can he pick up the key while holding her? Vivian soon realized what a steel arm was.

William not only picked up the key, but also opened the door of the apartment successfully.

Vivian was very surprised. When she saw that William was going to turn on the light, it was too late to say, “William, don’t turn on the light.”

“PA”, the light was still on, and her forehead was exposed in William’s eyes without reservation.

He knew that her face had been hurt, but he didn’t know that her forehead had been hurt, and there were several bruises on it. His face turned gloomy immediately. It seemed that he didn’t hit him hard.

“I’m fine. It’s just some bruises.” Vivian felt the man’s stiff body, she said in a soft voice.

William sipped his lips and asked, “Where is the medicine box?”

“In drawer of the TV.” Vivian answered obediently.

William put her on the sofa and went to get the medicine box by himself.

Vivian leaned on the pillow and looked at the tall figure squatting beside the small TV. It looked very strange. She didn’t know why she felt warm.

How long hasn’t she seen him? A week or half a month? Long enough for her to give up him.

When she saw him again, her stable heart was beating fast again, she realized that the deliberate forgetting during this period was just the idea of self-hypnosis.

“How can you have pediatric drugs here?”

His cold voice awoke Vivian, pediatric drugs? She suddenly remembered that it was the medicine she put in her bag with Roe last time. She didn’t pay attention to it. She didn’t think it would be found by him.

Vivian was nervous but there was no disturbance on her face, “That’s what had left when my relatives came here with their children the other day.”

William did not ask again, took Iodophor and cotton with him and sat in front of Vivian.

Vivian looked at the aggressive man beside her nervously. Did her find out anything? He may didn’t discover.

William ignored her nervousness, and gently and carefully dealt with the wound on her face for Vivian, besides, his brows twisted every time he touched her wound.

Vivian thought that William was a little impatient and said, “Thank you. I can deal with it myself.”

“Don’t move.” William whispered.

Vivian sat obediently, put her hands in front of her, just like a child in the kindergarten, which reminded her of Roe. Maybe Roe is not as obedient as her.

But at the moment, William looked still angry, so she didn’t dare to move.

Ten minutes later, William finished dealing with her wound, he put down the cotton, and said lightly, “OK.”

“Oh, thank you.” Vivian thanked him.

William’s deep dark eyes looked directly at Vivian and did not speak. Vivian began to feel uncomfortable.

This strange atmosphere made Vivian feel uneasy. She didn’t know why William came to her so late.

She asked carefully, “William, it’s so late, do you want to see me about something?”

It was OK if Vivian didn’t ask. William’s face suddenly clouded, “I heard that John had proposed to you.”

“How did you know that?” Vivian looked at William with a shocked face and thought that John shouldn’t have told such private things.

William was unpleasant to look at her shocked face, “You look happy.”

“No, no, I didn’t expect him to propose to me.” Vivian’s response was slow.

To be honest, she was more curious about how William knew about it, but she didn’t dare to ask.

William knew it because of coincidence. If Angie didn’t have dinner in blue bay, they didn’t know John had booked the whole blue bay. He invited a band and arranged it carefully.

Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would have known what that meant.

Otherwise, he would not come here and asked.

“Do you remember your promise?”

When it came to promise, she became serious and nodded, “Yes.”

“You can’t marry him.” William did not know why he would request it, but he did not intend to take back his words, either.

“Really? It’s so easy. That’s great. I promise.” Vivian didn’t expect that there was pie in the sky. She still couldn’t believe that William would ask for such a simple request.

She didn’t intend to marry him, actually.

Vivian’s excited expression immediately pleased William and he said lightly, “Yeah.”