Chapter54 Are you going to sell your body?

“You’re heading for trouble. Anyway, Roe is also the son of that wretch. He should be responsible for it, shouldn’t he? ” Selina said with anger.

It’s not that she doesn’t want Vivian to have Roe, but now Roe has a heart problem. It’s impossible for Vivi to afford the high cost. She was not willing to let William know that. She is heading for trouble, isn’t she?

“It doesn’t matter. I have contacted the overseas hospital for Roe.” Vivian paused and said firmly, “I can take Roe to have surgery soon.”

“What do you mean? Do you pay for the bill yourself?” Selina couldn’t help but increase the volume, causing people around to look at them. She was glared at by Vivian, and she drew back her sight.

“I’ll find a way.” Vivian was suffering. She had difficulties that couldn’t say.

Selina pulled Vivian over and asked her in a low voice, “What can you do? Huh? Why don’t you let him know?”

“Selina, don’t ask. I’ll find a way.”

Vivian didn’t dare to look at her face. Selina began to thought about her. She hesitated for a few seconds. Leaning on Vivian’s ears, she said sadly, “Vivi, are you going to sell your body?”

“Eh? What the hell are you talking about?” Vivian didn’t think her friend had drawn such a conclusion after thinking for so long.

Selina looked at Vivian’s little red face and thought that she was exposed.

She persuaded, “Vivi, don’t do stupid things. Even if you don’t want to tell the truth to that wretch, you can also tell it to me. ”

Vivian thought she was a drama queen and mind-blowing, and explained helplessly, “Selina, it’s not the way you said. I say there is a way, there must be a way. But I can’t say that, I hope you understand.”

“So, you are not going to sell your body?” Selina looked at Vivian’s serious eyes and thought that she herself was exaggerating. She scratched her head and said, “Aha, I care about you so much.”

Vivian raised her eyebrow and didn’t answer.

“Well, I’m concerned about it.” Selina blinked innocently and made eyes at her.

She had already attracted by her if she were man. But Vivian had been immune, and she couldn’t help laughing because of her grimaces, “OK, I know.”

“Ha-ha, I know you’re the best. When can I go back to see my son?” Thinking of that cute little bun, Selina’s fingers were starving. That cute little bun was really cute. She just wanted to pinch it.

Although William is a wretch, he had a cute son who made people want to love.

“The day after tomorrow,” Vivian asked casually, “by the way, how long are you going to stay this time?”

“I won’t go. It’s enough. East or west, home is the best.” Selina laughed.

Vivian looked at her suspiciously. She knew her love for freedom, “Robert forced you to come back.”

She remembered that she was afraid of her brother most.

“Ha-ha, what are you saying? How can I be forced to come back?” Selina kept waving her hand. She would never admit that she was taken back. It was so shameful.

“My father is not feeling well recently, so I came back. Now I am a jobless vagrant living outside myself.”

Vivian gave her a dubious look, “If Grandpa is not feeling well, don’t go out and spend more time with him.”

“Well, he didn’t want to see me, but you.” Selina said with some jealousy.

Every time I go back with Vivian, he always makes a difference between me and Vivian. If she doesn’t look like her parents, she will think she is a rotten cabbage picked up from the field.

“Grandpa love you, don’t you know?” Vivian shook her head and said.

She snorted, but did not refute her.

“Selina, I have a favor to ask of you.” When it came to Roe, Vivian remembered what she had promised last time.

“What is it?”

“Can you help me take care of Roe for a time?” The thing that last time Roe had a fever still lurked in her mind.

“No problem. Not a big deal. I’ll took care of him. I have nothing to do in the near future anyway.” Selina readily agreed.

“Thank you, Selina.” Vivian was moved.

“We are friends.” Selina blinked at her mischievously.

Vivian also laughed. Yes, their feelings cannot be summed up in two words or three. She would remember the help of Selina to her all her life. If possible, she would repay her well.

Selina was uncomfortable with Vivian’s eyes, and said, “Although I am very beautiful, I am not ready to be a lesbian.”

“…” Vivian was speechless.

Selina lay back in her chair and thought of another thing, “It seems that you have broken off with William.”

Vivian’s eyes darkened for a while, and she answered slightly, “Yeah, Angie came back.”

When she talked about William, she got angry suddenly and was unable to restrain her anger, “You have stayed with that wretch for three years. He treats you as sex partners. Now when his old lover came back, he leaves you. Garbage! Early break-up and early relief.”

“Selina, keep it down.” It will be heard by others.

Selina also understood, but she was really angry, but the volume was still lowered a lot, “Vivi, you are a fool. Even if you gave birth to a child for that wretch, you have paid so much for him. You really think you are a ‘snail girl’ who does not ask for return.”

“No, you’re not as good as the snail girl. She led a happy life in the end. But you get nothing.”

Vivian lower her head without refutation. Three years ago, she had been aware of it. If love is fair, then how would it call love? The person who falls in love first is always ready to lose.

What’s more, she didn’t expect any return from her efforts.

“Oh, how can I have such a silly friend as you.” Selina felt sad for her misfortune.