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Eye Turn Off

Chapter46 Jealousy

Vivian bit her lip hard, in order not to make him hear her aggrieved tone.

“John, I didn’t hide from anyone. I’ve really slept. If you come up so late and are seen by the gossip neighbors, your reputation will be affected.”

“Vivi…” John called her name in an accentuated tone.

Vivian was forced to bear the surging emotion in her heart, and she interrupted him with a smile, “John, if you like, come to the hospital with me tomorrow. My feet seemed to hurt.”

“Vivi, why don’t you say it earlier? I’ll take you to the hospital now.” As soon as he heard of her foot injury, he did not ask anything else again.

His kindness also made Vivian feel worse. Why are you so kind to me?

She really couldn’t respond to his feelings, “It’s OK, it’s just a small thing. I’m so sleepy. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

John heard Vivian yawning and paused and said, “OK, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

“OK.” Vivian hung up the phone. The slim figure still leaned on the window, staring at the man who still hadn’t left.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, half an hour… He was still there.

Vivian began to worry about it. She was afraid that he would wait downstairs for one night.

Fortunately, just when she was worried, John went back to the car and slowly drove away.

Vivian sighed and frowned, and didn’t know what she was thinking.

Knock Knock-

The sound interrupted her thoughts. Her bright eyes looked at the door with some fear. It seemed that there was not a person outside, but the ghost that scared her all night.

More appropriately, it should be something she was not willing to accept.

The doorbell stopped and rang again, indicating that the person outside seemed to be very patient, repeating one action over and over again.

If not for worry of disturbing the neighbors, Vivian really wanted to pretend that she didn’t hear that. She bit her lip and moved slowly.

Her ankle had been swollen since she came back. She didn’t turn on the light to check it, so she didn’t know what it was like.

Vivian moved to the door with cold sweat on her forehead. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

William’s tall figure appeared as scheduled.

Seeing the dark living room, his eyebrows slightly raised. If the figure at the door was not too familiar, he thought the woman had escaped.

Thinking of Vivian’s habits in the past, he walked in.

Vivian felt like a concubine waiting for visit. She was a little stiff and closed the door.

It seemed that she was not closing a door, but a cage that cannot escape.

“John cares about you very much.” William used not interrogative sentences, but affirmative sentences.

“It’s none of your business.” Vivian clenched her hand and answered coldly.

His eyes tightened but his face was still expressionless. He took a document out of his arms and threw it on the table, “Sign it.”

Vivian slowly moved to the sofa and took out the documents inside.

The light was off. She found the signature with the weak moonlight and quickly wrote down her name, as if they were not pieces of paper, but a group of monsters.

“Don’t you wanna look at the content?” Vivian’s behavior made him more depressed.

“No.” Can it change the fact? She smiled mockingly.

“Come here.” William didn’t like her tough tone, as if he forced her to do that.

Thinking of the figure he saw downstairs, his eyes became colder.

Vivian was numb. She knew that she couldn’t avoid it. Although the two people had done countless intimate things in bed, she was so resistant this time and even feel disgusted…

When Vivian finally came to William, she stood unsteadily and was carried by him, and walked towards the door of the room.

Just familiar as she went to his apartment, William also knew this small apartment well. He let others sell to her at a very low price.

But he never said it to Vivian.

Vivian had immersed herself in the university for three years, where she gave her purest love to a dog.

She didn’t know how he would know her address and how to find her room accurately.

William was angry, and his actions became a little rude. He directly threw the woman into the soft bedding.

Obviously, it was not a very high, and there was a soft cushion. The woman was still hurt.

It was too late to beg for mercy now.

William accurately found Vivian’s delicate body, leaned over and pressed it. The man’s big hands with distinct bones touch the familiar skin and he knew the sensitive place of her.

With a thin cocoon on his finger, he slowly pulled down her thin skirt. It seemed that he was feeling her nervousness and helplessness.

Cold thin lips, moved down from her chest.

It was like lighting a fire in the prairie. He wouldn’t stop until the woman begged for mercy.

It seemed that Vivian intended to fight against William. His body was clearly beginning to shudder, and she just made herself a salted fish.

Full red lips were about to be bitten out by her. She would never give in.

William seemed to have already understood Vivian’s foolish idea. His thin lips that originally stayed at her clavicle suddenly grabbed her breath at once. His cold tongue pushed to open her teeth and slid into her mouth to greedily absorb her sweet fragrance.

Explored every corner of her mouth, let her remember his taste.

The Salted fish couldn’t hold any more. She wanted to bite William with her mouth open, which was more convenient for him to lean in. Even her lips and tongue were hooked.

The black dress was also pulled to the chest, the long and powerful hands, wantonly ravaged her soft part.

“William… No…”

She didn’t want to give herself to him in such a way.

“You want this? How about that. ” William only thought that she was shy. Her voice was cold and lustful, which made him intoxicated.

“What do you want…” Her faint voice slipped out of his mouth.

It seemed he was to confirm his words, his hand easily touched into her mysterious skirt.

Vivian was stiff. Suddenly, she couldn’t bear it. She writhed violently and shouted, “William, I don’t want it, let me go, let me go!”

Even though she had made many psychological suggestions, she couldn’t help but flinch at the last moment.

She really had no way to ignore her inner feelings for him and gave herself to him in this way.