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Eye Turn Off

Chapter44 Alan’s test

What Vivian didn’t know was that not far away there was a tall man kept standing there. He looked at her being carried away by another man and disappeared. His thin and cold lips became even colder.

His worries seem superfluous.

William turned back to the party.

“Honey, where have you been? I can’t find you anywhere.” Seeing William coming back from the outside, Angie complained in a low voice, “Dad let me come to find you.”

It was hard for Dad to accept a person. She managed to create an opportunity but he didn’t catch it. He wasted her effort.

“It’s too stuffy here.” William explained lightly.

“Then you should tell me.” Angie noticed William’s displeased eyes and stopped the later words. Tonight’s event was the major.

She didn’t want her plan be disrupted because of these small things.

John came over and said with a worried look, “William, Angie, I have to go back.”

“Why? Where is Vivi?” Angie kept looking him and wondering.

“She’s not feeling well.” John took a deep look at William. He remembered that when he was just exchanging partners, he was staying with Angie, so William must be stay with Vivian.

And Vivian was good all the time, and suddenly she felt uncomfortable and wanted to go back. What happened to them?

“Why don’t you take her back?” In fact, if she didn’t see William come in from the door, she also thought that William left with Vivian.

However, she quickly denied this assumption in her mind. How could her best friend stay with her man?

And Vivi was clear about her feelings for William, so she will not do that to her.

“I don’t know. I’m going to see her.” John saw that there was no superfluous expression on his face, and he began to feel a little uncertain. Isn’t it because of him?

Anyway, he was going to have a look.

“Well, hurry up and help me say sorry to Vivian. I can’t go now.” Then Angie blushed, maybe tonight, they would both stay together.

John nodded and passed them.

“William, let’s go. Dad said he would introduce some friends to you.” Angie looked at the man beside her, he was extremely attractive. If he can be gentler to her, it will be perfect.

“OK.” It was a simple tone. Angie didn’t notice the cold light in William’s eyes.

Alan smiled lightly. He glanced at the two people kept walking in. However, he became serious, especially when he looked at William.

“Dad, this is William.” Angie loosed William’s arms and acted like a spoiled child.

“I know.” Alan certainly knew what his daughter meant. She didn’t want her father to go hard with William.

It was hard to keep his daughter, but it was unknown whether William was qualified to be a son-in-law in his family.

A small law firm, no matter how powerful it is, it can’t turn over many waves. However, William is really a capable person. In only three years, he had become a hot celebrity in the city from an unknown lawyer.

It was shortsighted of him to be a lawyer…

“Her daughter becomes more and more beautiful.”

“Alan is really lucky to have such a daughter.”

“She has a good taste. Her boyfriend… ”

Several middle-aged men standing together beside Alan were all celebrities in the city. No matter how they talked about it, the man named William always had only one expression on his face. He was calm and magnanimous.

He wouldn’t show any other emotions because of their status. This young man was really good and courageous. They saw appreciation in their eyes.

Nowadays, young people seldom have such a steady temperament.

“You guys, don’t boast about this girl, or she will be cocky.” Alan showed an easy-going smile, but his eyes were on William, he wanted to see his reaction.

William could bear the fierce eyes of many years of commercial warfare. Alan couldn’t help looking up to him. He had made some progress these years.

The emotion on his face was more invisible than before.

“Dad, what uncles said was the truth. William is really excellent, isn’t he?” Angie didn’t feel the “surging” between these men at all. She thought she had done a good thing for William just now and gave him a wink.

It seemed she was saying, William, look, I am speaking for you. You must be nice to me.

William took a look at the naive Angie and smiled. But he was the only one who knew whether it was a real smile or a fake smile.

“William has a good reputation in the city at a young age. He is really young and promising.”

One of the chubby middle-aged men said that smilingly. He was like the Maitreya Buddha when he smiled and looked “kind-hearted”.

After a pause, he said sadly, “But, why don’t you start a company but become such a dangerous lawyer?”

William knew that he was Ellison, a hypocritical man in the city. His “pity” was really painstaking.

“I graduated from law school. My dream is to be a lawyer.” William said slowly and with a cold and light voice, “What’s more, Mr. Ellison seems to need an experienced lawyer to deal with some small troubles recently,”

Hearing the “small troubles”, Ellison’s facial expression changed. He clearly knew that it was not “small troubles” at all but a tough lawsuit.

The lawsuit involved some secret in his family so it was hard for him to find a reliable lawyer. The man in front of him seemed hard to control.

No, exactly, it was impossible to control him.

“Do you have any idea about it, please?” Ellison became politer.

Angie was wondering. Why did Uncle Ellison change his attitude so quick? It seemed he was fawning on William.

William said to him without changing his tone, “You’d better find Lawyer Lin to reduce your loss.”