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Eye Turn Off

Chapter43 Have no right to refuse

“You don’t have the right to refuse.” William said peremptorily.

“Don’t overdo it.” The charming and gentle atmosphere between them disappeared. Vivian trembled with anger.

Is this the man who she had felt in love for three years?

Why he didn’t leave her a good memory in the end, but treated her in such a cruel way?

Since you don’t love, please let go.

“In order to prevent you from breaking your words, I decided to draw up a contract for you. If the three conditions are not fulfilled,” William said in a cold voice, he continued, “then you won’t get the five million.”

Those who dare to scheme against him must pay for it. He would not let his woman go with the money and then stay with another man.

Her body blood coagulated in a moment, and looked at the man in front of her incredibly. What is he talking about? Signing the contract? The three conditions must be fulfilled, or the check will not be cashed?

Why, why didn’t she go to the bank earlier to cash the check? She thought he wasn’t that kind of person.

In the past three years, she thought she was right. She thought that he loved her, at least a little bit.

In addition to making things ridiculous, she was in a desperate situation.

Vivian hated her stupidity and self-righteousness, but the five million yuan can’t be abandoned too.

“William, try another condition.” Vivian’s voice was extremely cold, so did her heart.

William listened to her cold voice, and her beautiful eyebrows gathered together. Suddenly, he thought that the little woman in his arms was the one that was responsible for this.

He said slightly, “Now I only want you do as I request.”

She had no right to make a decision. She had never won, but she had never lost like this. She left nothing, not even her last dignity. She heard her voice and replied coldly, “OK, I agree.”

She had already made a deal with him, there was no possibility of turning back.

But why she was heartbroken, as if there were countless knives in her chest, constantly wringing, but she couldn’t die, she must bear the pain of bone erosion.

Suddenly, William suddenly froze. The water on the back of his hand seemed to burn his skin and reached his heart. When he came back to his mind, his hand was empty, just like his heart.

For the first time, he doubted whether there was a problem with his decision.

Vivian was biting her lips to keep her emotions in her control. She first walked slowly and carefully avoided the crowd. When she got to the place where there was no one, she started to run with great strides.

The eight-centimeter high-heel shoes was not so easy to control. Soon, Vivian sprained and fell on the ground. Although it was not cold marble, it hurt her without any cushion.

Her foot became red and swollen. Vivian took off her shoes as if she didn’t feel the hurt. She took them on her hands and limped out. How can the pain on her body compare with that in her heart?

She had only one thing to do now. To leave this horrible place quickly.

But when she came to the fountain of the hotel, she couldn’t hold on. No matter in body or in mind, she had reached the limit. Tears were like pearls that had broken in line and slipped through the corner of her eyes.

Silent crying was sadder than loud crying. Vivian couldn’t cry out. William is a lawyer. As long as the contract was drawn up, it must be legal once she signed it.

She had to do that according to the contract. If she didn’t agree, she won’t get the money for Roe’s operation.

But now William is Angie’s boyfriend. How can he do this?

Is it because of her threat?

What should she do? Run away with Roe? But what about Roe’s illness? Vivian knew that she could only compromise in the end.

“You cry alone.”

Vivian looked up at the rest chair not far away. An unclear figure was there. She listened to the voice. It seemed that he had been sitting there for a long time, so her embarrassed expressions were all seen.

“You’re still so down.”

Vivian noticed that the man used the word “still”. Has he met her? But she didn’t have any impression on him.

“Who are you?” Only when Vivian spoke did she find how hoarse her voice was.

“You forgot to invite me to have a meal.”

The man reminded Vivian of the wild man that she met at the gate of the building. “It’s you. I’m sorry. I thought you would call me.”

She never wanted to miss a meal.

Jack also came to the party, but he didn’t like the silent atmosphere, and he couldn’t dance at all, so he came out. He wanted to enjoy the wind, but unexpectedly a bold woman ran into his sight.

She cried as if no one else. Although she didn’t howl, the occasional whimper from her mouth reminded him of the “cat” who ran away in panic that day.

This time, she was bullied again. She was really weak, and he always hated it.

Jack got up, walked to Vivian, and made a gesture, “Well, two meals.”

“Ah?” Vivian looked at him with her big eyes and stared at the man in front of her.

She didn’t know that she was at a loss, like a kitten who couldn’t find her way home.

Jack said in a light tone, “It seems that you can’t go back alone, you can go back with me, or you can choose to go back like this.”

After his reminding, Vivian also found that it was not suitable for her to take a taxi to go back alone. She raised her hands and smeared her face. They were all sticky foundations.

“Thank you, sir.” Vivian felt that she was at a loss. This man helped her twice, but she didn’t even know his name.

“My name is Jack.” He seemed to know her embarrassment and said forwardly.

“Thank you, Jack.” Vivian just got up from the stone bench and felt the pain from her ankle. Her foot may be swollen, but she still insisted on the pain and slowly followed Jack.

Jack walked two steps forward and then turned back. He carried her in his arms without asking her permission and walked forward easily, “Too slow.”

“…” Vivian said nothing. Her heart was heavy. She was annoyed when she thought of the man she would face tonight.

She didn’t notice that the man seemed to take a look at her.

On the way back, Vivian received a phone call from John, he was worried about her. She told a lie with guilt that she was not feeling well and wanted to go back to rest.

After hearing that Vivian was not comfortable, he wanted to come to see her. Vivian refused and said that she had been lying down and was ready to go to bed.

John had to let her go.

After hanging up the phone, Vivian felt a little embarrassed. After all, she lied to John in the presence of another man.