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Eye Turn Off

Chapter40 She’s a vicious queen

John sat in the car and looked at the apartment in front of him thoughtfully. Vivian still wouldn’t let him enter her private space.

Vivian went downstairs with her skirt in her hand and saw John standing in front of the car. When he saw her, his eyes couldn’t help flashing a light. He said with admiration, “Vivi, you are beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you.” Vivian replied with a reddish face. She didn’t think she was very beautiful. She just put on a light make-up, so she thought John just said some polite words.

John knew that he was serious. The black dress was just like a custom-made one for her, which made her white skin more conspicuous.

Her tantalizing clavicle was fully displayed, and her graceful figure was also outlined.

Looked from the front, it was a common dress. From the back, we could see the designer’s intention. Vivian’s shapely back was showed more than a half. It made people even more imaginative.

“If I can, I really don’t want to take you to the party. I prefer to enjoy it alone.”

“John, I have never thought that you will say that.” Vivian was embarrassed by the blazing eyes of John. She had never worn the dress before, and she didn’t love the party much, so she didn’t look at herself in the mirror.

She herself didn’t know how beautiful she was when she smiled.

But they promised to go to the party, naturally, they couldn’t break their words.

John got on the bus and started the car again. He went to the destination of the party, the Imperial Hotel.

People in the upper class like to go to places of entertainment like that. It seems that only when they come to such a luxury hotel, their status will be superior to others.

When they arrived, there were limousines, and social celebrities gathered, and a lot of super stars also appeared.

Reporters also waited outside early, looking for the next day’s headlines.

Vivian held John’s arm and entered the hotel. There came another scene in it. The exquisite glass shone on the whole venue. The self-service party was crowded with people.

So harmonious.

Vivian didn’t know John was famous in the city until she saw several people came to greet John.

Angie patted her shoulder behind Vivian and said, “Vivi, you are here. I almost can’t recognize you just now.”

Vivian turned around and looked at Angie, she smiled and answered, “Angie, you are the most beautiful tonight.”

Actually, there was no more beautiful dress than Angie’s. The pink tube skirt, and simple lotus leaf skirt which adorned with starlight. It was particularly eye-catching under the refraction of glass.

In addition, her own outstanding appearance and sweet makeup were like a little princess who was not familiar with the world in the fairy tale.

And her prince, wearing a black suit, was standing beside her, which made him taller and loftier, colder and more indifferent.

It seemed that there was no one else in his eyes except Angie.

In the eyes of others, they were a pair of golden virgins, who can’t be more perfect…

Vivian couldn’t help looking down at herself. She was wearing a black skirt, which just like the vicious queen in the fairy tale world. It’s quite ironic.

“Hah, good taste!”

Angie also thought that her dress up was very successful. Although Vivi looked very beautiful and sexy, as she knew, William seemed to prefer the “pure” women.

No one noticed his black eyes, which was elusive.

“Well.” Vivian responded with a faint smile.

If Angie was a budding rose, then Vivian was a beautiful wild lily waiting for people to pick.

Between a smile and a frown, showed their own style.

Many men were hypnotized by them.

His cold eyes made them all in a shiver, they were reluctant to look back.

He was so mean! They just had glimpses of them. But if their women were conspicuous like that, he may do that like them.

“Vivi, you can’t miss dancing later.” Angie asked a teacher to teach her for the dance tonight. She wanted to be the focus this evening.

Of course, she wanted to attract William’s attention more. It would be better if she can win his heart.

“I…I can’t dance well.” Vivian said with embarrassment.

William raised his eyebrows, she was lying. He remembered that when he took her to the party before, she danced very well. Her words surprised him a little.

Vivian felt William’s eyes without turning her head, she was afraid of being found out. Other people didn’t know but he knew her well. But she really didn’t want to dance tonight.

“I remember that you can dance a little when you were in college.” Angie said in a pity.

“Vivi, don’t worry. I can teach you.” John was confident with his dance skill.

“John…” Vivian wanted to find an excuse again.

William, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, “Mr. John is so confident, it’s a pity to refuse, and there are so many people, they won’t notice your small mistakes.”

It seemed that when Vivian heard his “small mistake”, it was meaningful.

Illusion, it must be illusion.

He must say that on purpose, she absolutely couldn’t do that.

But she had to do that after seeing John’s expectant eyes. So, she nodded and smiled, “OK.”

Actually, she refused to do that in her heart, she even wanted to cry!

Not far away, there was an inquiring sight. Angie immediately responded with a smile, held William’s arm, and said to Vivian, “Vivi, see you later, my parents are calling us.”

She acted shyly when she said that.

Her shy represented everything, they got to the point of meeting their parents.

Vivian looked at William, who had no expression on his face. He looked a little more alienated. “Well, hurry up, don’t let uncle and aunt keep waiting.”

Hopefully, he could forget that humiliating memory, otherwise…

“Vivi, do you want to drink something?” John asked.

Vivian answered without refusing, “Give me that juice, please.”

“OK, wait a moment.” John left.

Vivian nodded but she was looking at Angie and William, and that “kind” parents. Angie was their only child.

Angie’s father, who had always been dignified and terrible, even stretched his grave eyebrows to his daughter and to Angie’s mother, who was born rich.

This is the reason why Angie was publicized. It was indeed a harmonious scene from a distance.