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Eye Turn Off

Chapter39 Attend the dinner party

Vivian returned to the shopping mall and exchanged pleasantries with her workmates, and then she buried herself in the busy work again.

The high season in summer, people come and go, Vivian was like a spinning top that spun tirelessly.

It was almost the same time, Angie stepped into the shop with William, John came in on their heels.

“Vivi! We come to pick you up, and your escort.” Angie winked and made signs to Vivian.

“How would you come together?” Vivian was in a daze after seeing William, but soon she chose to ignore him and showed a mild smile.

“It’s a coincidence.”

John, with a tall figure, slowly passed William and Angie and stood in front of Vivian. His warm fingertips naturally fell on her bright and clean forehead, and he said in a doting voice, “Why you still go to work, huh? Well, it’s OK that you don’t have a fever.”

Although it was just in a few seconds, John had withdrawn his hand. Vivian nodded blankly, “I…I’m fine.”

“Well, yesterday I still wondered why you didn’t care about Vivi at all, it seemed that my worry was superfluous, right, William?” Angie beat around the bush beside William.

Despite they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but she didn’t feel any sweet of love, instead, she was swayed by consideration of gain and loss, and William didn’t do any intimacy to her at all.

He simply didn’t reject her identity as a girlfriend.

Hearing Angie’s words, Vivian looked at his cold figure subconsciously, accidentally bumped into his deep and cold eyes, and her heart quivered.

His cool voice without a trace of ups and downs, “She doesn’t need other people’s concern.”

“How can you say that, honey? Vivi is very hard.” Angie pretended to take up the cudgel for Vivian.

She doesn’t need other people’s concern? Yeah, it’s none of his business. Vivian gritted her teeth and covered her difference.

“Mr. William, Vivi is my girlfriend now, I’ll take care of her.” John walked in front of Vivian, blocked their sights, and looked straight at William.

He seemed to proclaim his sovereignty.

This cognition made William very unhappy. The coldness in his eyes became deeper. He said coldly, “Mr. John is really careful.”

John frowned. He noticed the irony in his words. If he took good care of Vivi, Vivi would not go to work in spite of illness, which was indeed his dereliction of duty.

But, Vivi had nothing to do with William, didn’t she? Why did he have an illusion?

—- William was jealous.

Vivian also felt the strange atmosphere. Seeing Angie’s grave and acute eyes, she was flurried. She stepped out from behind and pretended that she knew nothing, “Angie, you haven’t said what you want to see me about for so long.”

“Ah?” Actually, Angie was thinking about why William became angry, suddenly she was interrupted by Vivian. It seemed that she suddenly remembered her purpose and exclaimed, “I almost forgot! There’s a business party tonight. Come with John.”

“He is also a young talent too, right?”

Vivian thought that she just rejected Angie yesterday, it was not good to refuse her once again. She looked at John. If he didn’t want to go, she wouldn’t either.

“How can we miss Angie’s invitation?” John answered liberally. He looked down and said gently to Vivian, “Vivi, what do you think?”

“I think so.” Vivian answered softly with her eyes drooping.

“Well. Let’s meet at the Imperial Hotel at eight o’clock this evening.” Angie blinked playfully. When she turned her head to William, she was a obedient little woman again. “Honey, let’s go back and prepare for it.”

“OK.” William glanced at Vivian with his deep eyes. Angie held his hand and he left expressionlessly.

Although he didn’t like her intimacy, he just wanted to do it.

Out of the door, William let go of her hand. He drove the car first. Angie was still upset. She had been back for so long. Why he was still not used to her intimacy?

No, she must make greater efforts.

“Vivi, let’s go. I’ll take you home.” John gently called back Vivian, who was still in trance.

Vivian said apologetically, “John, I’m sorry that you were misunderstood.”

John looked at her deeply and said nothing.

Vivian waited for a moment, but she heard nothing. She looked up at him doubtfully, almost frightened by his straight eyes, “John, what’s the matter? Is there anything dirty on my face?”

She subconsciously wanted to raise her hand to wipe it.

He grasped her delicate wrist steadily and said in a serious tone, “Vivi, I’m your boyfriend. Don’t be so self-condemned. Your sorry will only make me feel that I’m incompetent as your boyfriend.”

Vivian was shocked by his serious expression. She was about to say sorry to him when she suddenly remembered that he didn’t like her sorry. So, she just nodded, “OK, I know.”

“Well, I hope that you can trust me.” He stretched his face, and he was still that gentleman.

John sent Vivian back to attend the party. He changed his clothes and came back to pick her up. Vivian nodded and agreed, then she went back to the apartment alone.

Her heart was extremely heavy, she did not tell it clearly to John now. There were less opportunities if she wanted to say it later.

Vivian thought about that man who cared about her, she couldn’t bear to hurt him.

She must tell it clearly to John after the party.

Vivian returned to her room and opened the wardrobe, which was full of exquisite clothes.

She didn’t have extra money to buy any other clothes these years because of Roe’s illness. Basically, William bought her clothes.

It was ironic that although William had no feelings for her, he was generous with her.

In addition to a fixed amount of living expenses every month, he would buy her clothes from time to time, and even gave her an accessory card of a VIP card.

It seemed that she’s a captive canary, that’s all.

Vivian didn’t want to look at these clothes more, she picked out a black dress casually.

She closed the wardrobe hurriedly, as if the clothes placed quietly were not clothes but terrible hands that pulled her into the abyss.

Half an hour later, she received a call from John, he informed Vivian that he had arrived and asked her to tell the floor of the apartment to pick her up.

Vivian didn’t know why she want to refuse John to come up instinctively, “Thank you, John, don’t bother.”

John stopped for a moment and said, “OK.”