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Eye Turn Off

Chapter37 John was lost in thought

After William’s call, Vivian was obviously distracted. She bought some food that was easy for children to digest from the snack bar and went back.

On her way home there came another phone call, she was upset by the continuous calls today. This time she didn’t look at the phone and asked loudly, “What the hell are you going to do?”

Hearing the gasping breath over the phone, John was in a daze for a few seconds, and said in a soft voice, “Vivi, it’s me, John, what’s wrong?”

Hearing John’s voice, Vivian knew that she had misunderstood. She thought that the phone call was still from the man. She calmed down and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, John, I don’t know it’s you.”

Then his eyes were deep, Vivi didn’t know it was him, or she mistook him for someone else, who is that guy? Although John had many questions, he didn’t ask.

He asked instead, “Vivi, did someone disturb you? I should have picked you up today, but the staff in your store said you asked for a leave.”

“No. I just receive an insurance phone call, you know that they are difficult to deal with, so I thought they called me again.”

Vivian was worried that he would make blind conjectures, so she explained immediately again, “I didn’t go to work today because I’m not feeling well. I am sorry for your coming in vain.”

Hearing that Vivian was feeling bad, he asked nervously without thinking anything else, “Vivi, are you OK? Have you seen the doctor? I’m coming to see you now.”

“No!” Vivian found her tone was a little tough, and her voice softened, “It’s not a big problem. I just took the medicine, but I’m still sleepy. Maybe it’s the effect of the medicine.”

Vivian obviously prevaricated, it was impossible that he didn’t know about it.

“Well. Take a rest first, Vivi. I’ll come to you if you still feel bad. If your best friend Angie knows that I’m so incompetent as your boyfriend, she would do something for you.”

“Thank you, John.” Since she said that she was sleepy, Vivian also yawned, as if she was really sleepy. She silently said sorry to John in her heart.

After hanging up the phone, John didn’t put down the phone immediately but be lost in thought. Is that really an insurance phone call? Vivi is definitely not a girl who loses her temper at will.

Vivian also felt embarrassed. She was worried that the food was getting cold, so she had to hang up the phone and go to the ward.

Roe was still sleeping. Although he was weak, his face was still round and pink. His facial features were cute, which made people had a desire to knead his face.

Vivian bent over and kissed his cheek, whispered, “Wake up, my sleeping beauty.”

Seeing Roe’s lashes, she found that the little boy didn’t sleep at all, but deliberately confused her. It should be noted that, his curly lashes which are like a filmy fan really make many women become jealous.

The little boy who was lying on the bed didn’t feel embarrassed at all, he continued acting and pretended that he just woke up. He said vaguely, “Mom, you are back.”

Mom seemed to kiss him Just now. So shy!

His little glowing cheeks had already betrayed his inner meaning, he extremely wanted to hide his shyness and Vivian didn’t break it, “Yeah, I have bought some porridge. It’s cold. You can eat it.”

Roe took a look at the empty table in front of Vivian, and looked down at the fragrant porridge in front of him, and said, “Mom, I can’t eat so much…”

“I’ve finished my meal already. This meal is yours. Eat as much as you can.” Vivian knew that Roe was worried about whether she was full, so she was moved when he said he couldn’t eat so much.

Her little vest was indeed a warm boy. The girl who married him later must be very happy.

Knowing that Vivian had already finished her meal, he took a spoon and nibbled it slowly.

Vivian sat quietly beside Roe and was watching him eat, he is really an eye candy.

When Roe finished eating, Vivian cleaned up the table, went to the boiling water room to get water to wash his face and hands. After cleaning up, she took off her shoes and went to bed.

Today, when they came back, the man in the next bed was discharged from the hospital, so there were only two of them in the room.

Vivian touched his soft hair, she felt that it was not enough to touch it. Some words should be said tomorrow even if not now, she finally said, “Roe, I’ll take you to your grandmother tomorrow, OK?”

Hearing that Vivian was going to send him back tomorrow, his little hands subconsciously grasped the sheet. He wanted to refuse it and stay with his mother, but he also knew that if he asked to stay, his mother would definitely agree.

But he would also put his mother in a difficult position, so after a few indecisions, he still replied, “OK.”

Vivian felt the same depressed as Roe and held him in her arms, “Roe, you are going to have a birthday soon. What gift do you want?”

Roe’s eyes brightened after hearing Vivian’s words, “Mom, I want you to come back to accompany me for my birthday.”

“No problem. I will spend with you for your every birthday from now on.” Vivian promised in her heart.

“Great.” Things to leave had been diluted by the good news, and Roe’s mood became better.

Vivian patted his back gently, and her soft voice was like a lullaby, “Roe, go to sleep, and mom will sleep with Roe.”

Roe answered gently, and sleep obediently beside Vivian. After playing for so long today, it was the limit of his body. Roe soon fell asleep with Vivian’s soft voice.

Vivian was repeating one nightmare that night. She dreamed that she was in a busy street, surrounded by people, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not see the expression of people around her.

She kept running and running, and then she went back to school. Her friend Angie suddenly appeared, slapped her in the face and asked why she wanted to steal her boyfriend.

But Vivian shouted no loudly, it was not the truth! Angie left without looking back, she didn’t want to listen her explanation at all.

And Vivian kept chasing her, but she couldn’t. Suddenly, she met William again. He looked at her with cold and scornful eyes, as if he was laughing at her unrealistic thinking these years silently.

At this time Angie appeared suddenly, taunting her for her hypocrisy, holding William’s arm, and then she left slowly.

No matter how she shouted, the two seemed to be unable to hear. Suddenly, the picture changed. William held Roe in his arms and never let her see Roe.