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Eye Turn Off

Chapter36 William’s test

“Mom, you don’t have to explain, I understand.” Although Roe is young, he has understood many things, for example, he understood the reason why Vivian let his grandmother bring him up.

He understood why his mother did that, so he didn’t get angry.

Vivian was holding Roe’s white hands with her slender hands, she said sadly and resignedly, “I’m sorry, Roe. Mom will tell you all the things when you grow up a little.”

Children are always sensitive. Roe can feel a sense of sadness from his mother, he was anxious, “It’s enough to have you, mom, so don’t be sad.”

“Well, mom has a thoughtful baby. How would I be sad?” Vivian extremely thanked God for giving her such a sensible baby.

A common saying goes, “One’s daughter is a kind-hearted padded jacket.” Her Roe is a warm-hearted vest, who can always make her full of power.

After hearing that, Roe was a little bit shy but smiled happily, showing his two rows of little neat teeth, which looked innocent and cute.

Vivian was also infected by his smile, and corners of her mouth was also rising.

“Roe, let’s go to see the hippo.”

“Well. Let’s go.” In fact, Roe didn’t want to go home so early.

Vivian packed the stuff back into her bag and took Roe to see his favorite hippos. They happened to go to the hippos’ shed. The keepers were preparing to feed the hippos on watermelons.

Roe stretched out his neck excitedly to watch the hippos. Vivian was about to get Roe’s hair away from his eyes when her phone rang.

Vivian had to take out her phone, seeing the caller ID, she hesitated for a few seconds and it was connected. But she didn’t say anything.

Angie had already said, “Vivi, where are you? I’m so bored, I want to come to you.”

Vivian was holding Roe’s hand in case other people hit him by accident, and maintained her composure, “Angie, you are stay with William, aren’t you?”

The resentment in Angie’s heart came out, “It’s ok if you don’t talk about it, Vivi! William accompanied me to the market less than half an hour, and then left without giving me a reason.”

And then she pretended to be pitiful, “Vivi, I’m so pitiful! Come and accompany me.”

At this time Roe was shocked and said, “Mom! Look! The hippo can eat a watermelon in one bite! Awesome!”

Angie was unsure if there was a kid beside Vivian, she asked, “Vivi, is there a kid beside you?”

Vivian’ heart was beating fast. Knowing that Angie didn’t heard it clearly, she said calmly, “Oh, it’s a child of my relative. I help him take care of the child for a while. I’m sorry, Angie. I can’t go now.”

“Well, you must come out tomorrow.” From Angie’s attitude to her daughter, it can be seen that she didn’t like children very much, so Angie immediately dispelled the idea of bringing the kid with her.

Vivian agreed and they ended the call.

Roe said with an expression of doing something wrong, “Mom, did I say something wrong?”

“No, you didn’t. You are my good boy.” Vivian touched him gently.

Roe was soon turned around and was startled by hippo’s terrible biting force.

They were reluctant to leave the zoo until the sunset. Of course, Roe was more reluctant, he felt that time passed too fast today.

Seeing Roe’s lost face, Vivian smiled and squatted in front of Roe, and said, “Roe, hurry up, mom will carry you back.”

“No, you are tired too, mom.” Roe looked at Vivian’s back eagerly. Although he really wanted to let his mother carry him, he also knew that his mother was tired too.

So, he had to be restrained, yes, restrained.

“It’s OK. I’m not tired. If Roe really wants to help me, you can take the kettle with you.” Vivian put the kettle, which was without water, on her hand.

Roe said crisply, “Mom, if you are tired, put me down please.”

Vivian chuckled and said lightly, “Well, mom knows my Roe is not heavy at all. Eat more and grow faster.”

“Well, mom, I will.” He swore in his heart that he must grow up quickly to protect his mother.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, their shadows lengthened as if there was no end. From a distance, they looked like a warm picture, which was able to made the heart melt.

When Vivian carried Roe back home, he had fell asleep on her back, he must be very tired after playing in the zoon for half a day.

It had been 7:00 p.m. after Vivian put Roe on his bed.

The doctor came to inform her that Roe can be discharged from the hospital after the drip tomorrow, which made Vivian very happy. It proved that Roe’s body was not in great trouble and had no impact on the operation.

Just when she was going out to buy some food for Roe, she received an unexpected call.

“Vivian, where are you?”

“What’s the matter?” Vivian stopped, and then walked to the safe passage that without any people.

“What are you afraid of?”

William’s cool voice came into Vivian’s ears accurately, which aroused her deepest fear.

Did he find out? No, no way.

Vivian felt that her heart was beating fast. It seemed that her heart would jump out of her chest the next moment. She still replied with strong composure, “William, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You should ask yourself.” William’s voice was still calm and cold, it was too deep to be fathomable.

“I have nothing to fear.” Even if Vivian was nervous, she would not show it. More the rather that, he might still not know, he just spied on her.

“I hope so. You’d better not let me find out anything, or you will know the consequences of cheating me.” After saying the last word, the man over the phone also hung up.

Vivian seemed to have experienced a catastrophe. She managed to escape from it, she now sat on the ground. She was scared to death. She almost revealed the secret under William’s strong pressure.

William must find out something, whatever, she should take some action.