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Eye Turn Off

Chapter35 Let’s go to the zoo

Vivian deliberately ran back to change her clothes and took a backpack in passing so that she could pack things conveniently.

After Roe’s infusion bottle was up, he and Vivian were ready to leave, and Vivian had put the worries behind.

Vivian was going to have a good time with Roe today.

She fondly touched Roe’s little cute nose, and joked, “My little Roe, are you ready to go?”

“Yes, Mom.” In order to show that he had already to go, Roe squared his shoulders with pride and adjusted his kettle’s strap by the way, so that the kettle can be hung on his waist.

Originally, Vivian refused to let Roe carry the kettle, but Roe insisted, and she didn’t stop him. She reached out and took Roe’s hand gently, shouting vigorously, “Let’s go!”

“Okay.” Roe answered with the same serious voice.

Today is a beautiful day — bright and breezy, so it is very suitable for traveling.

To let him experience the joy of traveling, Vivian took a bus with Roe instead of taking a taxi.

Roe, who had stayed with his grandmother in the countryside for a long time, sat quietly and was well-behaved next to Vivian. He curiously looked out the window with his dark eyes, and experienced the prosperity and liveliness of the city, which is extremely different from the countryside.

Vivian saw excitement and novelty from Roe’s eyes, and he was like an ordinary child who explored this unknown world.

The bus stopped one station by one station, and the people went off the bus group by group too. Later, more parents took their children to travel outside.

Roe’s outstanding appearance undoubtedly attracted many children’s attention.

A girl who was not far from them asked curiously and boldly, “Can…Can I make friends with you, little brother?”

Roe looked up at the chubby girl, he smiled and then answered calmly and clearly, “No.”

“Oh…” The little girl couldn’t believe that Roe refused so directly, she cried all at once and asked her parents for comfort.

The little girl’s parents comforted the girl constantly and stared at Vivian with condemnation.

Vivian didn’t care about it, she just felt a little bit curious about Roe. Although Roe is a quiet boy, he will not be rude to others, “What’s wrong, Roe?”

“Mom, I saw her pinch a boy next to her just now, I don’t like such a rude girl.” Roe answered seriously.

“Well, mom supports your choice of making friends.” Vivian was surprised by Roe’s keenness. Actually, Vivian had seen the girl pinch that boy too, but she preferred not to comment. She had never thought that Roe saw it too.

“Be reassured, mom, I will surely be a good person with integrity.” Roe’s clear words were heard by the girl’s parents.

The girl’s parents may also know about the condition of their daughter, they spoke haltingly and were ashamed of it.

Roe’s smiling eyes winked at Vivian, which seemed to be saying, “Mom, I’m smart, right?”

Vivian reached out and touched his soft hair with smile, which counted as a response.

The episode did not affect their mood of traveling. Vivian bought a ticket with Roe and then went into the zoo.

May be the reason for weekend, there were many parents who took their children to the zoo. The children’s excited laughter lingered in their ears, and Roe kept smiling all the time.

Vivian thought her choice was right, they went to see the giraffes, peacocks, gorillas, sloths, and swans.

They also bought some food for the monkeys running outside and the raccoons acting cute.

They also went to see the fierce tigers, lions, and crocodiles.

Roe was still very excited after playing for a long time, but his breathing became a bit heavy. Vivian immediately found a place for Roe to rest, and asked in anxiety, “Roe, do you feel uncomfortable in the chest?”

Roe saw Vivian’s nervous look, he was afraid that she would take himself back, and said with a baby’s voice, “No, no, mom, I can go on.”

“Awesome! But mom is tired. Can we take a break?” Vivian felt distressed about Roe’s keenness, she knew Roe was tired and flaunted his superiority. So, he deliberately said that he was tired and needed rest.

“Well, mother, you should sit down and rest.” Roe relieved and he smiled briskly. It turned out that Vivian was tired and needed rest.

Vivian said nothing and sat down according to Roe’s words. She took out a facial tissue from the bag, and carefully wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Vivian took out the washed fruit and let Roe choose.

Roe held an apple but his eyes was focus on Vivian, a suspicious blush appeared on his round face. Mom is so beautiful and soft, he thought.

Later, Roe was angry with his father who he had never met before. He really has a bad taste, how can he part with my mom… I will definitely teach him a lesson when I grow up, Roe thought.

Vivian was unaware that her simple movement can let Roe be lost in various fancies and conjectures. Roe had put on thirty ethical TV plays in his heart, which was called — Cutee Roe’s Plan for Punishing His Own Relations in the Cause Of Justice.

“Hey! Vivian! Are you Vivi?” A woman who spoke loudly was coming here.

Vivian became dazed for a moment, seeing the woman, she couldn’t think of who she was.

“You are really Vivian! You were our campus belle at that time. I have never thought that you have been still so young and beautiful over these years after graduation. Do you remember me? I’m Mary.” Mary said enviously.

“Well, you are the same as before, Mary.” Vivian thought of Mary after her reminder. Mary liked to gossip everywhere…

Mary was tittering behind her hand, she glanced at Roe, who is quietly sitting on a chair. And then she exaggerated, “Haven’t seen you for a long time, your child has sprung up now. How cute he is! Your husband must be very handsome.”

Vivian didn’t know how to explain and became nervous. At this time, Roe said before Vivian, “I am tired and want to go back, aunt.”

Hearing Roe’s appellation to Vivian, Mary suddenly replied, “Vivian, you are Roe’s aunt.”

“Yeah… Yeah…” Vivian forced a smile. However, she was worried about Roe’s thoughtfulness. Roe was here, so she couldn’t find an excuse at will, she was afraid of hurting Roe’s heart.

Vivian didn’t want to continue the talk, and Mary felt it. She said sensibly, “Vivi, I go first. See you next time.”

“Ok.” Vivian nodded.

Watching Mary leave, Vivian frowned, squatting beside Roe. She wanted to explain it but failed. She had found countless excuses to put off but she didn’t want to tell a lie and make it plausible with more lies.

She didn’t want Roe to hate herself after he had grown up, either.