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Eye Turn Off

Chapter21 What do you want to do?

She has always admired Angie’s character, seeking what she wants passionately confidently and boldly. But they are completely two extremes. She always keeps her minds hidden in the bottom of her hearts, even if she loves a person silently.

“Why do you always watch Angie.” John came over, and gently said: “You are much better than Angie, beautiful and attractive, otherwise how can I be attracted to you?


Vivian did not expect John so voluptuous, so her face suddenly turned red and she tightly bit the lower lip, but she did not find the man far away who has seen her little action. His eyes dimed, and his face immediately became gloomy.

Unable to resist John’s request, she went upstairs and changed into a long dress. Her pale blue, high-waist dress showed off her perfect figure. With delicate white skin and rosy cheeks, she was as attractive as a teenage girl.

“Wow, Vivi, you’re so beautiful!” Angie pounced on Vivian, said jealously: “Unexpectedly, Vivi is more beautiful than me after dressing up, hem, but fortunately William only likes me!”

Vivian’s smile stiffened and she avoided Willian’s sullen eyes.

About as big as two basketball courts , the field is planted with peaches, and there are many peaches on the peach trees. The peaches are big, white with red. Angie was greedy for the peaches, and she took a basket with William to pick the peaches.

Vivian was in a group with John. She took a pair of scissors and cut the bigger peaches and put them in the basket. She asked John for his help when she couldn’t reach the peaches. John was so humoring that Vivian was pleased so many times.

“The peach tree is so big.” Vivian walked through the peach grove, clipped the big peach with scissors that she had just seen. When she looked back to throw it in the basket, she was shocked to find that John was not behind her.

“John?” Vivian shouted, pushing aside the branches to go back, and asked, “Where have you been?”

As a result, she returned to the place, but she did not see John, so she thought he might pick peach elsewhere. When she just wanted shout loudly again, her mouth was covered suddenly, and she was scared muddled and scared.

When she came back to earth, she had been pressed on the peach tree. Willian held her arm and was cold, eyes of questioning let Vivian a little bit weak, so she bit the lips and dared not to speak.

William pressed her lip with his thumb, and his angrily said, “You like biting your lips so much, Vivi?”

Vivian looked at him in a daze.

What did he mean, she can’t bite her lips?

William just finished saying, then he bowed his head and kissed the lips of Vivian while his hands were removed. He used his tongue to pry open her mouth and broke in with a strong attitude, which gave Vivian no chance to resist.

“Uh…” She twisted her wrists and tried to push him away with her hands, only to make William angrier. He held her hands over her head, kissed her more fiercely, pushed her long legs between her legs, raised her knees and rubbed his private area.

Vivian was surprised, unconsciously opened her mouth, William’s eyes became dark, and his tongue swept out her mouth, so that Vivian’s whole body went limp.

After being together for so much time, William knew Vivian’s sensitive spots even with his eyes closed.

The knee was chafing her private area, and his lip moved upward, licked her pinna gently. Sure enough, Vivian could not hold on. She was pressed by him on the peach tree and tremble all over. Even though she tightly clenched jaw, still had cheerful moan to leak out.

Vivian was ashamed and afraid. Even though her eyes were full of lust, her face was still frightened. She tried to push Willie away, but she was so hot that she could not help shaking her waist for more.