Chapter106 A frightening mission 2

“How do you know that they must be buried there? Do you know geomancy?” Jeremy Hodges asked.

“I don’t know, but my mother likes these things. She let me read these books. Here is a mountain and this village is located in the East.

108 residents committed suicide collectively. The people who dealt with these corpses adopt the principle of proximity.

However, they must be worried that villagers will not be able to disperse their grievances after their death and that the place where they will be buried should not be too outrageous.

It must be towards the south, with back to the mountain and facing the water.” Bella pointed to the lake. “The tomb should be there, north by the mountain, South by the lake.”

Jeremy Hodges felt a little chilly on his back…

Sound of the door opening

Jeremy Hodges shivered and watched James Grayson walking into a room.

“Chief, please tell us before doing such things. It’s frightening.” Jeremy Hodges went in with James Grayson.

There was a sense of terror. For a long time, no one lived here.

Bella looked at the table.

There was a teapot on the table, several teacups, one of which was still filled with water.

Jeremy Hodges was scared, and he pointed to the cup on the table and said, “How can there be water in such a small cup? This water should be evaporated till now. There must be ghosts.”

Bella remembered the story of the ghost ship

There are a lot of ships floating on the sea. The ship looks broken and rotten as if it has been there for hundreds of years.

But when the sailor got on the ship, he found that there was a cup of coffee. The coffee was hot as if it had been just poured. They said it must be the ghost of the crew and everyone named it a ghost ship.

This village also depicts the same scene!

James Grayson opened the lid of the kettle and found that there was water in it.

“Jeremy Hodges, go to the kitchen and have a look. Tell me, if there is any food.” James Grayson ordered.

James and Bella went into the bedroom. There saw a quilt on the bed. The quilt was folded neatly. James also found a long hair on the pillow.

Jeremy Hodges rushed in with a dead face and said, “There is food in the kitchen, porridge, rice and there must be ghosts.”

“Jeremy Hodges, calm down. It’s not a ghost. There must be a woman who lives here.” James Grayson calmly analyzed.

“I think that’s why some people say they see ghosts here!” Bella agreed with James Grayson.

“How can you say that there is a person? Not a ghost. This place is haunted, why someone comes to live here!” Jeremy Hodges said very indecisively.

“The place is not developed, that’s why the road is still muddy. No one often comes here that’s why the footprints on the ground are very clear. If there is a ghost, there must be no foot or footprints.”

After James Grayson’s analysis, Jeremy Hodges looked at many small footprints on the ground.

“Jeremy Hodges, go to the tomb and find other clues. Pay attention to safety.” James Grayson said.

“Yes.” Jeremy Hodges went to the other side of the lake.

As a special soldier, he couldn’t be scared.

James Grayson and Bella checked the room.

All of a sudden, James Grayson’s eyes flashed a light. He opened the window and saw a woman. His eyes were shocked by the scenery in front of him. Without wasting a second, he jumped out of the window.

Bella ran to the window and watched James Grayson disappearing from her sight.

What the hell he had seen?