Chapter105 A frightening mission 1

“I won’t go in. Don’t take medicine. It is not good for your health. Don’t worry about getting pregnant. We have to marry anyway. It’s good to have a child.” James Grayson said definitely and kissed her softly.

Bella was also very defensive about this. “Then we’ll also have a child after marriage.”

“Okay.” James Grayson saw that she was stubborn. For the sake of her health, he took the box from the bedside table and used the condom.

Bella was moved by his thoughtfulness, he always thought about her.

She felt his concern, entangled his strong waist and pulled down closer.

James Grayson was not a person who only cared about his own enjoyment. He noticed her every expression, every slightest change. In the end, he kissed her lips, and she almost got lost in his tenderness.


Early in the morning

They got up and had breakfast in the restaurant near the hotel.

“Chief, I went to get the information about Athens Village yesterday. I have confirmed that the Athens Village has 108 residents.” Jeremy Hodges reported.

“There is something wrong, either the report that all 108 people are dead is a false report or maybe there was someone who was not from Athens Village. We have news that there are still alive people in Athens Village. After breakfast, we will go to the Athens Village. Let’s see, what we will get there.” James Grayson said.

After breakfast, they set out, drove to the place and where the car could not go they started walking.

Jeremy Hodges and James Grayson carried a big backpack, and Bella carried her own backpack. She was wearing joggers and was walking with them. After a while, a big mountain blocked their way.

James Grayson looked at the map again.

“What’s the matter?” Bella asked worriedly.

James Grayson tightened his brow. “There is no mountain on the map.”

“Even maps can be fake. There’s really nothing that can’t be fake.” Bella said helplessly.

“We have to go over the mountain to see.” James Grayson looked back at Bella. “Bella, you and Jeremy go back to the car. I’ll go there alone.”

“Don’t worry about me. I am a travel buddy. I often take part in mountaineering activities. Although I can’t be as good as you, but I have no problem in accompanying you.” Bella really wanted to accompany him.

“OK, let’s go together.”

The mountain was even bigger than their imagination. They were hiking continuously, but they didn’t know how much they still need to climb. After climbing three mountains, they reached the top of the mountain and from there they saw a small village nestled among the mountains.

“Is this the Athens Village?” Bella pointed at the village that was not far away.

“I don’t know. There is no village on the map. Let’s go and have a look.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

The three of them came down from the mountain.

“This village is really isolated from the rest of the world. It’s hard for people here to go out if they want to. If any virus spreads here, it cannot affect the world outside.” Bella looked around and said.

There was a house and on the broken wooden board, they could see the name of Athens Village.

“We found it.” James Grayson looked around.

Because no one worked here for a long time, it turned out that the fields were covered with weeds. The houses were covered with grass, and the whole place was quite strange and scary.

“I can’t see any graveyard here. Where are the 108 villagers buried?” Jeremy Hodges asked suspiciously.

Bella pointed in a certain direction.

Jeremy Hodges looked at the direction Bella pointed.

“They don’t have separate tombs. They may have dug a big pit and all 108 people were buried together. They didn’t even have tombstones.” Bella sadly said.