Chapter 99 I Am Afraid Of Death Because You Will Cry

“Benjamin, I want to marry to Dr. Ran” Alice didn’t know what she said. After that, there was a tear-like pain in her throat.

Benjamin’s hand holding the phone suddenly tightened, and finally a little bit of normal heart hurt, “Where are you now? Let’s meet and talk.”

He suppressed the anger in his heart. One was that he couldn’t be angry now, and the other was that he really wanted to talk to her.

At the moment of cardiac arrest in the morning, he had a good smile in his mind when reminded of her.

Alice said ruthlessly to him, “I don’t want to see you, except for divorce. There is nothing to talk about.”

Benjamin laughed coldly, he should have been furious, but he didn’t. His voice was very low, even a little trembling, “Alice, I just came out of the hospital, and my heart can’t stand any stimulation If you don’t want to receive a call from me that I have fainted or died the next minute, then tell me where are you? ”

Alice was anxious, “Are you uncomfortable? Is your heart hurting again? Where are you now?”

Benjamin leaned tiredly on the back of the car seat, and the scenery on the street hurried past. Some things passed at a glance, and some people would not even for ten thousands of years.

He said, “A woman who wants to divorce me, are you worried about me?”

How could she be to divorce him?

He didn’t know how happy he was when he woke up and really determined that they were husband and wife, as if the wish since young age had finally come true.

“Benjamin, you go home first. I called Penny and asked her to take care of you. I’m really inconvenient to go back now.”

Benjamin smiled bitterly, “You still don’t know Penny is not my fiancee yet? Still thinking about sending me to other women.”

Alice shook her head, thinking he couldn’t see it, and said, “No, I can’t go home to take care of you, I’m anxious.”

“Why can’t you go home? Or you don’t want to come back at all? Is Dr. Ran more important than me?”

At this time, she couldn’t lie to him, “I have a cold, a virus cold, and I’m afraid it will be transmitted to you. You can’t get sick now.”



“You can’t come over.”

He domineeringly asked her again, “Address?”


Thirty minutes later, Alice’s door in the hotel was knocked.

Alice knew that Benjamin had arrived, and she had already fully armed herself rigorously, but for safety’s sake, she only opened a small door gap to squeeze out herself.

Benjamin stared straight at Alice, who only showed her eyes, “It’s not Halloween today, you scared me.”

He was going to walk into the room, but was stopped by Alice. “You can’t go in. There is a virus I’ve breathed and it will be transmitted to you.”

Benjamin really wanted to scold her as an idiot, but now he was not in the mood to quarrel with her.

He wanted to go in again, and was stopped by Alice again. This time, he even politely dragged Alice, who was wrapped like a bitch, into the room.

He pushed her directly to the hard wall, raised his foot and kicked the door, a pair of deep eyes fixed on her.

Alice blinked, her mouth was wrapped in a thick bath towel, and her voice was trembling, “I just caught a cold, you have seen it now, go back quickly, and when I am fine, I will go looking for you. ”

Benjamin stared straight at her, speaking rudely, “What are you looking me for, to talk about divorce?”

Alice looked at him, her eyes flickered. If there was only one way to be a doctor, he really wanted to talk about divorce.

The sadness and entanglement in her eyes made Benjamin very angry, and he took off her robe ruthlessly.

“Ah, take it lightly. My ears hurt, Benjamin …”

Let her talk, just screamed, and if she really don’t want him to be transmitted with her virus, Ben just let it happen.

The towel was untied and was thrown directly on the ground. Before waiting for Alice to resist, he had already pressed her firmly against the wall, holding her slightly hot face and kissing her lips.

Alice was struggling hard. Was he crazy? She said she was a virus and he still did. What if he was infected by her?

He seemed to be venting the stasis in his heart, and kissed deeply, until Alice was panting and didn’t even have the strength to hit the hand on his shoulder, he let go of her.

Alice breathed breathlessly, and stared at him, “Are you crazy? Do you know how much trouble you would have if you were sick now?”

Benjamin stood in front of her, gazing deeply at her, his voice deep and thick, “I’m not afraid of death, what I fear most is losing you.”

Alice looked at him with red eyes. He looked bad. She hated herself and hated him, “Crazy man.”

He smiled stupidly at her, “When I was pushed into the emergency room today, I missed you, I was scared. If I died, you would keep crying, so I told myself that I couldn’t die.”

He reached out and wanted to hug her. She was trying hard to keep herself from crying, but he even hoped that when she wanted to cry, she would lean on his arms and cried.

Alice opened his hand, “Benjamin, you are too self-righteous. Even without you, I will live well, even better and happier. If you come to say that, you can go now. ”

Benjamin looked at her, and even more wanted to protect her. He said, he knew her too well. How can he not see what she was thinking now?

“This is reality. It’s not the romance novels you write. It’s not that I can only survive when you marry Dr. Ran. If I can’t die, then there must be many ways instead of asking you to marry him. Another man can save me. If there is really only that way, I would rather die. ”

When Benjamin said this, Alice was also anxious, and forgot something he could not tell Benjamin, “But Dr.. Ran had a brain death patient, and his heart matches yours. If you let that patient …”

Benjamin frowned and looked at the ignorant woman in front of his eyes, his big hands clasped on her thin shoulders, and his eyes narrowed to hers, “That is a crime.”

“…” She ignored this. She dropped her head in shame.

Benjamin stepped forward and held her in his arms. Her body suddenly snapped, trying to push him away, “You had better stay away from me.”

Benjamin’s chin just touched the top of her hair, and the corner of her mouth was slightly hooked. Instead of letting her go, he hugged even tighter. “You are the most deadly virus for me. Once infected, there is no cure. ”

“If I die, I want to leave you a perfect world. If I live, then you can only be my wife. So we don’t divorce.”

“…” She lifted her head from his arms, and looked at him, not saying a word.

Knowing that they were full of thorns in front of them, but they don’t want to be separated unless they die. Maybe they should really work hard for love.

She had a heavy nasal voice. “Then you can’t be with me now, I’m afraid I will really pass the virus to you.”

Benjamin bowed his head, her warm lips kissed on her temples, her brows frowned, and she looked at her unhappily, “Did you take the medicine?”

Alice glanced at the medicine, “You haven’t had time to take it.”

Benjamin went to pour water, and then read the instructions in the pill box. When he was about to take the medicine, he suddenly thought of something, and turned to looked at Alice by the window, who tried to breathe her so-called infectious virus to outside the window.

“Alice …”

Alice answered, “Huh?”

“Did your period come this month?” Benjamin asked Alice seriously.

Alice looked back at Benjamin. A big man asked such a question, and looked serious, making her very uncomfortable.

“No, why suddenly ask this?”

Benjamin put down the medicine in her hand, and a pair of deep eyes fixed on her flat abdomen, “You will not be pregnant, will you?”

Alice was taken aback? “It is impossible. I breed on the 10th of every month. It’s on time. Today is the 6th, which is four days behind.”

Benjamin’s face grew darker as he listened, and finally yelled at Alice, “So, on the 16th of last month, you just passed the period, and you said you wanted to have a baby with me?”

Alice hadn’t understood what Benjamin was angry at, but she suddenly suspected that she wouldn’t really be pregnant, would she? Then she stopped taking this medicine.

“Then I won’t take medicine. I’ll check it online. How long can I detect when I’m pregnant, I …”

She could have jumped onto the bed at once, but in the end she sat up very carefully, as if she were really pregnant.


Benjamin handed the cold medicine and a glass of water to Alice, with a black face, “Take the medicine.”

Alice shook her head unwillingly, and covered her belly with both hands. “What if I am pregnant?”

Benjamin was speechless, and his big hand knocked hard on her head. “How could you be pregnant when your period just passes?”

He knew so much. She didn’t understand anything as a woman, so Google for it.

She carefully flipped through lot of web pages, only to understand a little. It cannot be pregnant all the time.

Hmm … She was very lost.

After taking a cold medicine, she sat on the bed sighing, “Benjamin, next time you help me calculate the ovulation period. You have to remind me of this, so I can sleep with you.”

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