Chapter 99 Be with him 1

“Just tell me, you did it or not?” Adam Wilson was very serious.

“No.” James Grayson said definitely and looked forward sharply.

“Come to my place.” Adam Wilson said and hung up the phone.

James Grayson looked at Bella. Bella didn’t know how to face him. She turned her face away. He held her chin, looked at her face and kissed her lips.

Bella pushed his chest. He released her according to her wish and his eyes were stuck on her, “Don’t leave me.”

Bella’s heart tightened. He said declarative sentences, with an imperative tone. However, she felt some entreaty.

“I have something to do now. I’ll help you get a taxi.” James Grayson got off the car and stopped a taxi.

Bella sat in the car. James Grayson gave the taxi driver 100 yuan and said, “Blue sky apartment.”

Bella’s heart was a little confused. She was not a person who can be easily confused by love. She wanted to think again.

What did she have? She has good looks, a bad character, a cold and indifferent personality. Why did James Grayson want to offend everyone for her?

She didn’t believe that how much love he could have for her in a month?

In these thoughts, she reached Amelia’s apartment.

“Bella, did you hear that the governor of our state was assassinated? Our hospital is closest to the place where the accident happened, so he had been sent to our hospital for rescue. But they cannot save him and he died.” Amelia said while eating chips.

Bella took a look at Amelia and sat on the sofa.

Amelia sat beside Bella and guessed, “Maybe the governor is involved in any bribery or know someone’s secrets. That’s why he was murdered.”

“Do you know anything about James Grayson’s wedding gossip, have you heard it?” Bella asked her.

Amelia was surprised. She put down the potato chip box in shock and asked. “James Grayson is getting married?”

Bella looked at Amelia seriously. “Amelia, answer me honestly. Do you think James Grayson can fall in love with me? Or am I just a time pass for him?”

“Do you really want to hear the truth?” Amelia asked.

“Of course.” Bella was firm.

“First of all, I asked my father about James Grayson recently. His reputation is very good. Except for a girlfriend who died, when he was on a mission five years ago, his record is clean. He didn’t have any scandal, and he never had a woman.

Secondly, this person has a strong sense of responsibility, justice, and righteousness. You have sex with him, and he considers you as his responsibility.

Third, you said he was going to get married? I think there must be another secret.” Amelia guessed.

“What if there is really another secret?” Bella asked and lowered her eyes.

“That’s it. I think that being with someone for the rest of one’s life is the longest love confession. Although we cannot judge that the other is good or bad in a short period of time. But if you don’t work hard, there are chances you will regret it later.” Amelia looked at Bella’s face.

“Maybe a lot of mistresses think that they are really in love with men, and it will make their actual wives’ life miserable,” Bella said rationally.

“James Grayson is not married yet? If it’s me, I will face problems with him until he gets married, and after that, I will give up.”