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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 99 A new girlfriend

Sure enough, Alex also saw her. He turned to say something to his companion, and then they walked toward her.

Clara walked while eating beef jerky. She walked very fast, and she didn??t realize her friend was gone until she walked four or five meters away.

She looked back and said, “Jessie, why are you standing there …”

The last word came to an abrupt halt when she saw Alex and a female crew member approaching.

“Jessie, it’s been a long time.” Alex did not have a job at all now. After he was well, he came to the set to find Jessica.

The gap of nearly half a year made him impatient. But he must be patient and wait for Jessica to take the bait.

There were a lot of people around them. Jessica nodded, turned around and wanted to go.

But she was stopped by Alex, “Jessie!”

“Anything else?” She said through gritted teeth. She would never pay any attention to him if there were nobody nearby.

Alex’s female companion thought his attitude to Jessica was very different, so she looked at her rather maliciously.

But Jessica didn’t care about it at all. She just wanted to stay away from Alex.

“You don’t have to bore me so much.” Alex gave a wry smile. According to his agent’s instruction, he said, “I was nearly beaten to death twice by Mr. Howard because of you. And I get over it now.”

He forced a perfect smile he had practiced countless times in front of the mirror. “Since you have Mr. Howard and Chris, then I won’t force you. And I’ve fallen in love with someone else. From now on, let us be the most familiar strangers.”

As he said this, a smile came over Jessica’s impatient face.

When he finished the word, she jumped up with joy. “No, don’t be the most familiar stranger. Just be the strangest stranger! It’s a deal. Don’t change!!”

Listening to this, the smile on Alex’s face froze.

Penny had told him that Jessica would be unhappy and even ask him to stay if he said that?

And Penny also said that Jessica may play hard to get. She would deliberately show a happy look, but in fact, she was very sad! Jessica should be the latter.

Thinking of that, Alex felt at ease again.

Jessica had no idea what was going on in Alex’s mind. She just had never expected him to offer to stay away from her, so she was overjoyed!

“Are you his new girlfriend? So beautiful! Thank you so much!” She hugged Alex’s female companion and even turned around in a circle.

In fact, the light was so dim that she didn’t even see what Alex’s female companion looked like!

The female companion was confused. She was hugged so tightly that she could hardly breathe, so she pushed Jessica away quickly and gulped in the fresh air.

“Wish you live together to a ripe old age and always are in love! Good-bye!”

Jessica was afraid that Alex would go back on his word, so she dragged Clara quickly, and ran away.

And Jessica treated him as if he was a beast, which made Alex uncomfortable.

He kept telling himself that Jessica was just trying to play hard to get. Then, he turned around and was ready to leave.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he took a step, he was wrapped in the arm.

“What’s the matter?” Alex looked at his female partner who did not let go of him. He felt all the more that Jessica was playing hard to get.

He was so excellent. How could she suddenly not love him?

The female partner looked up at him with shyness, and then quickly lowered her head. Her voice was so soft. “Alex, you just… You just said you’ve fallen in love with someone else. Is that someone…?”

“Don’t misunderstand! I still like Jessie. I just wanted to make her angry! I’m not available now. I have to go.”

Looking at her shy face, Alex’s face was blue, so he hurried away after he finished.

If it wasn’t for getting close to Jessica, he wouldn’t show interest in such ugly girl!

Under the moonlight, the female partner bit her lip, her eyes were full of a sense of loss and jealousy.

Jessica was in a good mood because she thought that she had completely got rid of Alex. She was humming even when taking a shower.

She hummed loudly. Even if Clara had covered her ears by hands, she could still hear the awful sound and it went on and on.

“Oh! Jessica, please stop singing, OK?” She let out a howl and was nearly driven mad.

Jessica’s jaunty voice came from the bathroom. “You know the joy puts heart into me. I can’t help it!”

“…” Clara tightly covered her ears, scrolling her phone by using her mouth and updated the Twitter. She habitually scanned the hot search list, and when she saw the ninth topic, she was stunned.

Jessica put the bubbles on her head and was enjoying the bath. Suddenly, she heard a sharp scream followed by Clara’s ecstatic cry. “Jessie, come out! You’re on a hot search!”

Hot search?

Jessica paused for a few seconds. She didn’t even wash the bubbles on her head and body, and just wrapped herself in a towel and rushed out. “Let me see!”

#The heroine of “Spy” is so beautiful.#

“Which actress is the leading lady? Come on, I want all her information in ten minutes!”

“God! How can someone look so beautiful! What a perfect face she has!”

“My goddess Grace and Amy, please allow me to cheat for two months.”

“I thought I would never support Chris in a relationship with mortal, but now I know I was wrong.”

“She is really beautiful and charming. I feel a surge of desire for her even if I am a woman.”

“Praise the leading heroine of “Spy” highly! How could she be so beautiful!”

When she used to update Twitter, she had fantasized about what would happen if she had fans. Now so many people really liked her, she felt she almost burst with satisfaction.

At the same time, looking at their exaggerated praises, she was kind of shy and embarrassed.

She thought she didn’t look as beautiful as they said…

What the hell! The episode of “Acting Supremacy” which you and Stella had participated was broadcast. Everyone gathered round and a lot of people were scolding her for her shameless behavior!” After Clara gave Jessica the phone, she grabbed a pad and started scrolling through twitter.

Jessica threw away the phone and put her head over it.

“You’re so close to me, and the bubbles are rubbing against my face!” Clara moved to the other side of the bed. “I wanted to scold the old bitch on the scene before. But I was not allowed to do that because of my identity. And now the netizens have said what I want to say!”

The twentieth topic

#Jessica, Alan, Stella#

“Bitch Stella! She not only snatched the show from Grace in “Nina Tessler”, but also snatched the show from other actress and Alan in the variety show. She’s so boring!”

“To be fair, Stella’s acting is ok. If she loves acting so much, why doesn’t she be the leading actress herself?”

“Reply to the last comment. She’s afraid no one will watch if she’s the leading actress!”

“Every time when I saw her face in “Nina Tessler”, I pressed the fast-forward button. Now I have abandoned this play. As a result, I saw her stirring up trouble in “Acting Supremacy” again…Desperate.”

“Don’t talk about that bitch. Jessica’s acting is really good. She is not weak when she acts with veteran actors. She’s a capable actress in the new generation of actors, and she’s really good-looking!”