Chapter 98 Bella, I love you 2

She didn’t know how long she had been walking. Maybe for hours. When she stopped and looked up, she saw the gate of the special military region. She came here unconsciously.

She had gone mad!

Bella turned around quickly and at the same time, James Grayson’s car came out of the military area.

James saw Bella and shouted, “Stop.”

Lieutenant Thomas Brown also saw Bella and reminded him, “Chief, this is a very crucial time. If you and Miss Bella got photographed…”

Before Lieutenant Thomas Brown could finish speaking, James Grayson got off the car. He held Bella’s arm.

“Leave me,” Bella said coldly.

James Grayson looked into her red eyes, left her hand and said in a deep voice, “Where are you going? I’ll drop you.”

“No more favors.” Bella saw a taxi and waved her hand to stop it.

James Grayson looked at her helplessly. The taxi stopped in front of Bella. Bella opened the door, and James Grayson grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.

“What are you doing? Let me go.” Bella said defensively.

James Grayson opened the back door of the car but Bella refused to sit in.

He held the doorknob in one hand and propped his hand on her side. “If you want to exercise strength, I will accompany you.”

“I don’t think we can continue our relationship.” Bella twisted her eyebrows and looked at him very firmly.

“So you’ve blacklisted my cell phone number?” James Grayson asked, his eyes were red, he bit his teeth, and his anger burst out.

“If you disliked it, you can also blacklist my cell phone number.”

“Get in the car. I will not say it again.” James Grayson was domineering. He stared at her face, and she turned away her face.

He kissed her on the lips. Bella tried to step back, but she couldn’t step back. She can only sit on the back seat.

James Grayson sat next to her, closed the door and said in a deep voice, “Drive to the south district.”

Lieutenant Brown took a look at Bella and said, “Now?”

“Just do as I say. Don’t talk nonsense.” James Grayson had a bad temper.

Lieutenant Brown didn’t dare to ask anything again. He drove to the south district.

Bella turned away her face and looked out of the window. They both were silent, and the atmosphere was quite depressing.

James Grayson looked at her and said in a deep voice, “Grayson’s group is my family business. You know that, right?”

“Um,” Bella answered without looking at him.

“Grayson’s first silk business started in my mother’s hands and they started a real-estate business. That real estate was one of the oldest enterprises that were founded in the early 1980s.”

Bella looked at James Grayson. She didn’t understand why James Grayson was telling her that.

“My father had been in an important position for a long time. Once he called the director of the Department of resource allocation and management, and the director sold several plots of land to Grayson’s at a very low price. In return, my father made him a governor.”

“Use of power for personal gain. It’s normal.” Bella felt a bit ironic.

“Now that governor is dismissed due to the charges of corruption, and the whole situation is in George Wilson’s hands. And it will take only a word of George Wilson.” James Grayson explained.

Bella understood, and her eyes grew thinner and colder. “George Wilson asked you to marry his daughter and then he will let the governor go, right?”

James Grayson looked at Bella gloomily. His cell phone rang. It was Adam Wilson’s call, and he answered.

“James, the arrested governor, has been murdered in the police station. Did you do it?”

“What? The governor is dead?” James Grayson was shocked.