Chapter 97 Bella, I love you 1

She felt that she wouldn’t hear good words from David Wilson’s mouth. And she didn’t want to make herself more upset, “I don’t want to know about people or things that have nothing to do with my life.” Bella said.

“Good, if you had understood it. I heard that James Grayson had issued a letter to your hospital, asking you to sign up for the military region?” David Wilson asked.

“You are well-informed with the actions of James Grayson? James Grayson has an enmity with you?” Bella sneered and walked ahead.

“There was no enmity at first, but due to him I lost my position as deputy director, and he fell in love with my wife and put me in the detention house. I will never forget those things. Do you think I will let him go easily?” David Wilson’s eyes were cold.

“We have to forgive people and walked ahead. If I were like you, you wouldn’t know you must be dead 100 times till now.” Bella said in a cold voice.

“I can forgive others, but it doesn’t mean that they will forgive me. For example, Anna Wilson will also go to the military region. Do you think if you go, she will forgive you?” David Wilson said with a smile, but this smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

Bella lowered her eyes and said definitely, “I won’t go.”

“If you don’t go, I’m afraid you also cannot work at the hospital. After all, the orders were issued by the military region. You think Amelia’s father can dare to disobey.” David Wilson said.

Bella did not speak.

David Wilson looked at her, held her arm and pulled her to his side.

“What are you doing? Leave me.” Bella was angry.

“Since James Grayson is getting married, don’t dare to provoke him.” David Wilson warned and his eyes were cruel.

“I can make my own decisions myself. David Wilson, don’t forget that you are just my ex-husband. Legally, we have nothing to do with each other.” Bella pulled out her hand.

She went into the fruit shop. David Wilson didn’t say anything more. He followed her. Bella chose the durian, paid for it and walked ahead. David Wilson stared at her cold back and felt as something had blocked his heart and made him feel uncomfortable.

David Wilson couldn’t understand how he could feel so weak in front of a woman. Bella was just a woman that he didn’t want to have before. David thought about this and did not follow Bella. He turned around, sat in his car and left.

Bella entered Kate Andrew’s room.

“Where is David?” Kate Andrew looked behind Bella and asked.

“He has something to deal with, so he left. I’ll open the durian for you.” Bella said softly.

Kate Andrew frowned. “You and David have a fight, right? Bella, David is such a good man, you should change your temper, don’t force him to coax you every time. And don’t do so much work that you just forget to give time to him. ”

“Um.” Bella bowed her head and answered.

“Go and accompany David. He bought me a TV. I want to watch TV. Bella, don’t give your husband too much freedom. Otherwise, he will set you free forever.”

“Mom, he’s busy with his work. I will help wash your hair and take a bath.” Bella said with a smile.

“No, David found a nurse for me today. She will serve me 24 hours a day. Why don’t you two think of having a baby? By the way, did you give that baby to someone?” Kate Andrew asked worriedly.

Bella lowered her eyes. “Then I’ll go now and come to you next week.”

Bella picked up her bag and quickly left her mother’s ward.

She walked quietly and thought a lot.