Chapter 96 Bella, I won’t let you suffer 2

There was a radio playing in the taxi.

The host announced in a light voice, “Today we will broadcast a big news. It has been said that the son of Grayson’s family will marry Wilson’s granddaughter. Although the wedding date hasn’t been announced yet. But everyone is talking about this marriage. Although I won’t get the chance to drink the wedding wine of these two great people, but I still wish the new couple a happy marriage.”

I wanted to dedicate a good song for them, “I’m going to marry you tomorrow.”

Bella leaned against the window, looked outside indifferently, and felt a pain flowing in her heart through her blood, and spreading in her whole body.

“Hey, guy, Grayson’s son is going to marry Wilson’s granddaughter. Go and buy Grayson’s shares. The stocks are bound to rise.” The driver talked to his colleagues.

“I also know, now Grayson’s stock has grown from 80 to 150. Let’s wait for the wedding ceremony to raise it again.” The colleague’s voice came in from the walkie talkie.

“As you say, if the groom or the bride escapes from the wedding, it will be good.”

“I’m also waiting for it. Hahahaha.”

Bella listened to their chat. They reached the mental hospital. Bella paid the money and went to her mother’s ward.

She opened the door and saw David Wilson sitting beside her mother. David Wilson was cutting her mother’s fingernails. The news that James Grayson was going to be engaged to Anna Wilson was on TV. But she remembered that there was no TV in her mother’s ward.

“What are you doing here?” Bella asked David.

David Wilson raised smiled and said, “I’m sorry, honey, I went abroad before. I came to see mother so late. Don’t be angry.”

Bella didn’t speak and listened to Kate Andrew said with a smile, “Bella, don’t be angry. Work is important.”

“Bella is here. You two chat for a while. I’ll go out and buy some delicious food. I remember that you like to eat durian.” David Wilson smiled, got up, put down the nail clipper and went to wash his hands.

“I’ll go with you. You don’t know how to choose them.” Bella said and went out.

“David Wilson, what do you want to do?” Bella asked directly.

“Didn’t you say that I have to come to see your mother once a month after the divorce?” David Wilson said with a smile.

“I don’t believe that you can be so kind.” Bella couldn’t believe.

“Do you think that you have anything that attracts my interest?” David Wilson asked in reply, glared at her and frowned.

His smile made her feel much worse.

“Don’t come here again,” Bella said.

“Okay, I’ll go in and tell your mother about our divorce.”

Bella held David Wilson’s arm. She knew that this news would affect her mother’s condition.

David Wilson smiled, “I’m kind enough to help you. Why are you refusing foolishly?”

Bella lowered her eyes, released David Wilson’s arm, and said coldly, “thank you.”

“Do you know why James Grayson wants to marry Anna Wilson?” David Wilson asked softly.