Chapter 95 Buying Her Sanitary Pad

On their way back, Lily is embraced by him and both of her legs is spread out to each side of his waist, facing the handsome face and bearing his continuous attacks and requests.

When they finally arrive home, the driver gets out of the car quickly after braving to put down the insulation board.

Lily body is really weak but her brain is still there. She then presses his hand which is on the bottom of her shirt, “Get in the house, get in…..”

Rex knows that she is thin-skinned and cares about her feelings, then hugs her to get off the car and walk quickly to the Villa.

Lily is supported by him on the hips, like hugging a child, which she is so ashamed of. With his amazing physical strength, he hugs her along the way to the second floor.

“Open the door.” His low and hoarse voice ring to her ear.

Lily then removes her hand from his arms. He held her so tightly that there is no way for him to open it, the only way is to rely her.

With a tottering hand, she stretches out to unscrew the door. Rex doesn’t hesitate to kick the door open and walks in, then also doesn’t forget to kick it back to close it.

The body touches the soft bed and observes the familiar decoration around, which make Lily relaxed. She stretches her body comfortably and also at this moment, a warm flow crosses her abdomen.

Her movement is stopped by his pressure. His hard chest squeezes her hard which make Lily become shy. Rex doesn’t realize it and reaches out to pull her pants off, but is blocked by her.

She looks up with a pair of dark and scary eyes. There is a thin sweat on his forehead, which shows how hard it was to endure, “Good girl, give it to me.”

Hearing his tempting tone, Lily not only doesn’t compromise, but refuses harder. She fixes her gaze to his puzzled eyes and bits her lip, “I, I think I was having that thing….”

He is puzzled, “That thing?”

Lily bits her lip and hardly spits the word out, “…..period.”

As the words fell, the rising heat in the bedroom suddenly cool down.

Rex’s vision become a little weird. The next second, with a disappointment look, he lies on the bed next to her, long arms slightly bent on his forehead and his chest is undulating.

Lily is too shameful to meet him, and rushes hurriedly to the bathroom.

With a bang, the toilet’s door is closed. Rex frowns heavily cause his desire is not fulfilled, thus he is full of anger.

He has a great demand and will not grieve himself. Lily usually cooperates with him, but when it’s under special circumstances, he will not meet her to avoid anger.

But today, he stirs up a fire and burn himself.

A few minutes later, the toilet door is opened again and Lily pops out her head to shout to the man who is dumbfounded on the bed, “Rex….”

The latter sweeps his vision while gritting the teeth, “What!”

Lily shrink her neck, she is scared by him, but still hardly whispers, “That, I have used all of my sanitary pad, could you help me buy some…..”

Oh My God. Discussing a sanitary pad with a man you like is REALLY AWKWARD!

This is also the first time in his life that a woman makes such a request to him. His face is completely dark and looks at her coldly.

Lily shed without tears, daring not to look at his expression, but clasps at the door helplessly, “Please, I beg you…..”

There is no opened window in the bedroom, the balcony is also closed, but Lily feels a gust of wind blow past her, which makes her chill.

After a while, by looking at his unmoved posture, Lily hide behind the door, “I’ll buy it myself…..”

Sure enough, after hearing those words, Rex straightens up from the bed, waving his long legs to walk to her in two steps, “How can you go?”

Lily chokes. When she has just opened her mouth and doesn’t have a chance to speak, she is interrupted, “Bleed along the street?”


What did he just said? She still has a pride!

Lily turns angrily to leave but is pulled by him in the wrist, she then looks up. “Please don’t stop me to bleed along the street.”

Rex fixes his gaze, “Which one do you want?”


“I ask which one you want for that thing.”

Lily responses, “Didn’t you say you did not want to go?”

“Just a word back and I’ll let you buy it yourself.”

Lily remains silent for a few second before whispers, “….one for day and one for night.”

“Wait for me.” After saying, he went out directly with his coat, wallet and car key.

In less than half a minute, the sound of car engine roaring is heard in the courtyard of the villa. Lily lies on the bed, both hands on her cheeks, feeling the irritating heat.

In just a few hours, as if coming back from the heaven, he still cares about her and coming back to her with a blaming face, all of those are seen in her eyes.

It is like having a bird flapping its wings in her heart, scraping her atrium one after another, causing her throbbing.

On the other side, Rex drives to a 24-hour convenient store nearby. The small store bright lightly and various kind of products are neatly placed on the shelves. He inhales deeply before walk in.

“Hello, Sir, what do you need?” The clerk greets warmly.

Rex’s face is very tense. He wanted to ask her where the item is located, but once he speaks, the words change, “Nothing, just wandering around.”

Wandering around?

The clerk’s smile on the face freezes for a moment, but soon recovers and doesn’t further interrupts him and returns back to the counter.

Without having people around, Rex feels more relief. He has never been nervous for giving a speech at the official meeting with thousands of people around, but now, he is very nervous just because of buying that thing.

If Karl, Pehry and the gang know it, they will laugh at him for a year.

After wandering around, he finally found the woman’s product in the corner’s rack with variety of colorful things in it.

Rex almost wanted to take two bags and leave, but when thinking of Lily’s entrustment, he has to look closely and only found some numbers without written for daily use or night.

There is an unnatural look flashed on the old man’s face. He takes out his phone and dials her number. The phone ring for some time before being picked up. The little woman picks up dazzledly, “Hello?”

“How to differentiate day or night?”

His clear voice passes into her ears which make Lily stuns and sobers up, “It is written in the upper left corner, do you see it?”

As instructed, Rex looks at it and as expected, there is a label in the upper left corner, which he doesn’t pay attention to it just now…..

The old man only feels that he will lose his face today and hangs up, then takes a few of it to pay at the counter.

The clerk who asked him just now changes her expression, when she sees the handsome man that has an extraordinary temperament walks over with a few packs of sanitary pads in the hand, however, business is still business, “18.7 dollar, Sir.”

Rex hands out a one hundred dollar to the clerk. When she has just wanted to give out the change, he has already walked out the store.