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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 95 Blind date

After dinner, the mother took Jessica to watch TV. Ryan followed his father and asked him, “Will you come back if mom has severe hypertension this time?”

“Yes. Work is not as important as family.” The father said, “Why do you ask this?”

Ryan walked beside him. He stopped to watch him for a while, and then went on. “I just think it??s a pity that you didn’t come to Louisa’s funeral.”

He said the usual things, but there was a cold, impersonal look in his eyes.

The father’s eyes flashed and he sighed. “The friendship between Wagner family and our family spans many generations. But after all, we are not of the one family.”

“Well.” Ryan turned to look at him. Under the lamplight, a few white hairs on his temples made him look a little old.

Ryan twitched the corners of his mouth into a sardonic smile.

Jessica had half a day of free time, but a phone call from her grandmother turned her free time into a blind date.

And the next morning, she didn’t even sleep in. At half past six, the old lady came to the house to look for her.

Jessica unwillingly opened the door of the room. “Didn’t I promise to be there at eight?”

In fact, she disliked the blind date, but it was useless to protest it.

“Sh, be quiet! Don’t let your brother hear you.” The grandmother raised a finger in front of her mouth and looked furtively towards Ryan’s room.


“Look at yourself! You’re not getting up at half past six. I don??t think you can u be there by eight o??clock.” The old lady said, “Get up quickly, put on a facial mask, and then… Why are you blinking o fast? What??s matter with your eyes? ”

Jessica, “…”

She looked at Ryan who was standing behind the old lady, calling obediently, “Ryan.”

The old lady froze and turned around slowly, like a cheating pupil caught by a teacher.

“Well.” Ryan wore a dark blue nightgown, which made his skin look fair. He glanced coldly at them and asked, “Where are you going at eight?”

Jessica coughed and looked at the old lady. If she lied, her brother could realize it.

“I just want Jessie to go shopping with me for something.” The grandmother said, with a strained look.

She was his grandmother, but why was she afraid of him? Actually, she was still afraid of her grandson who was overly mature and cold from a young age.

Ryan lowered his head and did up the top two buttons of his pajamas. He fingered a little bit of his hair that had curled up from sleep “Fine, I’ll go with you.”

He turned to go back to his room.

When the grandmother realized, she grabbed him from behind. “Well, Ryan. It will be too boring for you to go shopping with us women.”

Men, from old to young, disliked going shopping.

“It doesn??t matter.” Ryan didn’t seem to notice her hint.

The grandmother wanted to persuade him, but before she spoke, Ryan blocked the last exit. “Is grandmother afraid of delaying my work? Dad came back yesterday, so he will help me to deal with work. I can accompany you for a while.??

The grandmother stopped talking completely.

“No more?” Ryan said coldly, “I thought you would make at least three more excuses.”

The grandmother was embarrassed. She winked at Jessica for help, but Jessica didn??t response to her, because she was not going to make her brother angry.

“Ryan, I didn’t mean to lie to you. But Jessica’s got a blind date this morning, and I don’t think you’re right to go.” The grandmother said.

“Look, you two are usually very close, and that’s fine. But the point is you are not related by blood. If Mrs. Jones and her grandson misunderstand, it’s not good, isn’t it?”

It went round in circles. Jessica was tired of it and felt uncomfortable, but she said nothing.

She really did not understand. She didn??t have any love relationship with her brother. Why should they have to avoid each other!

“No.” Ryan glanced at her and returned to the old lady. “If they got bad impression of Jessica because of some false rumors, it only proves that they are not suitable for Jessica. Beyond that, it proves nothing.”

“But …”

“If they have a bad impression of Jessie when they meet, Jessie will only suffer from unkindness when she marries into their family. Do you think we have to live on their favour?”


“Then I’ll go with you.”

Ryan made the decision emphatically, turned back to his room, slammed the door behind him and left the old lady and the young girl looking at each other speechlessly.

“It??s not my fault. I think what Ryan said is right. I’ll go to my room and change my clothes now.” Jessica said weakly. She didn’t dare to look at the old lady, just closed the door to change the clothes.

She was afraid that her elders didn’t like her since childhood, so she never went against their wishes.

This was the first time.

She wondered if grandmother would be angry.

Jessica changed her clothes with a myriad of thoughts and tried to be prepared mentally. And then she opened the door to go downstairs. Her grandmother and her mother were sitting in the living room talking about something.

“Good morning grandmother, good morning mother!” She greeted them sweetly and looked furtively at her grandmother.

Her grandmother was amused. “I won’t beat you. What’s that look in your eyes?”

“Ha, Ha.” Seeing that she was not angry, Jessica breathed a sigh of relief and smirked.

The grandmother said, “There is a generation gap between you and me, so I may not think the same as you. If you are not happy, just tell me. I??m a reasonable person.”

Listening to this, Jessica cleared her throat, and her eyes lit up. “Then I…” apply not to go on blind dates.

“Except for blind dates,” After all, they had been together for more than twenty years. The grandmother knew well. “Everything else is fine.”

“… Ok.”

The old lady was so anxious that she didn’t even have breakfast before she came, so she had the breakfast with them together. During the breakfast, the grandmother kept talking about what Jessica should pay attention to when they met.

To be honest, Jessica was a little tired of hearing this, and she didn’t quite agree with grandmother.

Ryan snorted, with a sullen face. “Jessie’s not married yet, but grandmother told her to please him in all respects. Are you sure that she will be wronged in the future? In that case, she won’t have to go on the blind date.”

Jessica gave her brother thumbs up in mind, but she dare not show it.

“What do you mean? I just want them to cater to each other, and the blind date can be successful.” The old lady complained.