Chapter 93 You two are not enemies

As if to respond to her words, they heard the director shouted in exasperation, “Cut! You two are quarrelsome lovers. Do you know what quarrelsome lovers is? I like you but I don’t know. You two are not enemies!!”

Jessica , “…”

Although she didn’t want to admit it, she felt less stressed when she saw other people being scolded.

She adjusted her mood, and began to read the script carefully, hoping to do as well as she could, and to receive as little scolding as possible. She read it carefully and took notes on the script.

Suddenly, someone stood behind her, casting a shadow over her play.

Sitting on the ground, Jessica turned her head to look back and found it was Amy. To be honest, Amy was good looking, but it was clearly that she didn’t look good when she was looked from the bottom up.

Her nostrils…looked very large.

“You’re blocking my light. Please make way.” Jessica was the first to look away so as not to laugh out loud.

But in Amy’s eyes, the way she held back the laugh was a clear provocation.

“Change the place, and talk.” Amy said with a frown.

Jessica didn’t think she had anything to talk about with her. Since Amy didn’t move, she moved. She didn’t have much time to study the script, and she couldn’t afford to waste it on this idiot.

Although this person was her brother’s girlfriend.

Seeing this, Amy looked even worse. “Don’t go too far, Jessica!”

Ever since she claimed to be Mr. Howard’s girlfriend, who dared to give her the cold shoulder? Only this former lover Jessica, relying on Mr. Howard’s past feelings for her, dared show no respect for her.

Jessica found that it was quite baffling. “I’m reading my script. How could I have gone too far?”

She would say, Amy was the person who went too far, wasn’t she?

“You know what you did.” This paparazzi was too stubborn. Amy said through gritted teeth. “If you don’t want people to know that you were Mr. Howard’s lover, you’d better come and talk to me alone.”

Then she led the way to a corner not far away.

Jessica frowned. She was often scolded recently. The director already had a bad impression of her. If she let the director doubt her character, it would be detrimental to her development in the crew.

Seeing her get up, Clara reached out her hand and grabbed her. “You don’t really want to talk to this crazy woman alone, do you?” She said in surprise.

“Yes.” Jessica said glumly. “But I can’t let her shout on set that I am a mistress, right?”

She didn’t want to waste her time on such things if she didn’t have to.

Clara could not understand. “Ryan is your brother. If Amy says so, you just need to reveal your identity directly.”

She said excitedly, “Amy will be proven wrong, so she dares not to threaten you sister-in-law again!”

When Jessica heard the word sister-in-law, she felt bad.

According to her brother’s attitude on previous occasions, it was clear that Amy was in a better position in his mind.

She bit her lip and said weakly, “Don’t be ridiculous. If I reveal my identity now, people will say that I appear in “Spy”, “Acting Supremacy” and “Coloured Glaze” are all about relationships.”

“And I’m going to be approached by a bunch of women who have an axe to grind. I feel tired when I just think about it.”

Clara, “…”

That was true.

“Then I’ll go with you.”

“It’s ok. There are so many people. And she will never beat me in a fight.” Jessica waved her hand carelessly and walked towards Amy with great annoyance.

Amy cast a sidelong look at her, and said with contempt, “I thought you would continue to be arrogant. So you are also afraid that you will be exposed as a mistress.”

Jessica was disinclined to argue with her. She had to hurry to read the script. “If you’ve got something to say, say it quickly.”

She didn’t have time for her.

“Is it because Mr. Howard that you can get involved in this movie?” Amy asked, but in a positive tone.

She had been in the entertainment circle for so many years, but this time she was lucky to take part in movie in the name of Mr. Howard’s girlfriend. The paparazzi, as a newcomer, must have been here by relationship!

If she were not Amy, Jessica would not bother to explain. But she was worried that Amy would complain to her brother about it. And her brother would be sure to resent her then.

“Don’t think the others will be as miserable as you. I came in on my own strength! Do you know Mr. Johnson? He introduced me!”

When Amy heard that, she paused for a second and then said with sarcasm, “So you climbed into director Johnson’s bed. I thought he was a serious man.”

But she was relieved, as long as Mr. Howard didn’t help the paparazzi.

“Guess what you like about me, but don’t involve Mr. Johnson in it. Anything else?” In Amy’s eyes, as long as someone got any resources, they got them through sex trade.

Jessica frowned. She was impatient.

But Amy was even more impatient than she was. “Since you’ve done this, why do you still pretend to be noble? I will admire you, if you really admit it.”

She glanced scornfully at Jessica, as if she saw something dirty, and went away, wiggling her waist.

“Smarty pants…” Jessica rolled her eyes upwards and left.

She didn’t know what her brother liked about Amy.

But she did not have time to ponder this metaphysical question, and soon devoted herself to the study of the script. She didn’t want to be scolded by the director all the time. It was embarrassing.

The next nine days, Jessica was in the intense shooting. Every day she repeated the routine of shooting and being scolded. She was mentally and physically exhausted and could only get a modicum of pleasure in the battle of wits with Amy.

For example, when Amy made a mistake deliberately in order to give her one more slap, she would stretch her leg on purpose to stumble Amy. Anyway, she was at best scolded by the director.

Such things happened at least once in two days. Later the director was too lazy to scold them. He just directly let them stand in the corner and asked the leading actor and actress to come and shoot.

After several times, Amy worried that she would lose the role, so she gave up the revenge completely.

She was sorry that she had lost the last bit of fun on the set. Fortunately, Tina informed her that “Acting Supremacy” was going to shoot the next episode, so she had to take a day and a half off to shoot.

Jessica went to ask for leave happily, and after being scolded by the director, she got the holiday.

Before she left, the director pulled his face and warned, “Come back on time. If you’re a minute late, I’ll change you! Also, you are not allowed to eat out. It will affect the shot!”

“No problem no problem!” Jessica was grinning from ear to ear. “Do you think I’m one of those gluttonous people?”

The director said evilly, “Do you think I don’t know you sneak a big meal every night?”

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