Chapter 93 Do you trust me1

“David Wilson, do you think you have a high EQ?” Bella asked.

“You also loved me, didn’t you?”

“Many women loved you. Many women have been hurt by you. If there is retribution in this world, you will die miserably in the future.” Bella spoke calmly.

She passed him, walked out of the security room, followed the crowd, and entered the magnificent hall.

Instead of going directly to James Grayson, she went to the corner of the banquet hall and called James Grayson again.

James Grayson felt the vibration of the mobile phone and excused everyone. “Excuse me for a moment.”

He went out of the hall, went to another cabin and answered the phone.

“Bella, what’s the matter? Is there anything urgent? I’ll let Lieutenant Thomas Brown handle it.” James Grayson said softly.

“Where are you now? I want to meet you.” Bella said softly.

“There is an urgent matter on my side.”

Bella took a deep breath. She felt as if her heart had been stabbed by a sword. And this time she handed the sword to James Grayson by her own hand. There was not only blood and water, but also her strength and body temperature was taken away by him, and there left only coldness.

All of a sudden, she didn’t want to ask him anything.

She was married to David Wilson, but she has not been able to control him. She and James Grayson were nothing.

“I heard that you are going to have an engagement with Anna Wilson. I called you to wish you happiness.” Bella hung up the phone and walked out of the banquet hall.

James Grayson was shocked, he opened the door of the cabin.

Two people coincidently collided. Their eyes fell onto each other. H felt her indifference.

And there were no words.

“James.” Anna Wilson’s sweet voice sounded. She ran over, hugged James Grayson’s arm, and smiled proudly, “Bella, I didn’t expect that you would come here, too. Since you are here, I’ll save the effort to call you again. James and I will be engaged on the ninth of next month. The venue is this hotel. You have to come.”

Bella lowered her eyes and didn’t speak. In fact, she was waiting for James Grayson’s explanation.

Three seconds passed.

But James Grayson didn’t deny it.

Bella understood, she nodded at Anna Wilson, looked up at James Grayson, with her deep eyes, turned around, and walked towards the elevator.

“Strange, it seems that she didn’t care.” Anna Wilson looked at Bella’s lonely back and said to herself.

James Grayson’s fist was tightly clenched, the blue tendons on the back of his hand burst out, his eyes were filled with helplessness, and his eyebrows were tightly tightened.

Bella stepped into the elevator quickly, pressed the key to the first floor, and her eyes were full of tears. When the elevator’s door was closed, big tears rolled down on her cheeks.

She cared. But what could she do?

She couldn’t make scream, couldn’t lose her own dignity.

She couldn’t complain, it will change nothing, instead will make everyone laugh at her.

It was her own choice to love him. If she didn’t give him her heart, she wouldn’t be this much sad.

She had no right to blame anyone about her present situation.