Chapter 92 Give people room to turn around 2

She believed that James Grayson wasn’t cheating her. She knew it. Just to confirm her belief, she will see it with her own eyes. She believed that James Grayson will prove them wrong that they frequently came to her to speak about James Grayson and Anna Wilson.

Although she didn’t believe David, but she didn’t show that she didn’t care. She just didn’t like listening to these rumors. David Wilson did not take Bella to the banquet hall. He took Bella to the monitoring room.

David Wilson’s grandfather was a retired vice-president of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Although he was no more in his position but he had a great reputation. There were many politicians and entrepreneurs there.

Even in the crowd, Bella could see the outstanding personality of James Grayson at a glance.

He was dressed in a black suit, with a distinctive totem on it. Anna Wilson was also there, standing beside him in a long skirt with a long tail and holding his arm.

Talented and beautiful, they seemed to be made for each other.

Bella frowned.

“Today, my grandfather will make an announcement about their marriage to everyone. Would you like to ask James Grayson in advance?” David Wilson suggested and smirked an evil smile.

Bella admitted that after seeing Anna Wilson and James Grayson standing together so close, she also felt very restless. There were a million reasons in her mind to convince herself that they were just here to attend a party. But if they were just here for a party why they were standing together and holding each other’s arms?

Bella took out the mobile phone from her bag, unlocked it and called James Grayson.

She watched it on the screen. James Grayson took out his mobile phone, took a look, but didn’t answer it. Instead, he muted it and put it back in his pocket. His behavior had shown that he didn’t want to answer her phone now.

Bella’s heart sank as if there was a big stone pressing it down. She felt suffocated. She put down her mobile phone and stared at James Grayson on the screen.

David Wilson was sitting on the table in front of her. “Bella, I was thinking, that if I had played with you and never let you know that I had a woman outside, would you still love me?”

Bella turned her eyes and looked at him. “I want to go into the banquet hall.”

David Wilson smiled, “You have to think clearly, if you go in this time and create a scene, and it will not only embarrass James Grayson but will also embarrass my grandfather. Men really disliked the women who made them feel ashamed.”

Bella looked at him indifferently. “Do you think I will create a scene?”

“Yeah, you are always so cold. If you had shown a little care for me at the beginning, maybe I would have turned back to you.” David Wilson looked into her eyes.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth and felt it ironic, “I couldn’t wait for a bad guy to turn back to me. We both are very different. It would take centuries to walk on the same path. And in this time I have so many people who are turning back to me. Why do I still care about you to turn back to me? I wish you a long way to go without turning back.”

“Never say things so stubbornly, give things some space and time, and give people some room to turn back only then you can have the long way to go. Bella, your EQ is really very low.” David Wilson said meaningfully.

Bella looked at David Wilson, his eyes were not focused.

She didn’t know what EQ was. When she loves someone, there can be only one person in her heart whom she loves with all her heart. But when she stopped loving someone, she left him forever.

Like now, her heart was in pain. She wanted to ask James Grayson in person. If he really lied to her and cheated her, then even if it will hurt, she would drive him away from her heart and life.

After all, she just decided to develop a relationship with him, right?