Chapter 91 Give people room to turn around 1

When Bella was about to leave, she received David Wilson’s call. She felt upset and asked coldly, “What’s the matter?”

“I am waiting for you at the gate of the hospital.” David Wilson was in a good mood.

“If I will meet you today then it means I won’t have to meet you again this week. Tomorrow is Saturday, you won’t call me again during the weekend, right?” Bella wanted to confirm.

“Oh.” David Wilson chuckled, “don’t worry, I mean what I said.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Bella frowned and said. She put her mobile phone in her bag and walked.

Amelia looked at her and asked, “Where are you going? You said we would go together.”

“I have something to deal with. I’ll come home in three hours.” Bella explained.

When she went out, she saw David Wilson standing beside the car. He was wearing sunglasses and a golden suit. He looked very handsome and there was a beautiful bouquet in his hands. He gave it to Bella and smiled, “This is for you.”

Bella didn’t want to talk to him. She took the flower and threw them into the garbage can.

“Where are we going?” She looked at her cell phone to see the time. She didn’t even want to give him 3 hours and one minute.

David Wilson glared at her proud appearance, opened the door and said, “sit in the car.”

Bella sat in the front seat, tied the seat belt. Then she took out the jewelry box from the bag and threw it into the car’s dashboard.

“You had just thrown the flowers into the garbage can. If you don’t need it too, you can throw it as well.” David Wilson looked ahead and said.

“If you ask me to compensate for the flowers, I can afford to pay. But if you ask me to pay for the lost jewelry, I can’t afford to pay for it.” Bella leaned on the seat and looked forward indifferently.

“Bella, you are good at everything, but you are too stubborn to judge situations. You will regret your present attitude later.” David Wilson looked at Bella and said meaningfully.

“So just say that later.” Bella didn’t even look at David Wilson.

“James Grayson must have told you.” David Wilson suddenly uttered a sentence.

“What?” Bella looked at him.

“His engagement date with Anna Wilson has been fixed. They will get engaged on the 9th of the next month. I think Anna will give you an invitation.”

Bella looked at David Wilson. She didn’t believe this nonsense. “Are you kidding me?”

David Wilson raised the corner of his mouth, played the music and said, “Your tone shows that James Grayson didn’t tell you.”

“I didn’t believe it until he says it himself. You don’t have to work hard to create a misunderstanding.” Bella said and shook her head.

David Wilson frowned and said, “Why you never trusted me like this so much?”

“Isn’t it the right decision to not trust you?” Bella said sarcastically.

David Wilson smiled. “At least, I didn’t cheat you or hid anything from you. If I don’t let you know, you think you can find me?”

“You disdain me and didn’t felt the need to hide from me.” Bella didn’t want to think about those past events.

“Well, I’ll give you a chance to ask James Grayson in person.” David Wilson drove the car.

Bella felt something wrong, “David Wilson, what do you mean?”

“Today is my grandfather’s birthday. I’ll take you to have a meal. If you don’t want to go in, I can let you watch a good play in the monitoring room. You don’t believe me, and I want you to see the truth.” David Wilson said definitely.

Bella frowned and stopped talking.