Chapter 90 She trusted him more than anything2

She went to breakfast, but couldn’t eat. She had clearly told herself to not care, to not be angry, with the people who didn’t worth it. But she was still angry.

Bella’s cell phone rang. It was a strange number. She disconnected it and the cell phone rang again.

Bella took a deep breath and answered.

“Bella, I’m Anna Wilson.” Anna Wilson seemed to be in a good mood.

“I don’t think there is any need to call me.”

“James has agreed to marry me. When the wedding date will be fixed, I will send you an invitation card.” Anna Wilson said and laughed.

Bella hung up the phone directly.

She went to work without eating anything and was very restless. Although she believed in James Grayson, but she knew that repeated rumor has the chance to become a fact.

Amelia opened the door and smiled vaguely, “How you and James Grayson’s spent the night?”

“You told James Grayson that I was divorced, right?” Bella asked helplessly.

Bella only had a friend and this friend often made her fell into traps.

“Ha ha ha, James Grayson has power. He can manage to know himself.” Amelia said ambiguously.

“David Wilson and I haven’t got a clean break yet.” Bella sighed.

She was still controlled by others. Amelia’s video was in David Wilson’s hands. If he told her to do something, she had to do. She still needed to get those videos back to rest assured.

“By the way, I came here to tell you that the military region has sent the news to the hospital that doctors from here can apply for the special military region and they strongly recommended your name. James Grayson was really a man. Except me, everyone is envious of you.” Amelia said with a smile.

“There was nothing to be envious. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad.” Bella said rationally.

Amelia put her hand on Bella’s shoulder. “Why are you afraid?”

Bella looked at Amelia in surprise.

“There were two positions. My father is the dean. On the basis of my close relationship with you, he gave me some favors. Haha, I know there are many brave men and high ranked officers. For my good, my father agreed without saying anything. So I am also going with you.”

After knowing that Amelia will be with her, Bella’s heart settled down a little. She won’t feel so lonely.

Anything was worth doing for this kind of friend.

“Thank you, Amelia,” Bella said sincerely.

“Ha ha ha, why are you thanking me? I’ve carefully analyzed it. First of all, I’m looking for the right person.

Secondly, to be a doctor in a special military region is equal to a small official, who can have a good professional title. I will also get a good salary and many rights.

Third, it’s an idle job. Most of the time is spare. Here I stay so busy. I’m sure I’ll have some fun there. I am happy. Ha ha ha.”

After Amelia’s analysis, it seemed that there was no reason to not go there.