Chapter 9 Do you think who can have it besides you?

“You didn’t say anything wrong!” James Grayson said coldly.

Bella felt relieved. She felt that she should not stay here for a long time, so she stood up and bowed respectfully to James Grayson. “Thank you for taking care of me yesterday. I take your leave.”

“Take the cosmetics with you.” James Grayson ordered.

“Thanks, but I don’t need it.”

“I bought it especially for you. Do you think who can have it besides you?” James Grayson’s breath was cold.

Bella was a little bit afraid. She picked up the gift bag, “I’ll pay you when I go back, please give me an account number.”

“If you have money, just come to the military area and pay me back.” He quickly wrote down his cell phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Bella. “Call me when you arrive.”

“Okay.” Bella respectfully accepted.

James Grayson looked at her profoundly, dialed a phone and said, “Take Miss Bella to the exit.”

It’s her day off.

After returning home, she put the gift bag on the tea table, changed her clothes and went to the mental hospital to visit her mother, Kate Andrew.

Kate Andrew has suffered from a psychiatric disorder since her divorce. Five years ago, David Wilson helped Kate Andrew in her treatment and her condition improved a little.

When Bella got kidnapped and raped three years ago, Kate Andrew took stress because of that incident. She always worries about her daughter that if she again encounters such incident. Due to which her mental condition became even worse and got admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Since then she has not come out of this ward.

Bella entered the ward with guilt.

Kate Andrew sat quietly near the window. She was stunned, and her eyes were very empty. Bella picked up a comb and went over to help her comb her hair. Kate Andrew looked back at Bella and asked, “When will my daughter come to see me?”

Bella’s eyes sank. She tied her hair, sat opposite to her and said softly, “Mom, I’m Bella.”

Kate Andrew looked at Bella and then looked behind her. “Where’s David Wilson, why didn’t he come? You’re having problems with him, aren’t you?”

Bella raised the bitter corners of her mouth and pushed her tears back.

Worrying her mother’s condition, Bella could not ignore her emotions and wish and married David Wilson. If her mother was not sick and not tortured by her own memories, would she forced her to do so?

“We have no problem. He’s very kind to me. By the way, Mom, I am going to be the deputy director of the hospital.” Bella said with a smile.

“Then why doesn’t he just come to see me? You must let him come to see me tomorrow.” Kate Andrew said, that there was a doubt in her eyes.

“He has to work tomorrow,” Bella explained.

Kate Andrew slapped Bella’s face and roared, “Take him with you next time you come, or you won’t come to see me. I don’t need you.”

Bella’s face burned she looked at the red eyes of the Kate Andrew. If Mom hadn’t had such violent psychosis, she wouldn’t have done that to her, would she?

“Okay.” Bella lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes covered the mist.

“Get out, get out of here now, or I’ll kill you.” Kate Andrew screamed.

Bella stood up, “Mom, have rest, I’ll come to see you another day.”

“Get out.”

Bella turned around and went out. She looked back at her mother’s room.

She remembers the third year of high school. She got good grades, but her family was very poor. Kate Andrew sat on the road in the downtown area and begged. Whether it was hot summer or cold winter, she begged for a whole year and collected her college tuition fee.

She knew that her mother loved her. But when people are sick, they are confused and helpless.

She took a deep breath, went to a market to buy some food, and decided to meet David Wilson.

The password of the villa door is still 1992 0316, her birthday. The password has not changed. She was somewhat comforted to know that. She brought the food to the kitchen. The room was cold, and the garbage bin was clean. Obviously, the man did not often come here to eat.

She opened the refrigerator, and it was full of wine and… Condom.

Bella’s eyes sank.

Her heart instantly fell into a deep ice lake.

Cold invaded the brain.

She has been used to it, hasn’t she?

She didn’t come here to talk about the past but to ask him for help. Bella put the ingredients in the refrigerator, then went into the kitchen and put the apron. Wash, cut, cook, stew. Dinner’s ready.

She wanted to clean his house.

But she found that… Apart from the living room, kitchen and bathroom, all the other doors are locked, including their new rooms.

And she hasn’t had the keys.

Bella took the landline and called David Wilson.

Three tones.

David Wilson took it.

“Hello. This is Bella.”

David Wilson raised his lips and mocked, “You come to my house to catch me red-handed?”

She heard him abusing her. She has used to tolerate his kind of behavior.

“No, I’m on a leave today and I’ve prepared dinner for you,” Bella said.

“Who allowed you to do that?” David Wilson’s voice suddenly turned cold.

“Oh.” Bella gave a light laugh. “I allowed myself to do that.”

She hung up the phone directly. The eyebrows twisted and the eyes flashed with irritation. She has to bear him because she needs his help.

“Ka…” The electronic door opened.

Bella looked at the entrance.

David Wilson came in. His glamorous eyes were staring at her. He smirked an evil smile around the corner of his mouth. “You have come here to apologize, haven’t you? Don’t want a divorce?”

She did not feel that she had done anything wrong.

“David Wilson, I agree to divorce, but I have conditions.” Bella didn’t want to insist him for anything. If he agrees to accompany her to visit Kate Andrew once a month. She agrees to leave him.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed a sharp light, his angry eyes stared at her, “Do you know what kind of woman I hate most?”

Bella looked at him calmly, knowing that what he is going to say must not be pleasant.

David Wilson looked at her without concealing his disgust, “Wearing Apron, slippers, unclean and unattractive old woman. Do you think you are worthy of me? You want to divorce me and talk to me about the conditions? Where does your confidence come from?

Bella looked at David Wilson coldly. “If I tell the world that you have illegitimate children outside, your reputation will get affected.”

“That child is not mine. I can’t leave my seed in their stomach. You think too much.” David Wilson said arrogantly.

“You can do what you want after divorce. It’s none of my business. I only need you to accompany me once a month to see my mother.” Bella wanted to negotiate with him.

David Wilson chuckled. “See her once a month with you? How do you think about that? You really resort to every conceivable means. But it’s useless, I won’t do that.”

“Here’s the condition. Think about it and call me when you’re ready.” Said in a normal tone, Bella picked up her bag from the sofa and walked towards the door.