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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 9 Be Jealous

Lily just wants to shut up. When her teeth hit his fingers, she is scared that she immediately opens her mouth again. Her big eyes slowly have dark red. She wants to cry but not cry. Seeing this, Rex does not stop, but he intensifies.

In the end, he has played enough to pull out.

There is a wet towel on the desk. Rex takes it and wipes his fingers carefully. However, he sees Lily sitting there with a blank face, and her eyes full of confusion.

She seems to know nothing about what he is doing now, which makes Rex almost reacts to pure Lily.

But at kitchen they just made love. It’s too frequent for her. She can’t bear it.

“Tim has no mood for you. He must haven’t see you such an appearance.” Rex thinks of the woman in the video that Lily showed him just now, and sneers, “Tim doesn’t eat the delicious food, but he eats the rotten rice.”

Rex may not mean to belittle. But in Lily’s ears, she has changed its taste. She is so ashamed that she can’t find a chink to hide and grabs her clothes out of door.

Rex looks at the figure disappearing at the door. His eyes are smiling. She is not only a daisy, but also a small antique.

Lily runs directly to the room arranged for her by Rex. She locks the door, throws herself on the bed and covers her face with a quilt and begins to cry.

Lily thinks about what happened just now. She gets up and runs to the bathroom inside the room. She turns on the tap and rinses the mouth constantly. The cold water mixes with tears and splashes into the pool. She looks at the red lipped woman in the mirror. She even turns around her eyes.

Now, what’s the difference between her and Tim?

Although she is going to divorce, she has not divorced after all. Now she has committed herself to Rex. That powerful man does not to let her go, is there still a part of selfishness.

Lily asks herself, but she dare not face it.

She wants Rex to help her get back what belongs to her. She wants Rex to help her win the lawsuit.

But what he really wants is just this body.

There is no doubt that Lily sees some dark red places on her face, where there is still the color of liquid medicine left. She is slightly shocked, thinking of, in study just now, he looked down and looked at the wound for her.

Lily quickly shakes her head, not letting herself be immersed in fantasy.

The knock on the door interrupts her imagination, needless to say, she knows who is outside.

She wipes her face clean and goes to open the door. What she sees is Rex’s unhappy handsome face, “Lock the door?”

Lily sips her lips. “I’m ready to go to bed.”

The man smile unkindly, implies anger, “Who tells you that we sleep separately?”

Lily is stupefied. Does he want to sleep with her?

Looking back, she finds that the bedroom seems to be the master bedroom ……

At the time of distraction, Rex has pushed the door and comes in. After closing the door, he holds Lily up and presses him on the bed. “Test my bottom line? You are not obedient.”

Lily looks at his eyes where the tease has faded away. There is only a deep darkness that people can’t understand. She swallows her saliva and just wants to make an excuse. The cell phone at the head of the bed suddenly shakes.

Lily breathes a sigh of relief. “I, I’ll take a call first.”

Rex does not stop her, but not release her. He takes the phone with his long arm. After seeing the name displayed on the screen, he raises his eyebrow slightly and puts it beside her ear.

“Lily, you can do it. You don’t go home for several days in a row and take away your ID cards. Do you want to revolt?” Tim’s grumpy voice comes from the microphone.

The ruddy on Lily’s face is replaced by paleness, “I have no time to listen to your non-sense.

“Oh, Lily, I think you have forgotten your identity. I tell you that if you don’t divorce one day, you are still my legal wife. I have the right to ask you to go home!” After that, Tim says, “Not to mention going home, if I want to fuck you, and you have to lie down for me.”

Lily swallows the sadness with a calm and heartless voice, “Tim, I will not let you success if I let the dog fuck.”

After saying this, Tim doesn’t yell at her, but Rex, who is covering her, gives her a nip. Lily doesn’t guard against it. She lets out a low voice and hits into the man’s unhappy eyes before she understands.

Let the dog fuck……

She… It doesn’t mean that.

Without waiting for Lily to open his mouth, Tim suddenly becomes excited. “Lily, where are you?”

Just now, Tim is most familiar with her unexpected voice. But at this time, in the middle of the night, when he hears Lily ‘s ambiguous voice, any man cannot bear it. Besides, he is Tim.

“Where am I related to you? Don’t put money on your face, Tim. The day I go back, it’s the day you sign the divorce agreement. ”

Although she pretends to be strong, after hanging up the phone, Lily can’t help feeling empty. After all, she loves this man for so many years, so she can’t put him down immediately. Now they have gone to such a situation, which is full of absurdity.

Rex looks at her sad appearance. Thinking of the phone conversation just now, he doesn’t have too much communication with her and directly lifts Lily’s coat with hands in her body.

Lily is in a bad mood and doesn’t want to do it at all. She pushes him with resistance, “I don’t want to do it…”

Hearing that, Rex feels angrier. He opens the nightgown belt around her waist, ties her hands to the head of the bed, and looks down at the frightened sight of the woman, without any pity, “Lily, who do you think you are? You have no right to refuse me! ”

After that, the clothes on her body have been broken into pieces in the palm of the man’s hand.

Lily is shocked. She kicks her legs uneasily. “No! Rex, I’m not comfortable… ”

Her physical strength cannot bear his unrestrained demands.

But Rex thinks that what she says is that she is not comfortable with the phone call, so he was angrier. “Then we can solve it in other ways.”

He unties Lily’s hands from the head of the bed, then ties them to her back, and her hands are slightly congested.

Lily is forced to kneel on the bed, and tears of shame hang around her eyes. She is reluctant to shake her head. “Don’t be this, please…”

Men turns a deaf ear, and his deep eyes suddenly deepen the color, five fingers through her hair to fix her head.

Lily is totally muddled, as if she can’t feel anything. He is like a puppet played by Rex.