Chapter 89 She trusted him more than anything1

In the morning, when Bella woke up, James Grayson was no longer around. She saw a note on the side table.

“There is something important in the military area, so I have to leave. Breakfast is on the table. If it’s cold, warm it up before eating.”

Bella read the note left by James Grayson and smiled.

His writing was neat and strong, which was quite consistent with his strong image. She placed the note into the Russian book. Although now she was far away from James Grayson, after every encounter, she felt more close to him than last time.

She wanted to learn what he had learned, wanted to know what he knew and wanted to love what he had loved. Maybe, then there will be more topics between them to discuss and more time for her to be around him.

Bella got up, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and walked out of the room. She saw tofu soup, wheat, and fried dough sticks on the table. She took a sip of tofu soup. It was still hot.

Bella went to the door and opened it.

Jessica Lewis slapped Bella’s face. “Bitch, because of you David took the blame and resigned!” Jessica Lewis said angrily.

There was a sharp light in Bella’s eyes. She didn’t think that Jessica Lewis had any right to beat her or to scold her. David Wilson took the blame and resigned himself. They had hurt her more than she did.

Bella slapped back Jessica Lewis in the face, “Whom you are calling bitch?”

“Obviously you.” Jessica Lewis blurted out.

Bella said, “I’m sorry, I don’t welcome you here.”

Jessica Lewis realized that she had been fooled by Bella and said, “You think that you are with James Grayson and you had forced David to divorce you. I am telling you, it’s impossible. James Grayson has agreed to marry Anna Wilson. They will be engaged soon.”

Bella was stunned.

James Grayson was with her last night. He bought breakfast for her in the morning. How could he agree to marry Anna Wilson?

“If you are done, you can leave, I am having my breakfast.” Bella tried to close the door.

Jessica Lewis pressed the door and said with disdain, “you really think that James Grayson likes you. He just sees you lonely and pitiful and is just playing with you. Anyway, you are a bitch who just doesn’t need money even after selling herself.”

“You mean I will not be cheap if I start accepting money? I don’t agree with your values. What’s more, when you belittle and slander others, you destroy your basic essence.” Bella said rudely.

“What a clever person you are. Believe it or not, but I’ll tell you that I will make you cry.” Jessica Lewis threatened her.

“You want me to cry, so I can beg for mercy, and then you will change your decision?” Bella asked in reply, chuckled, as if she had understood, “Obviously not, even if I do this, you will still try to make me cry.”

“You had hurt my son, I will not let you go easily.” Jessica Lewis said angrily.

“You could only see that I hurt your son. Can’t you see that your son hurts me? All the things that burst out on the Internet are facts. If it’s your husband who does these things, what you had done?” Bella said in a cold voice.

Jessica Lewis bend her hands around her chest and sarcastically said, “Actually you have no ability. And you decided to be angry with your husband because you couldn’t control him. Bella, don’t you think you should find your own faults? How can you blame a man for not wanting you?”

Bella sneered. “According to your this statement, it seems that I cheated David Wilson because he had no ability to control me. Then who are you to come here to question me?”

“It can’t be the same. Men and women are different, they have different needs.” Jessica Lewis roared.

“I’m so sorry, I have different beliefs. If you want to make me cry, go and do it. I just despised you.” Bella said and slammed the door.