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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 89 Or You Live With Me

Benjamin smiled bitterly and looked at her grievances. He really didn’t know what to do with her. Of course, he knew all of them.

Who was she, the baby he had petted for twenty years. He knew her better than her parents. How can he not see through her mind?

He teased her deliberately, “You’re drunk, and come here to make fun of me.”

Alice thought he really didn’t believe her, and almost cried, “No, what I said is true, I’m still scared that you really married someone one day, afraid that you really don’t want me anymore. It seems I can’t live without you. ”

Benjamin couldn’t help laughing, reaching out and holding her in his arms. “Fool, I know all this.” Just because he knew it that every time he saw her, he wanted to protect her.

If he could care more about her three years ago, he wouldn’t let her be alone for these three years.

Alice pushed him away in a jealous manner, and seemed to be coquettish with him, “But you are about to marry someone, and your fiancee is so much better than me.”

She now was a little bit of self-abased, which was not like the Alice three years ago.

Benjamin deliberately asked her, “She is so good, why you still express love to me.”

Alice explained, “I’m not expressing love to you. I’m just uncomfortable in my heart, just talking to you. After you hear it, just forget it.”

Ben kicked her chin badly, the smile at the corner of her mouth was charming, but it was bitter, “What can I do if I cannot forget?”

She didn’t know what to do, so she planned to lower her head and kept silent, but he didn’t allow it, holding his finger on her chin, so that she had to face his eyes.

He said, “Anyway, I have had quarrels with my family because of you. What if I dump Penny for you?”

Alice bit her lip. “Not so good.” Penny was well matched with him.

Benjamin pretended that her words annoyed him, “It’s difficult for me to choose this way. You obviously like me, but you can’t live without me, and you should let me marry someone else. Isn’t it very contradictory? ”

Alice looked at him. She actually wanted to make him belong to herself regardless of everything, but she still had concerns, or she would be afraid of the results. They were afraid that in the end their efforts would just be empty.

Benjamin thought for her the best way of both worlds, “How about you live with me, be my mistress?”

In fact, he was joking with her, thinking that she would disdain his ideas, but he never thought she could accept everything.

She bit her lips hard, and seemed to be of determination. “Okay, we’ll just meet once a month.”

Benjamin found it funny and annoying. He took her neck and made a move to pinch her. “Alice, I want to strangle you to death.”

Alice also felt that her request was too much. How could she make him a man without a moral bottom line? She bowed her head, regretfully apologized to him, “I’m sorry.”

Benjamin questioned her seriously, “For what?”

“I shouldn’t let you be a bad man. You should be loyal to your marriage. Since you married Penny, you shouldn’t cheat her. It’s too bad for me.”

“Then why don’t you just let me marry you?”

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