Chapter 88 I want to stay here tonight 2

Bella’s eyes were unconsciously stuck on his face. She really didn’t expect that he would do these things for her. She remembered the first time when she saw him, he was cold, alienated, and resolute, with a strong aura that gave people an impulse to stay away.

James Grayson noticed her, gazed and looked at her. Bella knew that she had been caught and then she hurriedly moved her eyes.

“Why aren’t you eating but just looking at me?” James asked.

“I think I cannot finish this alone. I wanted to ask if you need more?” Bella immediately found a reason.

“Try to eat it as much as you can and then give it to me if you can’t finish.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

He meant that he would eat her leftover, and her heart was full of ripples. She began to eat. After eating, he leaned back on his chair, picked up his cell phone and sent some messages. He asked the military region to connect him with his work directly.

Bella also didn’t want him to eat her leftover, so she finished her food.

He was busy with his work.

She went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. She had just put the bowl in the cupboard. And he put his arms around her waist. Bella felt his strong muscles.

Bella straightened up her back and he kissed her in the face. Due to abrupt action, she got nervous and couldn’t say a word. They were entangled.

And the glass of the window reflected their shadow.

“Do you want to do it here or in the room?” James Grayson asked in a hoarse voice as if he was suppressing some emotions.

She realized what he meant. She didn’t even think about doing that with him in the kitchen. She hurriedly replied, “Room.”

Then she tried to bite off her tongue and felt that she had fallen into the trap of his words.

“Is there any third option?” Bella asked in embarrassment.

“Yes, the sofa in the living room.” James Grayson answered her.

He picked her up and walked towards her room. Her room was very neat, the quilt was neatly folded, and the books on the bedside table were neatly placed.

He put her on the bed, put the pillow below her buttocks, and slowly approached her.

Bella breathed nervously.

She regretted that she had given him everything so impulsively, for the first time, second time, and for the third time, and now it had become natural that she couldn’t refuse. And he had become very domineering.

What’s more, when men and women reach a certain age, it became easier to ignite the body than the emotions.

He kissed her, slowly moved to her neck, unbuttoned her shirt and touched her slender waist.

At this time, James Grayson was like a volcano, and anything could be melted by his single touch.

Bella felt hot, and the sweat on her little nose became thicker. He overcame all her senses with a strong and powerful aura. Bella didn’t dare to make a sound, and it seemed that some things cannot be controlled.

He lowered his head and kissed her lips. She closed her eyes and rested. He put his arms around her waist, pulled her to his arms, and whispered in her ear, “I don’t want to go back tonight.”

“Um,” Bella answered.