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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 87 You Came Here Yourself

The two people who had gone out were still talking, and Penny once again solemnly reminded, “You must go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination tomorrow, otherwise you will be uncomfortable in the future and I will not come to visit you in person.”

Benjamin nodded with a smile. “Okay, Dr. Penny. I will be obedient, and I must report to you in your office on time tomorrow.”

Penny was relieved, “That’s great. I’m leaving.”

“Be careful on the road.”

The normal conversation between acquaintances was abnormal in Alice’s ears, and her heart was sour. What could she do when she came over? It will only bother him.

She was not a doctor, nor can she help him to check his body. She lowered her head lonely, hiding in the stairs, thinking about it, and waited for a while, in case to meet Penny, she didn’t know what to say.

A pair of gray house slippers appeared in her blurred vision, and she slowly raised her head. He was wearing a loose home outfit, his hands in his pockets, and stood motionless in front of her.

She thought she was hiding in time, but she was found.

She bit her lip and made up a reason. “I’m here to find a friend, and he happens to live here.”

Benjamin knew that she was lying, but he was very patient and asked her, “Who, in which floor. Maybe we know each other.”

Alice couldn’t answer the question and had to say, “You don’t know.”

Benjamin turned around and did not talk nonsense to her, his deep voice ordered, “Come in.”

Alice seemed to be doing wrong thing. She obediently followed him, lowering her head, like a child who lied and did not dare to look up at the adults.

When she entered the door, her pair of slippers was in front of her feet, but she didn’t want to change it. She wondered if her fiancee was wearing this pair just now.

Standing at the door, she was hesitant. Benjamin had already stepped in and sat on the sofa in the living room. He knew why she hadn’t come in but he just didn’t say anything to see what would happen to her.

As a result, she would rather not come in than wear slippers that might be worn by outsiders. “Actually, I heard Janice say you are sick. I just happened to stop by and wanted to come and see you. I forgot your fiancee is a doctor.”

She finished talking awkwardly and Benjamin listened carefully. It doesn’t matter why she came. She had come, and that’s the point.

“Pour me a glass of water, I’m thirsty.” He ordered directly.

Alice immediately nodded. Of course, he was sick, so he drank more water. She took off her shoes, walked barefoot into the kitchen, and handed Benjamin a cup of warm water.

Benjamin didn’t pick up the water cup she sent, but stared at her bare feet. Alice shrank her toes in embarrassment.

Benjamin took the water and said coldly, “Someone may not be willing to wear what you had worn.”

What did he mean?

But there were only two pairs of slippers in this house. Did Penny come in barefoot just now?

Well, in fact, she just didn’t take off he shoes.

Benjamin drank the warm water, put the cup on the short table in front, and patted the empty space beside him, “Sit here.”