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Chapter 87 Lovesick Overflow

Rex accompanies her to the examination room and points at the observation screen next to the room to her, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be there.”

Marina nods vigorously and follows the medical staff in.

Rex follows George and Karl to the observation room to watch as Marina’s body gets in and out of various medical equipment. Almost at the same time, the result of her examination is printed by the machine specifically.

Such advanced equipment is hardly found in China. If Karl hasn’t provided a special self-develop medicine to this treatment center, he might not know by now.

Marina’s blood disease is very rare which one of a kind in the world is. She starts from being allergic to ultraviolet, and then gradually develops into allergic to sun, which can burn her skin. And up to now, it has become a phenomenon that the wound is extremely difficult to heal. Her blood indicators are disorder all year around. For Marina, each of these disorders is deadly, and as for Rex, it is undoubtedly painful.

After a long wait, the examination is over and all of the result is on the hand. Rex is not a professional, he wouldn’t understand the complex of the data, but on the other side, George and Karl show a relaxed look.

Karl says with a sigh of relief, “It’s is much better than we thought.”

“Yes, looks like we’re worried for nothing.” George smiles and looks at Rex, “Rex, you can rest assured now, Marina doesn’t has much problem now. Except those deviations in the platelet index, everything else looks pretty good.”

Rex closes his eyes and breathes in relief, as if the person that is sinking to the bottom of the sea is salvaged again. Those ten million tons pressure had disappeared.

By looking at his appearance, Karl pats him on the shoulder. There was nothing to say between old friends; just an action is more than enough.

All of this years, Karl knows that he is always distressed of Marina. He also knows that Rex also had made a lot of efforts and spends a lot of money for her.

Obviously, Marina knows her condition. When Rex has just comes out, he encounters her smiling face. With a choked, she says, “Rex, I’m fine.”

Rex also couldn’t hide his excitement and soothingly pats her on the back. It is also his responsibility than she become like this. If it wasn’t because of him at that time, she wouldn’t be this serious.

The woman in his arms shakes badly, but another face appeared before him. It is the little girl in her early twenties, who he believed was destined to be delivered to him.

The fate is torturing his conscience. He wants to maintain the balance but wonders if he could do it.

Marina is a demon in his heart that Lily cannot know.

After they are separated, Karl steps forwards, “George said that next, she’ll need a concentrated treatment, which we will be needed in his private research center. There’s no signal there, you should call her in advance.”

It goes without saying who he meant.

Rex chuckles and walks pass him, “I would rather say nothing.”


On the contrary, Lily spent the rest of the weekends at home. The huge villa is cold, leaving her feeling all alone, which make her wonders how Rex could endured it these years.

Did he not afraid to live in such a big house alone?

She even has to sleep with the light on at night.

She always thinks of him when watching TV, when she eats, even when she lies on the sofa, she could still imagine him lying here.

Lily feels that she might have had a kind of lovesickness or a fatal disease.

She buys a bunch of snacks to store it in the house. While holding the chips, she wonders when did she started has a feelings for Rex.

Is it when he couldn’t help but force her to live here in disguise?

Or is it when he helps her arrange a job?

Or is it when he lectures Susan for her sake?

Come to think about it carefully, at first, he actually doesn’t care about Lily. To be precise, he doesn’t dare to think about it. All of the strange things started when he found out the divorce agreement that Tim gave it to her.

At that time, he said that he wanted to help her to win the lawsuit to earn everything back; to let her has a sense of dependability. As for what they did at that time, she doesn’t deny even for once.

Thus, every time after that, she begins to gradually accept it. He is the first man that gives her many things that Tim never provided. That merely called marriage wasn’t even as good as her relationship with Rex for the past half year.

He basically is tall and handsome, which besides this basis, he is also rich and smart. People couldn’t find any flaw from his perfect body. Such a man is a trap yet tempting to indulge.

But now that he left her all by herself, for the first time, Lily couldn’t wait to get back to work.

If she is busy, she won’t have much time to think about it.

Lily keeps the snacks and goes back to the bedroom. Before she went to bed, she texts Rex. After waiting for a while and still no replies, Lily has fallen asleep with the phone in her hand.


Waking up the next morning, the first thing that Lily did is to look at her phone, but unfortunately, she is the only one who sent the text, no response.

Is he busy?

Lily gets up in disappointment and went to the take a shower. However, those disappointment doesn’t last long yet become fear.

From eight o’clock, her phone keeps on receiving a call, first Abby, then Crystal and last even Harry and Bree call in.

And the common word that they said is: Watch today’s headline news.

With a thumb in her heart, Lily instincts tell her it has something to do with herself. Even after about a bunch of mental prepared, she still shocks when clicking on the page.

The most conspicuous articles occupy most of the homepage, which is not someone else, but was an intimate photo of Rex and her.

The background of the photo is at the airport, it is captured by someone at the airport the day before yesterday. They embrace each other deeply and even clearly shown a picture of Rex touching her face.

As for the title, it is undoubtedly linked to the last divorce case.

She scrolls to the end to read the comment. The netizen curses her with the most vicious language ever–

Netizen A: Didn’t they say they were only colleagues before? How can they touch each other? I haven’t seen such a shameless person, let’s see what Han Yu’s going to say.

Netizen B: I know right. This Lily is too shameless. She even had seduced other man before divorced; hooking up with such a woman will surely make you bad luck….

Netizen C: I remember the news mention that this woman wanted a legacy. This is really disgusting, why didn’t she just die? Who gave her the courage to live in this world, Jasmine?


By looking at the comment one after another, Lily’s face instantly turns white. She takes two steps back and leans against the cabinet to support her.