Chapter 87 I want to stay here tonight 1

Bella helplessly walked toward the fridge, opened it and took a look at the ingredients inside. There was not much. Bella took instant noodles, ham, lettuce, eggs, and tomatoes.

James Grayson followed her to the kitchen. He took the lettuce and began to clean it.

Bella looked at James Grayson with surprise. If James Grayson was not the chief of the special military forces, his father was not the senior vice president, and his mother was not the head of one of the world’s top 100 enterprises. And if they were just ordinary people. He may be very suitable to be a good husband.

Bella put water in the pot, turned on the fire and was about to wash the tomatoes. James Grayson took over the tomatoes from her hand and washed them.

“I’m going to be very busy tomorrow, maybe we won’t meet for some days. You complete the application procedure as soon as possible. If there is something urgent that needs to be solved, please call Lieutenant Thomas Brown. I told him everything. He will deal with it.” James Grayson said in a deep voice. He didn’t look at her and washed the tomatoes carefully.

“Um,” Bella answered, took the pan to cook the fried egg with tomatoes, James Grayson took the shovel, beat the egg into the pan, and fried it.

“You can cook?” Bella was surprised to see that he was very skillful.

He has an exceptional identity and background. There were so many servants in his family. Now there were many subordinates to serve him. Bella didn’t think that he had entered the kitchen ever.

“I used to be the monitor. We won the second prize when we competed in cooking.” James Grayson put the sliced tomatoes in the egg, put the salt, sugar and simmer it on a low flame.

“I thought you got a job here without any effort. After all, your father’s position is very high.” Bella said honestly.

“Adam and I both are in the special military region.” James Grayson’s eyes sank as if there were some serious pain hidden in them. He went over lightly, and said, “Later, Adam got admission to the Air Force University, and now he is the leader over there.”

“So you got everything on your own abilities?” Bella asked casually.

“Yes, you can say that, but the people around us know our identity and background. That’s why we got promotions very fast. We don’t put these things on it on the surface to discuss. But when we will have a child, I will also take good care of him.” James Grayson said softly.

Bella’s face was slightly red, and she didn’t dare to face him. “The water is boiling.”

She opened the instant noodles box put it in the water and added lettuce and sausages.

“Amelia said that she wouldn’t come back at night. Do you want me to stay here tonight?” James Grayson said suddenly.

Bella was surprised. Her finger touched the edge of the pot and was scalded. She immediately took back her hand.

James Grayson held her hand and put it under the faucet, and splashed water on it. “Sometimes it seemed that you are very rational and careful but sometimes I feel that you are really reckless, and you can’t take good care of yourself. You don’t need to do anything, just sit here quietly and wait for food.”

James Grayson said it and her heart felt very warm. She even had an urge to be with him, forever. There was a voice in her heart that told her, to let’s have a try.

But, she didn’t want to fall in love or get married again.

It should be better to stay away. She was divorced now and will have a bad influence on him, and she didn’t want it.

Other than that, if James Grayson was just impulsive? What if after some time he left her, and her heart will be broken again, what she will do then? Her mother’s tragedy was in front of her. And her nature was too boring and too cold, she was afraid that soon he will get tired.

“I think it’s ready to be eaten.” Bella stood up to serve the food.

“I’ll do it.” James Grayson said and put the noodles into two parts and put them into two bowls. And then he placed the fried tomato eggs into two plates. He went out with the dishes. Bella took the chopsticks and handed him a pair.

James Grayson lowered his head and began to eat.