Chapter 86 Enemies on A Narrow Road

“Otherwise, who else do you care about?”

“Did he see a doctor?”

“I don’t know.” In fact, Janice knew that he was not as serious as she said. She just wanted to give them a chance to meet. She didn’t believe that Alice heard that he was ill and would not meet him.

The two were so in love with each other that even the bystanders could not bear to see them being separated. Whether or not they can be together in the end, at least they had tried.

The blind date was half an hour late, and someone as impatient as Janice couldn’t wait any longer. “Let’s go. No matter how good this person is, I had decided to not be with him…”

Alice asked her, “Are you sure you leave now? What if he is your Mr. Right?”

“Then we will meet again next time.”

As the two were about to leave, a man in a smoky suit appeared in front of them, and Alice looked at the man in surprise, “Dr. Ran?”

Dr. Ran frowned, and when he was sure he had not gone to the wrong table, he looked at Janice next to Alice. He really hoped that his date would be Alice and not the woman next to her.

Janice was reluctant to be dragged back to the chair by Alice, and said lukewarmly, “Enemies on a narrowed road. My mother is pushing me into the fire pit.”

Dr. Ran was calm, “First of all, I apologize for my lateness, because I met an unreasonable woman during the rounds, and the blind date was just to keep my mother from bothering me. Please tell your elders that you don’t like me. ”

Janice felt that she had been angered by him to the extreme. What the unreasonable woman he mentioned referred to her.

He did have a sense of self-knowledge, knowing that she despised him, but she was not as good as he had wished, so why he had to be together with her.

Alice felt that the two were quite destined, so she found a reason to leave. “I suddenly remembered that I forgot to pour water for my mother. I am afraid she would want to drink when she woke up.”

Alice left quickly. Janice and Dr. Ran were incompatible with of each other. Janice got up with a bag and smiled, “Goodbye.”

Alice returned to the hospital, and her mother was still sleeping. In fact, she just found a reason to go out, and said hello to the nurse on duty, and then she left.

She was thinking about the sick Benjamin, and when she was out of the hospital, she took a taxi to where Benjamin lived.

There was still no access card, but the security guard thought she was still the nanny of Benjamin’s family, so she was used to going back and forth every day without the access card.

Alice stood at the door and was still hesitant. Whether she entered directly or knocked on the door? The voice came in from the house. In addition to the voice of Benjamin, there was a female voice, which seemed to be his fiancee .

Alice’ heart was so tightened. She was so anxious when she came, and forgot that that he had a fiancee who was a doctor. She was no need in such a hurry.

“Click.” The door was unlocked, and Alice was like a thief, hurriedly tiptoeing to the next stairs to hide.

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