Chapter 85 No one can stop me from doing what I want to do 1

Bella hurriedly followed David Wilson out to return the bracelet. But he sat in his car and drove away. Bella also took a taxi and followed him.

David Wilson went back to his villa. From a certain distance, Bella saw Emma Johnson standing at the door of David Wilson’s villa. Emma smiled at David Wilson and warmly welcomed him.

David Wilson lowered his head and kissed Emma Johnson’s lips. Fifteen seconds later, he hugged Emma Johnson back, and they both went inside.

Bella lowered her eyes and a clear mist flowed in her eyes. It was not appropriate for her to go in to return the jewelry to David Wilson. This kind of behavior will be considered as a show off in front of Emma Johnson.

And Bella only wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life.

“Miss, do you want to get off?” The taxi driver looked at Bella strangely and asked.

“No, go back to another address,” Bella said quietly.

“Let me guess, beautiful girl, you came here to catch adultery? Actually, that rich man just came here to have fun, but he also wanted a stable housewife. As long as you have the position of the lady of the house, you shouldn’t worry about him. You can let him have affairs outside, and you can keep the main position.” The driver laughed and joked.

Bella didn’t speak. She looked out. It was already dark outside. There was no moonlight at all. Maybe soon it was going to rain.

After an hour, Bella got off the taxi and saw James Grayson.

He was sitting in the car, and his eyes were stuck at the window of her room. He had a cigarette between his long fingers. The cigarette butts light flickered, and there was its reflection in his dark eyes.

Bella really didn’t know what to say to him.

James noticed her eyes and looked at her. There was a crystal light in his eyes. He threw the cigarette away, opened the door and his long legs stepped down from the car.

“Where have you been? I called you, texted you but you didn’t answer.” James Grayson said.

“You called me? I didn’t know.” Bella took out her mobile phone from her bag and saw James Grayson’s missed calls and two text messages.

She read the first text message, “Where are you?”

Then the second message, “I am coming to you to take the Russian book.”

It was four hours ago.

Bella felt guilty and said, “You been waiting here for a long time? Why didn’t you go upstairs to sit.”

“I sent a message and asked Amelia. She said that you weren’t at home. When you come back, she will call me. She hasn’t called me, so Iwas waiting here.” James Grayson explained.

Bella lowered her eyes and turned around. “Come with me. I’ll give you back the Russian book.”

James Grayson looked at her and his heartfelt some inexplicable emotions, he felt a little uncomfortable.

“I heard you got the divorce?” James Grayson looked at her and asked softly.

“Um.” Bella pressed the elevator and stood quietly.

James Grayson held her hand, but she pulled her hand out of his palm.

“What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked.

Bella didn’t know what was wrong with her? She had told herself very clearly, that she should cut off completely with James Grayson, but her heart was still leaning toward him.

“Have you had dinner?” Bella looked up and asked him. She tried to change the topic.

James Grayson frowned slightly. “Not yet.”

“I also didn’t eat anything. There should be some ingredients in the fridge. I will make something for you.” Bella said softly.

James Grayson looked at her. She was standing very close to him, but he felt that she was far away. There were some unpredictable feelings.

The elevator arrived. James Grayson entered and Bella also walked in. She was standing at the edge and was intentionally keeping a certain distance from James Grayson. He noticed this and his face became even colder.

He looked up at the elevator, grabbed her arm, pulled her closer, and gently put his arm around her waist. The temperature of his palms was so high that it reached to her skin from her clothes.

Bella’s back was still stiff and she was looking straight ahead.