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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 85 Blind Date

A moment ago, Dr. Ran was still a little sorry for bumping into such a beautiful girl, but now he didn’t want to apologize.

“This lady, you hit me when you didn’t concentrate on walking.”

Suddenly she thought of her mobile phone that had just been hit on the ground. Sure enough, the screen was terribly broken. She bent over and picked it up. She hadn’t bought it for a month.

Dr. Ran gave a light glance at the phone that had been broken in her hand, and said sloppily, “It was originally broken, right.”

Janice snorted coldly, looking at this guy in a white coat, but very good-looking, “Yes, I won’t let you to make compensation for me. You just a doctor who gets the patient’s red envelops.”

“You …” It was unreasonable.

Alice helped her mother cover the quilt, who had fallen asleep, and when she heard the sound outside that it seemed Janice had come.

Opening the door of the ward, Janice was so aggressive that she wanted to hit Dr. Ran, and Dr. Ran did not want to make any confession at all, “You two know each other?”

They even said in unison, “No.”

Since they didn’t, Alice introduced both of them, “This is my mother’s doctor. Dr. Ran is an expert.”

Then she said, “This is my friend, Janice. We grew up together.”

Janice looked down at Dr. Ran with contempt. “An expert? With such quality? I think this hospital is going to close down.”

Dr. Ran did not talk to unreasonable people, and only spoke with Alice. “Don’t make friends with such people in the future, the quality is too poor.”

“Ah, you …” Janice pointed to Dr. Ran, and before she started to discuss with him, Dr. Ran had turned to another room.

Janice looked at Alice. “How did you get along with this kind of person in the past three years? You will change him tomorrow, and I will contact the best cardiologist in the country to see your mother.”

Although Alice didn’t know what happened to the two of them in just a few minutes. But Janice was annoyed.

Alice smiled and said, “Doctor Ran is very good, but he is the apple in the eyes of the women in the hospital.

Janice disagreed.

Alice, “Well, my mother just fell asleep, and I go with you to be on a blind date.”

Janice then remembered that there was still business. She almost missed life-long events. If she missed the prince who fell in love at first sight, she would never forgive him.

Looking down in her bag to find something, Janice took out a new mobile phone and handed it to Alice, “Here, this is for your mother, who doesn’t sleep every night and only sleeps so little during the day. I copied a lot of light music that helps sleep, and I will play it to her at night. ”

Alice held her cell phone in her hand and looked at Janice. Previously, their relationship was not very good. Janice always said that Benjamin pampered her a lot.

At that time Janice also said that Alice was nothing when she left Benjamin.

Janice couldn’t bear Alice’s look now, “Hurry up and put it in the house, my future husband is still waiting for me at the blind date.”

Right, no need to be hypocritical.

When the two arrived at the blind date, Janice said something about Benjamin intentionally or unintentionally. “I heard from my brother that Ben has been sick these days and has a fever, which seems to be very serious.”

Alice’s heart was tense for a moment. He was … “Benjamin?”

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