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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 84 Take Care of Yourself

Her response was slightly disappointed Benjamin. He just wanted to see how she viewed the relationship between the two of them.

He deliberately asked her, pretending to be curious, “No, I remembered the phone record was thirty-two minutes, and I said nothing?”

Alice looked at him and shook her head again. Her voice was low. “Maybe I didn’t hear it … I fell asleep.”

He said drunk, and she said that she was asleep…

Benjamin pretended to nod his head in acceptance, “Oh, I thought I said something that I shouldn’t say. I wanted you not to take it too seriously. What you said and what you did after drinking was not reliable, right? ”

She knew what he was referring to. He still remembered the things three years ago, and of course, she could not forget either. Maybe if it were not that night, everything would not be what it was now.

Alice smiled forcefully. “I have to go. Thank you for bringing me back.” Thank you, she said it twice.

Benjamin also received generously, “You’re welcome. My pleasure. We’re friends”

Friends, can they still be friends?

Alice got out of the car and was about to say to him, “Be careful on the road.” Before she could speak, he had stepped on the accelerator.

For another two days, Alice was watching him at all times, but he seemed to avoid her intentionally. She could not find any news of him from Janice. Janice just said that he was very busy.

Alice summoned the courage to call him, but the phone had been left unconnected. Until now, she didn’t know if he had a serious trouble with his family.

It was estimated that during the period when he may not be at home, she went to the supermarket to buy food and sneaked into his house, stuffed his refrigerator, and tidied room clean. She was afraid he would come back and left without a word.

That night, Alice received a call from Benjamin and thought she had been found. In fact, she had already figured out how to lie to him, but he didn’t ask about the food in the refrigerator.

He was silent, as if calling her, as long as she answered, it didn’t matter if she spoke.

After a long silence, she thought he was drunk again and called him, “Benjamin …”

Benjamin, leaning on the car, stopped smoking and said lightly, “Huh?”

In fact, Alice didn’t know what to say, and was even a little scared. If his parents knew that she and him were not completely disconnected, would her mother’s treatment be stopped again?

“Take good care of yourself.”

Benjamin chuckled a little. She was so skinny and careless to herself, and he was embarrassed to remind him, but he didn’t say, but just answered, “Huh.”

“Then I gotta go.”

Benjamin sighed, “Go to bed early.”


Obviously there were thousands of words, but they had to be in their hearts.

Janice went to the hospital to find Alice. When she walked, she only looked down at her mobile phone, and accidentally bumped into Dr. Ran who came out of the ward just after checking the rooms.

Janice was caught off guard, and she almost fell to the ground. Dr. Ran’ s first reaction was, of course, to protect the stranger.

With his long arm stretched out to her waist, and Janice hit directly on his sturdy chest, and her forehead hit right on his stethoscope hanging on his neck.

She painfully covered her forehead and glared at the man in a white coat in front of her. She questioned Dr. Ran unreasonably, “Hey, don’t you have eyes. You just hit someone when you go out.”

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