Chapter 84 She couldn’t accept his things 2

David Wilson looked at her thin figure, took off his coat and covered her body. Then he began to deal with his important work.

“President Wilson, Grayson’s are also competing for that piece of land around clear water bay. They want to connect Clear Water Bay and Blue Sky Bay via that land.”

David Wilson frowned and typed, “Then try your best to get this land. Graysons wants it, but I won’t let him own it.”

“Okay, then I will bid for it.”

“I’ll tell you the bidding price later.” David Wilson typed another message.

Then he typed a message to Emma Johnson, “I’ll see you in three hours. I have a gift for you.”

“Mwah mwah.” Emma Johnson quickly sent a kiss.

David Wilson’s eyes remained indifferent, and he sent out another message, “Wrap my divorce certificate with a diamond necklace. The diamond necklace price should be about 10,000 RMB.”

“Yes, Sir.”

David Wilson’s eyes fell on Bella again. She was sleeping soundly and was breathing lightly. Her face looked very pure and innocent. She had no makeup on her face and looked much more beautiful than the girls with heavy makeup.

David picked up his cell phone, captured a few photos of Bella, then wathched them for long and chose one, set it as his screensaver photo, looked at it for a while and then deleted it.

Bella’s cell phone rang.

He hurriedly took Bella’s mobile phone and saw it was Amelia’s call. He disconnected the call and sent the message, “What’s the matter?”

“Bella, didn’t you say you will come back home early to sleep? But you are not at home, where are you?” Amelia asked.

“I will come back later.” David Wilson turned the phone to the silent mode and put it back in Bella’s bag.

After some time, Bella woke up and remembered that she was still in the cabin. She sat up and looked at David Wilson who was sitting opposite to him, “what’s the time now?”

David Wilson raised his wrist and looked up at the time. “Ten o’clock, you’ve been sleeping for five hours.”

“Then I’ll go back now.” Bella put his clothes aside and stood up.

David Wilson handed her a box, “Take it.”

“What?” Bella looked at the box and didn’t want to take it.

“I owe you a jade bracelet last time. It was originally for you, but my mother took it. This one is better than the one before. Take it.” David Wilson said lightly and tried to smile.

Bella understood such kind of men like David Wilson.

Men give women clothes to take them off easily!

Men give jewelry to women to tie their fragile hearts!

The more expensive the gift, the heavier the shackle!

“No, I don’t need it.” She went straight to the door.

David Wilson tightened his eyebrows. The more she didn’t want to have his gifts, the more he wanted to give them to her.

He took out the jade bracelet, took Bella’s hand and put it on the wrist and went straight away.

Bella took off the jade bracelet and put it in the jewelry box again.

She didn’t need his things.