Chapter 83 She couldn’t accept his things 1

Bella went back to the hospita. Amelia was in her office when she saw Bella coming back and she ran to her worriedly, “Did you discuss it with him? How did he respond? Did he agree?”

Bella smiled, “He and I are divorced.”

“Is it true?” Amelia was very surprised, and her eyes became even brighter.

Bella nodded. “It’s true. We went to the Civil Affairs Bureau in the afternoon to get the divorce certificate. And now, I’m free.”

“It’s great.” Amelia held Bella’s arm and jumped happily.

Bella was also happy and she chuckled.

“Today we’re going out to celebrate your freedom and your return to bachelor life,” Amelia said happily.

“Not today, today I want to go back and have a good sleep.” Bella yawned.

“Okay, go back and have a good sleep today. I’ll postpone our celebration until the weekend. I have to do an operation in the afternoon. Then I’ll come back home.”

“Hmm, I’ll lie down here for a while. I also have an operation at 4.00 p.m.” Bella said she was really tired because she cried for long and didn’t have a good rest because of which her eyes were hurting.

Amelia smiled and went out.

Amelia wanted to tell this good news to James Grayson. But she was hesitating. She didn’t know she should tell him or not. She took the coin and talked to herself, “let’s flip a coin, if heads come, I will tell him, and if there comes tails then I won’t tell him.”

She closed her eyes and flipped the coin. She opened her eyes and watched the coin rolling. The coin rolled and went under the table.

Amelia, “…”

She moved the table away and there she found several coins under it.

Amelia, “…”

When did I drop so many coins under the table?

Then she thought, even if she didn’t say it, James Grayson will get to know. So let me share her personal joy with James Grayson. It was such good news. She couldn’t stop herself.

She called James Grayson.

James Grayson answered.

“Chief, Bella and David Wilson are divorced. She got the divorce certificate today. But don’t come to meet her today. She didn’t sleep last night. Besides, don’t tell her that I told you.” Amelia explained.

Corners of James Grayson’s mouth subconsciously raised.

Lieutenant Thomas Brown also smiled and finally breathed a sigh of relief. When their chief was unhappy, the people around him suffered more than him.

“I understand. Thank you.” James Grayson’s tone softened.

“Let me tell you one more thing. Bella has her own point of view. She is a little stubborn. Give her some time. And don’t worry, I’ll help you. If there comes your rival in love, I will let you know immediately. Ha ha ha. Don’t lose your morals.” Amelia said and laughed.

“Um.” James Grayson replied.


Bella did her work and was about to leave when her cell phone rang. And it was David Wilson. After hesitating for a while, she answered.

“What’s the matter?” Bella asked uncertainly.

They were already divorced. She was worried that why he called her now.

“We have already talked about it. You have to give me two days a week, at least two to three hours. You have gone off duty now. I’m in the Blue Mountain coffee shop near your hospital. I’ll pick you up when you reach here.” David Wilson said softly.

Bella really didn’t know what kind of person David Wilson was. He suddenly agreed to divorce, when they were married he didn’t see her for months, and now he wanted to see her just after some hours of the divorce.

“I’ll come by myself,” Bella said.

She went to the Blue Mountain coffee shop and entered the personal cabin. David Wilson was the only one in the cabin. He was using his mobile phone.

Bella went in and sat opposite to him.

“Want to drink anything?” David Wilson asked.

Bella shook her head. “I didn’t have a good sleep last night. I’m sleepy. I don’t want to drink anything.”

“Then go to sleep.” David Wilson nodded and glanced at the sofa.

Bella frowned and looked at him defensively.

David Wilson smiled and placed his long fingers on the table. He said firmly, “Don’t think that I want to do anything with you. Because if I want to do, you can’t resist even if you are awake. If I said that I won’t touch you, it would mean I won’t.”

Bella thought about it and she really couldn’t open her eyes. She knew that this meeting will last for three long hours. Instead of watching him quietly she preferred to sleep quietly.

She lay down on the sofa and closed her eyes. She was so tired that in a moment, she fell asleep.