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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 82 Spontaneous Kiss

Besides those words, he says nothing else and also doesn’t hug her for too long and soon releases her.

On the other side, the policeman protests again, “Hey, who are you. This is prohibited for outsiders, you….”


Before he even finished, there is a loud hoarse voice coming from behind. The officer freezes and looks at the man in front of him in unbelievable, then steps forwards to greets, “Ma, Marid? Why are you here?”

“If I’m not here then are you going to kick Rex out?” Marid says joking but actually blaming him in the tone.

This officer spontaneously realizes the man in front of him is not an ordinary people, “Sorry, I didn’t know it’s Rex, what a stupid me! it’s my fault!”

Rex doesn’t care but just glances at Jade and Tim. The sharpness of the eyes made them unbearable, which cause them feel a tremendous pressure.

Jade is totally dumbfounded. She watches as the extraordinary man walks in and cares about Lily and being bowed by the officers, what is going on?

Wait… what did they call him just now? Rex! Could this be the Rex that Tim mention, whose status is extremely honorable?!

Jade is taken back by her own thoughts. This man is not an old but a very young man. Every inch of his body is perfect, especially his face. Although he brings a cold and indifferent expression, he can still move people’s heart.

But how can this kind of man like Lily?

Without waiting her to calm down, he had already spoken, “Tim, we meet again.”

Tim’s eyelids jumps, enduring the panics, “Yes, what a destiny.”

Who knows, Rex actually smiles, “Let’s forget about the destiny. I don’t like to meet people under such occasion.”

In front of Jade and Lily, Tim is being refuted on the spot, which makes him couldn’t breathe in, “Rex, you’re a lawyer, you should be used to this kind of occasion.”

Rex hugs Lily tightly, with one hand in the pocket and speaks in an imposing manner, “I’m quite conservative, I don’t want my girl to be affected but only this time. Next time if we meet again, I don’t think I will behave well.”

Tim is speechless by his words. Abby smirks while posing a middle finger to him. The police station is on his side anyway, they are afraid of nothing.

Watching the three of them walk out of the police station, Tim’s complexion turns dark and clenched his fists tightly. Jade stares at Rex’s shadow until he is completely out of her sight.

Looking at Tim beside her, she suddenly feels like a joke. The appearance of Lily from just now is really ridiculous at this time. She was just divorced not that long ago and now there is a perfect and excellent guy beside her. Tim is really incomparable.

When Lily is with Tim, she is envy. Since her family isn’t well enough, she just wanted to find an honest man to spend the rest of her life with. Which is by looking at Tim driving a sport car and living in a villa, she completely fell for him and betrays her friendship. Every person has the rights to fight. It’s not her fault that Lily is defeated.

But today when she sees Rex, she realizes her mistakes. Even without Tim, there will always be a better man coming for her.


Why do all men like her? What’s the good from her? She is also not bad!

The jealousy in her eyes turns into hatred. Her head in full of Rex’s appearance. Lily is not worth, only she deserves a man like him!


On the contrary, after leaving the police station, Rex and Lily return to the Villa instantly. Silence fill along the way, which make the atmosphere is somewhat depressed.

After entering the house, even before Lily could take a breath, Rex suddenly pushes her to the door. The entrance is using a sensor light, when the two of them stay still, the light soon went off.

The moonlight shines in through the window. The clock on the wall had reached half past eight.

“You said you were shopping with Abby, how can you be with Tim, huh?” He pinches her chin with quite strength.

Lily afraid that he might misunderstands, so she clarifies hastily, “We met in the restaurant. Abby fought for me and then Jade started to hit her. I was afraid that she would lose so I also join in….”

The last words are barely audible for his severe oppression.

After her clarification, Rex doesn’t calm down. His vision fell on a vague but dazzling nail mark on her lower jaw. He moves his thumb to press it hard. It is very painful that she takes a deep breath to hide it, but still fails.


Rex doesn’t let it go, “No pain no gain learning. How many times have I told you not to contact with Tim. Why are you not listening?”

“I’ve said it just happened by chance. I don’t know they will be there!” Let alone the latter result, it was beyond her control, what can she do?

The more she thinks about it, the more she is grieved. “You just know how to blame me. I also didn’t want it….”

“Since you didn’t want it, you should avoid it.”

“Fine! It’s my fault, I deserve it, happy now?”

Rex stares at her angry little face and says nothing. The scrutiny in his eyes makes Lily terrified.

What is wrong with his eyesight?

Does he mistrust her?

Without knowing what is wrong, she tiptoes and reaches out to hook his neck. Regardless of pulling his head down with a brutal force, she closes her eyes and kisses him.

Rex was obviously stiff just now, but he soon responses to it and spontaneously accept the kiss.

The tranquil living room is full of their kisses voice. Lily is kissed breathlessly for several times and just before her suffocation, Rex lets her go.

She gasps so badly, while he is also no better, he is breathing hard.

Seeing her little red face, he opens his mouth in a deep voice, “How many times has it been, why are you still so bad in kissing?”

Lily is blushed by his words and bypassing him to went upstairs. When she only take a step forwards, her wrist is tugged, “Just a kiss and it’s done?”

You will initiatively avoid a typical mistake. If you make her pass this time, it will definitely be the next time.

Lily’s lips are still swollen, “It’s not my fault.”

“Then why did you kiss me?” Just to please him?

Lily observers his squinted eyes, “I just thanking you for picking me up from the police station.”

Actually, she doesn’t know what her fault is. Just by seeing him coming and holding her in his arms, she is really touched. If Tim and Jade are not on the spot, she might cry.

Rex keeps silent, waiting for her to finish.

Lily inhales sharply and slightly lowers her head to look at the button on his shirt, “It’s been a while since the last time I was picked up by someone, so, thank you.”

What she yearns for the most is a little insignificant thing like this.

Rex’s flames is subsided. His heart had melted but his face stays still. “Pick up your phone next time. I am very worried if I can’t reach you. Just by looking at your position in the police station, especially with Tim, I’m very worried.”

“Are you really worried?” Lily subconsciously answers.

Rex slightly pursed his lips and says again, “No, I’m upset.”