Chapter 82 He lost her 2

David Wilson handed the marriage certificate to the staff personnel. He wanted to pretend that he was fine, so he said frankly, “We need a divorce.”

“Is there any divorce agreement?”

“No, I will not take anything,” Bella said softly.

The officer looked at Bella and David Wilson strangely.

Bella’s appearance was very nice. She had no makeup. Her skin was soft, her eyes were red and swollen, but her expressions were still calm. But David Wilson had a pair of evil eyes, his eyebrows were raised and today he looked terrible.

David looked at the marriage certificate and felt a heartache.

He didn’t want to divorce Bella.

He didn’t want to divorce Bella.

He really didn’t want to divorce Bella.

There was only this sentence echoing in his mind and ears, but his body seemed to resist his feelings.

The staff personnel out several papers and reminded them, “Sign on the papers, think clearly before signing them. Within half an hour, you will get the divorce certificate, and then you will have no relationship with each other.”

Bella held the papers and signed them.

David Wilson looked at the way her hand quickly moved and she did not even hesitate for a moment, he had a strange feeling in his heart. He also signed the papers.

Bella handed the papers to the staff.

David Wilson hesitated for a while.

“You want to submit it or not?” The staff personnel asked David Wilson.

David had no thought in his mind. He handed the papers and saw the staff stamping on the papers, and he felt the thumping of the stamp on his heart.

Bella was no more his wife!

“Do you want to have a drink? It will take a while to get a divorce certificate.” David Wilson said to Bella.

Bella shook her head.

“Pay the money before going out.” The staff personnel said.

“Sure, how much is it?” Bella said and took the wallet from the bag.

“I’ll pay.” David Wilson said, took out the black card from the wallet and handed it to the staff.

The staff person glared at David Wilson, “Ten.”

Bella handed over ten yuan to the staff.

David Wilson was not feeling well.

Just then he remembered that he had been very generous to the women outside, whom he gifted bags, cars, villas, jewelry to, but he never bought expensive gifts for Bella. The most expensive gift he bought for her was the roses that were thrown into the garbage can.

By the way, he had gifted her a skirt, a pair of shoes and a pair of earrings. It did not worth much money. But Bella can wear them later, she will wear them or not?

“The invalid marriage papers and divorce certificates are all here.” The staff personnel said.

David Wilson calmed down and looked at the divorce certificate, which made her even upset. “You do divorces so cheaply, no wonder so many people take divorce. It should be much more expensive.”

The staff personnel didn’t reply to him.

Bella looked at the divorce certificate and felt as a dream come true.

She finally got divorced and had regained her freedom. She put her marriage certificate and divorce certificate in her bag and walked out.

David Wilson wanted to shout at her, but his voice choked in his throat. He put the useless marriage certificate and divorce certificate into the garbage can, walked out, and smoked several cigarettes in the car.

He remembered that when he first met Bella, she was still a student. She came out of the school gate and was wearing a sky blue skirt. She was beautiful and attractive. She had a charm and a pride that walked with her every step.

Because of this pride and charm, he had chosen her.

Half an hour later, David Wilson picked up their marriage certificate and divorce certificate from the garbage can and opened it.

He looked at Bella’s photos her slightly curled up her eyebrows, her thin lips, her clear hopeful, charming eyes, and her every and every facial feature was beautiful.

But… He lost her.

He lost her.