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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 80 Vivian, go to my brother

“Well, I didn’t let you go through the back door. My brother’s company had sent out a recruitment. Just sent in your resume. My brother doesn’t care about it. The personnel department will decide on it.” Selina was very confident in Vivian.

“Let me think about it.” Vivian didn’t directly agree. It seemed nothing if she didn’t apply for the job through her brother.

“Well, you can decide for yourself.” Selina didn’t dare to show her mind too clearly, and she fell back on the sofa.

One morning, Vivian was sending her resume. It was time for lunch when she finished.

“Vivian, your phone, it has rung for a long time.” Selina was watching the wonderful part and heard that the mobile phone was ringing in the room. The woman next to her didn’t respond, so she had to give a voice to remind her.

“My phone?” Vivian was stunned and listened carefully for a while. Her cell phone was really ringing. She had to put down the tablet in her hand and got up to take the cell phone.

“Vivian, why not set an RBT or default the incoming call ring tone. If you make an original ring tone, I can’t stand it.” Now there still were people who used the original ring tone. It was terrible.

What was the original ring tone? It’s when the blue screen mobile phone and the running light are very popular – Tinkle bell.

Vivian smiled and didn’t take it to heart. She thought it was good and used to it.

Picking up the mobile phone from the table, Vivian walked out and saw that the two numbers were the same, which was the phone number of John.

“Who’s on the phone? What’s the trouble?” Selina was lying on the sofa and smelled gossip. It was a pity that she didn’t go to be a reporter or a radio anchor.

“A friend, I’ll call back.” Vivian answered vaguely. When she came to the windowsill, she clicked on her cell phone to call him back.

It seemed that the person at the other end of the phone had been waiting. The cell phone had just been dialed, and John connected.

“Vivian, do you have time at noon?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Vivian glanced at her friend on the sofa and asked with her voice lowered.

John heard Vivian’s voice suddenly become much smaller. “Is it inconvenient for you now?”

“No, no. It’s a little windy on the balcony.” Vivian had to restore the original volume.

John, who didn’t ask anymore, turned to the topic and asked, “Well, would you like to come out for dinner?”

“Well, well. Where can I wait for you?” Vivian thought about it and agreed. She had refused several times. This time, she couldn’t be like this.

“I’ll pick you up.” He said carefully.

“No, I can go alone.” Not kidding. She was in the apartment of Selina now. How can she ask John to pick her up?

“Well, I’ll wait for you in the Sichuan restaurant last time.”

“I’ll be here in a minute.” Vivian said and hung up in a hurry.

“Who is he?” Selina got up from the sofa and asked curiously.

Vivian refused to answer her question, “I’m going out. You should take care of your lunch.”

“Let me guess.” Selina shook her toes up and down to the ground and looked at her thoughtfully. After a while, she looked at her with an evil eye. “I know. It must be the person who proposed to you. No, you must take me.”

“Don’t forget you still owe me a favor.”

“…” Vivian stopped going out and said, “Go together.”

She said that. Can she refuse?

So, it was originally a date between two people, but it turned into three people, although Vivian and John were not serious boyfriend and girlfriend.

When she saw John, Vivian was still embarrassed to introduce her.” John, this is my friend Selina. She just came to me, so I brought her here on my own. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing.” John said mildly, turning his head to Selina and said politely, “Hello, Miss Selina. It’s a great honor to meet you.”

Selina reached for his hand in a generous way. “Hey, you don’t need to be so strange. Just call me Selina.”

John was stunned for a while, then he smiled, reached out and shook Selina’s hand, which was soon released.

Selina raised his eyebrow and didn’t speak. The man in front of her was really a gentleman. He was also very good, especially the smell of books on his body, which made people very comfortable.

When the three entered the shop together, the waiter led them into the box.

“Hello, may I help you, sir?”

“Give the menu to these two ladies.” John used his eyes to indicate the direction of Vivian and Selina.

The waiter nodded and handed over the two menus.

Looking at the menu, she didn’t hesitate to order several dishes. Vivian saw that Selina ordered a lot, enough for three people, so she didn’t order.

The waiter took the menu and left three of them in the box.

Selina leaned back in her chair and asked with a smile, “I’m really curious about how you know Vivian.”

“We are college schoolmate.” As John said, he naturally tore the plastic film covering the dishes for Vivian and put it out for her.

Vivian was very embarrassed. Because her friend was around, she couldn’t refuse directly. She could only acquiesce in his actions.

“That is to say, you know William and Angie.” Selina saw this move in her eyes, and couldn’t help sighing, alas, why she couldn’t meet such a warm and jade man as John.

She likes this kind, too.

Unfortunately, there were only Vivian in John’s eyes.

“Selina knows too?” Although it was a rhetorical question, he used affirmative tone.

“A little.” Selina grinned. Who would like to be familiar with a heartless man?

Did John listen to the alienation and disrespect in the tone of Selina? That was interesting.

Vivian didn’t want to make things too awkward, so she started to talk and shift topics.

Fortunately, the speed of serving was quite fast, and the atmosphere slowly relaxed.

Half way through the meal, the hidden box was pushed open.

“I’ll say that I’m familiar with the sound. Vivian, John and Selina. You’re all here l.” Angie followed and pushed the door in.

There were two other men standing outside.

William, who tossed Vivian to death the night before yesterday.

The other was Grace, who pissed her off yesterday.

The road is narrow for enemies.

John nodded politely to them.

Selina only care about her own dish as if she didn’t hear it.

Only Vivian closed her palm, raised her eyes and said with a smile, “yes, it’s a coincidence to meet you here.”

She felt bad about it, was William taking Angie into her circle of friends?

She really failed. After three years with him, she didn’t even know if he had any friends. Soon after Angie returned, she met his parents and friends.

It was so fast. It was beyond her reach.