Chapter 80 Do You Believe What That Woman Said?

Benjamin knew, of course, “If I stay in your hotel, your father will report it to my dad tomorrow.”

Something dawned on Jim, “Didn’t you leave home for the sake of Alice? You just rely on her and live in her house. I believe you two must go back to previous days.”

Benjamin would love to do this, but Alice now lived in the hospital, and her mother certainly did not want to see him.

“She told me that day and she never saw me again.”

Jim was speechless. When did Benjamin become a coward? “Do you believe what that woman said?”

Benjamin glanced at Jim indifferently, and said, “Your woman said she left you, and now she hasn’t come back to you.”

“Benjamin … Believe it or not, I’ll let you sleep on the street tonight.” Jim threatened angrily.

Benjamin shrugged indifferently. “I’ll call Chuck and ask him to be pitiful for me.”

Jim’s eyes lit up. “Chuck! I will send you to him tomorrow, so you can create a chance to encounter Alice on the street.”

Although Benjamin also wanted to see Alice now, he had not settled his own things yet. “Not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow.”

“Still working on your poor castle?” Apart from this, was there anything more important than seeing Alice? Jim was unexpected to that.

Benjamin stared at Jim with a breathless glance. What did he mean? Poor castle? It was a home he built with too much effort for Alice. He wanted to give her a family.

There were two extra children’s rooms, a play area, and a games room in that home.

Benjamin and Jim came to Queen County, and called Chuck. He was not in the company.

Jim was driving, using a hands-free, “Chuck, you are not in the company in the working hours. Which girl you are playing with?”

Jim talked to everyone with this virtue, not serious at all.

Chuck’s voice spread through the car hands-free. “You think everyone is like you.” As soon as the voice fell, a rather urgent voice came, “Alice, here.”

Alice, Alice.

Jim instantly felt a dead silence in the car. It was not a secret between them that Jim always liked Alice, but they never mentioned it.

Jim took a peek at Benjamin, carefully asked him, “Are you on a date?”

Chuck calmly refused to answer, “Is there something wrong?”

Jim had to say, “We have come to your company, but we haven’t seen you.”

Chuck smiled warmly at Alice who came from the road and said to Jim on his mobile phone, “Go to my apartment, Alice and I will return immediately.”

What’s the point? How strange was this, like two single guys came to their little couple’s house.

Jim couldn’t help sighing, just to say something to ease the atmosphere. Chuck didn’t know Benjamin was listening, but he was worried that Benjamin would be anxious when he saw Chuck.

But he never thought that Chuck seemed to be very busy and had ended the call.

Jim smiled at the gloomy Benjamin, “It seems that you have to act quickly

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