Chapter 80 Divorce finally

Bella was very calm. There were no feelings in her clear eyes. She looked at David Wilson lightly. “I have nothing to do with him. I don’t like him, so don’t confuse my business with him.”

David Wilson smiled and looked at Bella. “Are you protecting him? Or afraid of me? You really believe in my abilities. I’m really surprised.”

“I’m just realistic. I couldn’t see a person clearly in four years, how can I see in a month. I just know what I want.” Bella said rationally.

“It’s best for you to think like this. I am warning you not to fall in love with James Grayson, because he can’t fall in love with you. He loves someone else.” David Wilson said definitely.

Bella looked at him. There was no expression on her face, but she was emotionally tired, “I came here to talk about us. If I send this video out. You will be finished completely.”

“What will be finished?” David Wilson asked in reply and took a sip of coffee gracefully. He was so calm people that Bella felt terrible.

“What about your political future? As a married man, you have that kind of relationship with other women. How will it impact your reputation?” Bella turned on the mobile video and handed it to him.

David Wilson looked at the video, it was last night’s recording after he came back home from the police station. There was a glint in his eyes. “You put a pinhole camera in the bathroom?”

Bella lowered her eyes. Her long eye-lashes covered her eyes. The pinhole camera was installed by Emma Johnson. But she didn’t want to destroy his relationship with Emma Johnson, because it will also harm herself.

“David, divorce me. You also know that the video about Amelia William in your hand is also about Luis Taylor. You can’t easily upload it to the Internet. I also couldn’t post your video to the Internet. I just want to live a peaceful life, and I won’t affect your future.” Bella said softly.

“Oh.” David Wilson angrily put the coffee mug on the table, and it almost splashed out. “Didn’t James Grayson tell you that I’ve resigned? Do you think I’m afraid of these videos?”

Bella was shocked and said, “You have resigned?”

David Wilson looked at her, “I don’t like the post of small deputy director of the Health Bureau, is it strange?”

Bella suddenly had the feeling of being splashed by cold water from head to foot. She thought she would be free and made a lot of effort. But she was just a clown in front of David Wilson. She felt very aggrieved because she has tried her best.

Tears came out of her eyes quietly.

“David Wilson, if there is an afterlife, I don’t want to know you, and I don’t want to fall in love with you.” Bella took back her mobile phone and stood up.

“Stop.” David Wilson shouted.

Her tears seemed to touch one of the softest strings in his heart.

“What are you crying for?” David Wilson asked in bewilderment.

Bella smiled.

She shouldn’t have cried.

What’s the use of crying? Nothing can be solved.

“People like you cannot understand the life of us. I don’t think I owe you anything. If you think this all is not enough, I will pay you my life. At least, I can get the freedom of my soul.” Bella said coldly and walked toward the door.

David Wilson held her arm and his eyes narrowed, and he looked at her pale face. Bella took a deep breath and looked at David Wilson.

He was handsome, but he had a devil’s heart.

“I think I’m tired. Maybe I’ve done too many wrong things in my last life, so I’m doomed to be unhappy in this life. I don’t need you to remember me, but you always owe me. In the next life, your life will not be easy.” Bella shook off David Wilson’s hand.

But he didn’t leave her hand. Bella was numb, and she looked at him coldly.

“Why do you have to divorce me? I can give you a comfortable life and enough money. Isn’t that enough? Even Mrs. Wilson’s identity will be only yours. You can get more than Emma Johnson. Do you actually want to die?” David Wilson didn’t understand.

“The money I need cannot be given by others, but earned by myself. The marriage I want is just about loyalty. The comfort I want is peace of mind. When I enter home, I want to feel the warmth and comfort of my home, not sadness.” Bella smiled. “But you can’t understand. You can’t even love.”

“Can you? You say you love me, but you are with James Grayson. Is that your love?” David Wilson left his ego and finally revealed his real mood.

“If I didn’t love you, why should I be so sad? When I saw you with other women, every action cuts my heart. There was only David Wilson’s name in my heart. It was you who broke my heart and made me become a person who cannot love anymore. Do you think I can love someone again? No, I don’t even know what it meant to be alive.” Bella was also in pain. She felt very ferocious in her own way.

David Wilson looked at Bella blankly, “Those women who are with me are willing to share me with other women. They will not be angry or sad.”

Bella really didn’t want to say anything more. David Wilson will never understand these emotions. Maybe, she shouldn’t become emotional.

She turned her face away. She thought she would not cry, but when the psychological defense line broken, tears could not be controlled. She cried together with all the suppressed tears of the past three years.

“Go to find other women.” Bella wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t.

She shouldn’t blame David Wilson. She should blame herself. She was in love with him. All he wanted was to play with her. She should have kept her dignity.

David Wilson looked at Bella calmly. He felt some pain. He didn’t want Bella to die with this pain.

“I agree to divorce you.” David Wilson said in a deep voice.

Bella was shocked and looked at David Wilson in amazement. Her eyes were red and swollen. She couldn’t believe that he agreed to divorce.

“However, I have a request that you must meet me twice a week for no less than three hours at a time. However, you can rest assured that I will not touch you if you don’t want that. There are a lot of women for me to touch. So that I have no strength to do anything wrong with you. But when I call you, you must have to come to the place designated by me.” David Wilson said.

He didn’t know why he put forward such a condition.

Maybe he was afraid that he would never see her again.

By this condition, he can see her twice a week.

Actually, he just didn’t want to miss her…