Chapter 8 Stay at Clara’s house

Alex’s family was poor, but he had the backbone. He never asked her for money, and he earned his tuition by himself. She just helped him break the news on the internet to attract fans.

“Clara, can I stay at your house these days?”

“Why?” Clara glanced at Clara and said, “Did your parents abuse you?”

“No, I just want to stay at your place.” Originally, she didn’t like to get along with Ryan. After this morning’s event, she didn’t know how embarrassing it would be to meet each other at home afterwards.

Anyway, Ryan just came back to deal with things as usual, and left after a few days. She would just stay at Clara’s house these days.

“If you can come, yes.” Clara had no problem with it. She lived alone, so life would be more lively with a companion. “But you have to cook for me as rent!”

Jessica laughed, “Ok, I am good at cooking!”

Jessica went home to pack her things quickly before Ryan came back from the company. She carried her suitcase downstairs in less than 10 minutes, and said to the mother. “Mom, I have a lot of work to do in the company, so these days I will stay with my colleague.

“Eh, stay with colleague?” Jessica disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The mother sighed deeply.

When Ryan came back to have a meal but didn’t see Jessica on the table, his brows knitted imperceptibly. He asked casually, “How come I didn’t see Jessie come for dinner?”

“She said she’s busy with work and she’ll stay with colleague for a few days.” The mother said, and passed Ryan a bowl of rice.

Ryan’s eyes darkened.

She was busy? In his opinion, Jessica was very idle and it was obvious that she just wanted to avoid him by moving out.

“Ryan, persuade your sister to work for our own company when you are free.” The mother nagged, “Working for our own company is free and not that tired. There is no need to suffer outside…”

“Mom, I’m full.” Ryan suddenly dropped his chopsticks.

“Ah, is that enough?” Mother stared at his tiny bowl. “Don’t you always eat two bowls of food? I will give you another bowl.”

Ryan ignored and went upstairs directly.


“What’s wrong? He seemed to be angry.” Mother muttered. She thought that he didn’t look good was because things were not going well at company. She didn’t think too much about it.

Ryan’s intuition was very correct. Jessica was avoiding him, and didn’t go home for a few days.

Ryan couldn’t help driving to the gate of Jessica’s company to wait for her.

He saw Jessica and the woman called Clara go to the market to buy food together and go back to their residence.

From a distance, he still could see a comfortable and bright smile on her face. His mind wandered for a moment.

She had never shown him such a smile.

He had tried very hard to control himself and not to think of her, but he didn’t expect this situation to happen now.

Ryan was in a very bad mood. He vented all his anger on the people in the meeting room. As long as any senior executive made a mistake in the report, he was bound to scold him until he hung his head in shame.

“The sales of the new product has dropped significantly in recent months. Why didn’t you redo the promotion plan?”

“Who chose this spokesman? How dare you choose a person with so many affairs?”

“All you have in your head is paste?”


In the meeting room, all the people held their breath and lowered their heads to listen to the man’s scoldings.

What’s wrong with Mr. Howard?

Whatever mistake they’ve made before, Mr. Howard didn’t scold them like this. He was full of anger. Was it because he was in a bad relationship, so he took out his frustrations on them?

“The meeting is over!” Ryan slammed the file on the table.

When he left the meeting room, everyone came alive.

“Hey, what’s wrong with Mr. Howard?” The director of the planning department touched her chest and said fearfully, “It seemed he was so angry today. He looked sullen all the time. I don’t dare to find him if there’s anything.”

Another colleague said, “I heard it was because frustrations of the relationship. I don’t know if it’s true.”

“Oh, really? Mr. Howard is having an affair with that actress?”

“I don’t think it’s possible. Considering the status of Mr. Howard, there is no need for him to be angry with an actress.”