Chapter 8 She Was Picked on

When she entered the house, the first thing she saw was a decorative statue in the entrance hall. It was said to be one of Grandpa North’s favorite things when he was alive.

Vivian stood there for a moment. Her heart was as cold as the stones. She realized how stupid she had been when she decided to fling herself into Christian’s arms where she was eventually stuck and could do nothing about it.

Maybe Patrick was right. She should leave here, find a place and spend the rest of her life in peace.

She touched her chest and could feel her heart beating very fast.

It was a bomb that could explode anytime, anywhere. She had kept it from Christian because she didn’t want to upset him. However, it turned out he couldn’t care less.

He didn’t like her at all. That was why he didn’t care whether she lived or died.

She heard the sound of footsteps at the staircase. She looked up to meet Jessica’s eyes. Jessica gloated, “Sister, my tonic soup is almost ready in the kitchen. Why don’t you bring it to me?”

She had to live with Jessica under the safe roof since the day she was taken away by force from the hospital.

She calmly looked away, “I’m not your maid. Help yourself if you want it.”

“Christian isn’t here, you know.” Holding the stair railing, Jessica put one foot in the air with a triumphant smile, “Guess what, if I lost my footing right now, what would happen to you?”

Her heart skipped a beat. She quickly collected herself and went to the kitchen. Jessica had a good laugh.

Jessica hated Vivian so much just because Vivian had been too perfect to fall in love with.

Since an early age Vivian had always the first Joseph sister anyone could see, while Jessica had been the sloppy second, the forgotten one.

Why! She wasn’t a loser!

Now that Vivian, her precious sister, was at her service, Jessica could finally hold her head high.

She gradually clenched her fist as if to crush her enemy into pieces. She would make Vivian’s life a living hell!

Jessica sat on the chaise longue in the master bedroom. She had owned the room since she came back. Vivian was out of the picture.

Vivian walked up the stairs with a sinking heart. She felt like she was drowning and couldn’t catch her breath.

Vivian pinched herself to calm down. She was putting the soup on the night table when Jessica said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you bring to me? Or do you have a problem with me?”

She quickly turned around. Jessica gave her a wicked look, which made her realize that Jessica was picking on her.

The soup was just a few steps away, but she held her tongue.

However, when she came up to Jessica, the tray in her hands was suddenly knocked over. Hot soup spilt all over her hands.


“Sister, why are you doing this? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want me to eat it. Why did you knock it over to my face?”

“You are bullying me because Christian isn’t here, right?” Vivian confronted her with a frown, “He will know who you really are one day!”

Jessica was turning pale. She could barely speak with trembling lips, “I, I can’t believe my ears. Sister, did you say that because you’ve always hated me?”

Confused by her sister’s sudden change of attitude, Vivian felt a cold wind blowing in. She turned her head to find Christian standing at the door. There was an ominous light in his deep eyes.

With a straight face, he quickly walked into the bedroom. He carefully checked Jessica up to see if she was burnt.

After that, he pointed to the soup on the floor and ordered Vivian, “Get on your knees and clear it up!”

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