Chapter 8 Participate in the school anniversary

“All right, my physique is hot.t, I can give you warmth!”


They were playing when the phone rang. Vanessa was just going to get it when Angie grabbed it. “Gee, why is it a strange number?”

“It may be fraud call.” Vanessa snatched the phone from Angie’s hand as quickly as she could, congratulating herself on having William’s number in mind instead of adding notes, “It’s okay, just hang up.”

“So boaring!” Angie grunted and went to the bedroom to get her hair done.

Vanessa breathed a sigh of relief. To prevent Angie from touching her phone again, she blacklisted William’s number and deleted it from WeChat.

She said she will not meete William again. Never again.

Angie originally wanted to stay in the hotel for a few more days and play around with Vanessa. Angie’s father called her and asked her to go back.

When Angie left, Vanessa was relieved.

She was afraid, always afraid, deeply afraid that Angie would see something in her face.

In order to prevent William from coming to the store to find herself, Vanessa asked for a few days off, did not go anywhere. She just nested in the apartment every day to watch TV, reviewed the previous version of the Idol drama, and cried once again.

On the morning of the anniversary, Vanessa looked at her suitcase and hesitated. Angie called. “Vanessa, have you come over yet?

Vanessa had no choice but to laugh. “I just got up late last night. Wait for a minute. I’ll be right back.”

“Hurry up, some old classmates are coming.”


Now, I have to go even if I don’t want. Vanessa thought.

Vanessa took out the dress she didn’t want to wear. It was already past ten o ‘clock when she got dressed and drove to her Alma mater in a hurry.


Vanessa had just arrived at the crowded playground when Angie saw her and rushed over with her skirt, saying, “You’re too late. It’s almost noon!”

Vanessa smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. I stayed up too late because of watching the soap opera last night.”

Angie snorted and took Vanessa to her department.

Some of their classmates who had come early were sitting on a table. When they saw Vanessa, they all smiled and greeted her. Vanessa responded politely.

When she heard that Angie was going to go on stage, Vanessa froze for a moment and said, “Really? Are you crazy?”

“Is there anything wrong?” Angie took a look at Vanessa. “Don’t worry. I’ve already told the principal and he supported me.

Vanessa moved her lips. Just as she was about to say something, she heard her classmates heckling the legal genius.

She looked up and saw William, who dressed in a black suit, came through the crowd. He was outstanding and brilliant. It was hard for people to ignore him.

Vanessa’s heart quivered and she was a little flustered when he saw her. She picked up a water cup and pretended to drink. Angie beside her was very excited and said, “Vanessa, look!

“Well, that’s good.” Vanessa hemmed and hawed in response.

Angie couldn’t resist going up to greet William, who gave a lukewarm well and went straight over to the back table, which made Angie down.

The sight behind her made Vanessa sit like a pin in a quilt. She thought that the school really didn’t know how to arrange. They actually arranged the students of law department to sit behind them. Obviously, the law department was famous and should sit before them.