Chapter 79 You can only play

When Bella and Amelia William reached the hospital and got out of the elevator, they heard the nurses gossiping.

“That deputy director of the health bureau is really a scum. Handsome men really aren’t good. It’s disgusting that one just looks handsome and has money, then he starst playing with women, and he has misused his rank and power.” A nurse said.

“It’s said that he’s also married. I am feeling really sad for his wife. The poor girl had been cheated badly.” Another nurse replied.

“I really don’t know what is wrong with today’s female. The former online pop star married a famous beauty, but he had sex with a lot of young models. It is really disgusting. And you know what the female star is still not divorced. She’s pissed off.” Another nurse added.

“Umm, what are you talking about?” Amelia William asked, “Everyone is gossiping, what’s going on here?”

“Doctor Amelia, you haven’t been online yet. Now the Internet is viral with all these things. The deputy director of the Health Bureau, who once came to see that pregnant women in the VIP ward was also pregnant by him.” A nurse explained.

“What happened to him? I haven’t slept well and hadn’t checked the internet yet. I seem to have missed a very important thing.” Amelia William didn’t go to the office. She held Bella’s hand and stood there.

“What’s the name of that man, yes, David Wilson. Yes, that’s the name. There’s a lot of things about him on the Internet. He changes women in two to three days. He has changed more than 30 women in the past three years.” Another nurse gossiped.

“Thirty?” Amelia William was shocked and then she looked at Bella.

Bella was very calm. It didn’t matter to her, and there was no change of expressions on her face.

“Yes, I think the Discipline Inspection Commission is looking for him. He is in serious violation of discipline and is expected to step down.” A nurse said.

“Dr. Amelia, you can check the Internet. The comments on the Internet are much more wonderful than what we said. After all, we don’t know Director David, but there are many people on the Internet who know him. They have the news and the photos as well. Go and have a look.” The other nurse said.

“Okay, I will see.” Amelia William pulled Bella, “Who dares to do all this with David Wilson? I think it must be James Grayson. Do you believe it?”

When Amelia William said that, she realized that she had said something wrong. She shouldn’t talk about James Grayson in front of Bella. Amelia William followed Bella to Bella’s office, and then quickly turned on her mobile phone to read gossip.

“This James Grayson really has power. He has so many pieces of evidence. And we wasted a lot of time finding all this evidence but couldn’t find.” Amelia William said excitedly.

After that, she realized that she had again mentioned James, she hit her own mouth and looked at Bella apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Bella said softly and checked today’s work schedule.

“This evidence are already out. Do you think you and David Wilson can be separated now?” Amelia William said expectantly.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s quite possible. I will negotiate with David Wilson later.” Bella’s voice just dropped, and her mobile phone rang.

It was David Wilson. She knew he would call her, so she answered.

“What’s going on the Internet?” David Wilson asked with a smile, as if these things didn’t affect him.

“I don’t know,” Bella replied directly. “See you at noon.”

“Ha ha ha, It’s hard for you to ask for the meeting.” David Wilson laughed and said. He reached the Health Bureau and saw a car of military area.

“Don’t want to meet?” Bella asked.

“I’ll contact you later.” David Wilson hung up the phone and saw Lieutenant Colonel Thomas coming down from the car. He was followed by six soldiers.

“Director David Wilson, please get in the car.” Lieutenant Colonel Thomas’s language was polite, but the expression was dictatorial. David Wilson couldn’t bear to refuse.

David Wilson naturally raised the corner of his mouth, shrugged his shoulders and got on the car. He saw James Grayson, sitting inside.

James Grayson looked at David Wilson, narrowed his eyes and said directly, “Divorce Bella, I will not only keep your position as deputy director, but can also put you in the position of director.”

“Haha. You will promote me if I give you my wife. I think I can earn more by keeping Bella.” David Wilson said with a smile.

“You don’t love her anyway, do you?” James Grayson said coldly.

“But if any other men love her, I do have a problem. I will dominate even if I don’t like, but other people like. I just like what people can’t get. When I have something that other people can’t have, I feel very happy.” David Wilson said in a strange way.

“If I just say a word, you’ll finish completely, do you know it?” James Grayson said coldly.

“Of course, but I like challenging things. You want to finish me, but you should wait to see if I can finish you or not. Besides, without your word, I come here myself to resign today, huh.” David Wilson chuckled, opened the door and went out.

James Grayson was surprised. He always felt that David Wilson’s identity was not as simple as it seemed.


David Wilson came out of the health bureau and his cell phone rang. He saw the call sign and sat in his car. He hurriedly asked, “Is everything arranged?”

“Everyone is waiting for your beck and call. In addition to that, I know something about James Grayson. You should be very interested in listening.”

“Oh, come on, tell me. I don’t have much patience.” David Wilson started the car and drove out.

“I will tell you when we meet.”


At noon, Bella went back to the office after the operation. She was tired because she didn’t sleep well last night. She leaned her head on the table to rest and her cell phone rang. It was David Wilson’s Caller ID, she answered it quickly.

“I’ll see you at Blue Mountain coffee near your hospital in ten minutes.” David Wilson said and hung up the phone.

Bella quickly stood up, carried her bag out and went out. After a while, she reached the Blue Mountain coffee shop. She looked around but didn’t see David Wilson.

So she called him.

“I have arrived. Where are you?” Bella asked and looked around.

“Come to the second floor’s second hall. I am waiting for you.” David Wilson smiled.

Bella went to the second floor. The room’s light was very dim, and a candle was burning on the table. The shape of the candle was like a rose. In addition, the rose-shaped trumpet on the wall played elegant music.

The atmosphere was very romantic but not suitable for them.

“Sit down.” David Wilson nodded and glanced at the opposite position.

Bella sat down.

She didn’t want to repeat things of the past with him. She said directly, “I have a video of your sex with Emma Johnson now.”

David Wilson stirred the spoon in the coffee cup and smiled, but his smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, “so you have partnered with James Grayson to deal with your common enemy.”