Chapter 79 Is It That Difficult To Forget Her

That night, Benjamin did not leave New York. Even if he had troubled with his parents, he still worried about his father’s health, and he couldn’t disobey his parents.

It’s just that there was Molly in that house now, and he didn’t want to see him.

He called Jim. He knew too much about his father’s temper. He didn’t even have to think about it that his dad had to stop all his bank cards, so he simply didn’t drive.

When Jim received Benjamin’s phone call at the side of the road, he couldn’t help but said, “You think of yourself as the young Master in the idol drama. You have no money and run away from home.”

Ben showed Jim the cash that his housekeeper had given him, “See, I am still with cash.”

Jim couldn’t help shaking his head. “In fact, I want to know more about why you were kicked out of the house.”

Ben didn’t respond for a while, leaning on the back of the car seat behind him.

In this world, in addition to Alice, who else can make him disobey the rules?

They were friends since young age. Jim can understand what Ben was thinking just by a glance, especially now, and he must be thinking about Alice time.

Jim sighed helplessly, “You are incurable.”

Benjamin’s did not deny Jim’s words.

Yes, he was really hopeless. He was poisoned by Alice, who appeared as a chronic poison in his life.

Jim sometimes really felt that Benjamin was too single-minded, “There are so many beauties in the world. Why do you have to die in Alice’s arms? Is it so difficult to forget her?”

Benjamin’s mouth was mixed with a touch of helpless smile. “What about you? Do you really forget her?”

Jim was startled by his words, but he soon resumed his calm. This matter should only be known by him. At this moment, his heart hurt.

Sometimes it’s really hard to forget someone.

That night, Jim accompanied Benjamin for a few drinks. When the night was quiet, Benjamin dialed Alice’s number.

After Alice and Benjamin separated at the hospital entrance today, those words of Benjamin had been repeated in her mind over and over again.

“Alice, am I not good enough for you? Am I not humble enough in front of you? It’s because you love me that you hurt me again and again. Why do you reject me? In your heart, didn’t you love me at all?”

She could feel his heartache, and she could feel his helplessness, but she could not give him anything.

She might have rushed out and went to where he lived desperately, but he was not there.

His name was displayed on the phone screen, Benjamin.

She had called him countless times when she was happy, when she was sad, when she wanted to cry.

She answered the phone, and she tried hard to call his name again, but the more anxious she was, the more the tear-like pain in her throat made her unable to make a sound.

He didn’t speak on the phone.

Leaning quietly next to the bed, thinking of her heartless words today, ‘I will ever see you again. ‘

During the call, there was no talking, but it was not cut off, as if they were just in this state, as if they were not far away.

Both of their phones were tightly pressed against their ears, as if they were near, and they could hear each other’s breath.

After a while, Benjamin finally said, his low voice mixed with his affection for since young age.

“Baby … doesn’t sleep too late, good night.”

At that moment, Alice was biting the back of her hand, crying with grief.

At that time, she stayed with him every day and asked him, “Benjamin, what am I to you?”

It seemed like he was numb to this question, but she never got bored. He said, “You are my Alice.”

She didn’t like the answer, although at that time, they were just close friends living under the same roof. She was still greedy to let him say, “The next time I ask you, you have to say, I am your Baby, the most important baby.”

But next time she asked him, “Benjamin, what am I to you?”

His answer was, as always, “You are my Alice.”

She glared at him vigorously, and he just smiled slightly, and his big hand touched her with covetous affection, and never called her baby as she wished.

Alice, she never thought that one day, he would not be her Benjamin.

Alice was sitting on Benjamin’s bed, hugging his pillow, suppressing her grievances and sadness.

Benjamin, who hung up the phone, leaned on the bedside, and a pair of dark eyes stared at the chandelier on the ceiling.

It must because he looked at it for a long time, and his eyesight got blur. Maybe it’s too much wine tonight, and he felt so sad at this moment.

Benjamin lived with Jim for only a week, and Jim was almost driven crazy by Benjamin.

He admitted that Jim was really a playboy, and not a single did he not bring his girlfriend home.

Just for seven days in a row, when Jim and her girlfriend were on the climax every night, Benjamin would knock on the door of his room.

As long as he didn’t open the door, Benjamin will keep knocking.

This evening, Benjamin knocked on the door again. Jim could not bear it, and wearing a bathrobe, he opened the door.

“Brother, could you please be kind to me?”

Benjamin disdainfully said, “I can’t stand that you are too indulgent in sex. Aren’t you tired every night?”

Although it was clear why Jim became what he was today, it will also be worthless for him.

Would the person who had tortured him would come back when he kept doing this?

Jim handed Benjamin a bank card. “Mast, go out from house. You can find a hotel in my family. You can live wherever you want.”

Benjamin confiscated the bank card and lived in his family like a jerk. “You can bring your girls directly to the hotel.”

“Nonsense. If I go to the hotels, my dad would find me out, and I would end up like you.”

Oh, wasn’t this the sadness of heirs?

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